Veteran Bill Dutton leads one of league's top DL groups.


Postcard from Turlock

Veteran line coach Bill Dutton talks about the joy of football camp.

August 18, 1998

Turlock - (Defensive line coach Bill Dutton returns to his alma mater as an assistant coach for the first time since 1971. He has good timing as his group figures as the strength of the Golden Bears this fall. With just over two weeks remaining before the opener, Dutton is optimistic about the things his defensive unit can accomplish this fall. We talked to him after Tuesday afternoon's practice.)

I'm very pleased. It's what I expected and that's why I'm so pleased. After the spring, I challenged our players to dedicate and commit themselves and they came back in great shape. We're better than we were in the spring and that's good news.

I'm squeezing them in camp to get better, every snap, every practice. Everybody is doing well, Carter, Parker, Loach (DeLoach), Mac (McLaughlin). Today Waasdorp had a great day. Nobody could block him. In our live drills, he must have had four or five sacks. He's jumping and free-lancing a little, but I give him that freedom if he can make the plays. Kasey Jackson had a hip flexor and sat out this afternoon, but he's had a good camp and he should be back tomorrow.

The intensity has been great. In a lot of camps I've been in, I'd conditition my line guys after practice. But, our guys have been going so freaking hard during the two hours or so of practice, I've felt I've gotten the most out of them. We'll have little better indication after our scrimmage tomorrow, but I'm happy right now.

The biggest surprise I've had has been the play of Nate Geldermann who we moved from linebacker. Now, he can only play about every third practice because we're breaking down the scar tissue from his knee sugery, but he looks like he could help us. He's a quick, aggressive guy.

I work these guys hard, but we don't get hurt. When you rip and react and work on movement, get our heads on a swivel and be aware with peripheral vision, you generally don't get hurt.

This camp is pretty much like every camp I've been in. I've having a lot of fun. Our players are taking a lot of pride I what we're doing. It's been even better the last two or three days. The guys are just having fun, running and hitting.