WSU at Cal Postgame Quotes

Check out what the coaches and player had to say about the Bears victory.

September 27, 1998

Cal Head Coach Tom Holmoe

General comments:

"After the game I told the team, 'You never know what it's going to take.' It took three touchdowns from the defense tonight, but on other occasions it's going to take something special from the special teams, and on others it's going to take a win by the offense."

"I don't want to hear anything divisive from our team or anybody, and nothing like that is going to come from me. I know that we're 3-1, we won our Pac-10 opener, and we have two weeks to prepare for our next game."

"This was the biggest game of the year for us, without a shadow of a doubt."

"As you keep winning these games, you earn the chance to keep battling for the championship."

"Bottom line is that the Golden Bears are 3-1, and I like it."

On the Cal offense:

"We're just not that good of an offensive team right now. We need to grow."

On the Cal defense:

"I was so proud of the defense because they played so hard. I know I must have been in games when the defense scored three touchdowns, but I can't remember it happening."

California Players


On not playing offense

"I doesn't bother me. Whenever they can get me over there, I'll go. I still have punt returns and kickoff returns. That's more like my offense right now."

On interception return:

It was just a flash. I just saw the ball come straight at me. I just grabbed it and ran."


On game-ending interception

"It was great. I give all thanks to God."


"We didn't play very well. That's it. Period."

"They had a couple unique blitzes that got to us. But they didn't get to us in the second half, because we figured them out and we adjusted."

Washington State head coach Mike Price

General comments on the game

"I don't want to take anything away from Cal. They played hard. But I think we handed it to them. Our defense played great. The entire team played hard, but the offense just gave them the ball. That's not the way any team can win any game."

" We showed our inexperience. We can make everything better with a win next week. I'm real proud of our players, but we gave them way too many opportunities. We had young players making mistakes and we had old players making mistakes."

"Turnovers lost the game for us. When you've got to make the plays and you're brand new, seven out of 10 times you're not going to make it."

"The wet ball might have had something to do with it early on, but I think it was raining on both sides of the field."

"It was a hard-hitting game. I don't think they did anything that we didn't expect."

On rotating quarterbacks

"I don't think the answer is rotating quarterbacks. I don't like doing that. I don't want to go with a two-headed quarterback. With switching quarterbacks, we were just trying to get something going, but it sure as hell didn't work."

Washington State Players


On lining-up against cousin Dameane Douglas:

"We are really good friends. When I come home from vacation, we kick it and have fun. There was a lot of trash talking back and forth, but it was pretty cool."

On his interception over Douglas:

"I did what I had to do. My teammates came and congratulated me, and I didn't say anything to him and he didn't say anything to me. We just went our separate ways."

On returning to Memorial Stadium:

"I haven't played here since my freshman year. It was a lot of fun, and I had a lot of family and friends come, and I had to make some good plays in front of them since it was my last time."


On what is needed offensively from his team:

"I think we just need to go back and take a look at the film and see what we did wrong and what we can get better at, and that's what we will go into practice doing. We are a good team, and we all look after each other, so I think we are going to be all right. We just need to cut down on the mental mistakes and have everybody do their part. We are going to be okay."

On Cal's defense:

"You just have to give their defense credit. They played a good game. We just need to step it up, and we will do that. I have faith in our team."

On being a young quarterback:

"I don't think I felt really inexperienced, but I could tell that I was. I am inexperienced, and it showed. I need to make better plays, which I didn't."

On switching in and out with QB Steve Birnbaum:

"You are really mentally into the game the whole time because we are watching what they are doing. You're head is in the game the whole time, so it doesn't make it that tough. The only thing that makes it tough is that you may be a little cold the first play."

Looking back on the game:

"This is game that we really need to grow as a team from. We have some kinks that we need to iron out, and I think we will. We have a great coach that will find those kinks and great athletes that will make the plays. We will be okay."


On recovering from the loss to Cal:

"We just have to start fresh. We just need to put this game behind us. We are going to have to start Sunday looking at the films and what we did right and what we did wrong, regroup, and start all over."

On switching in and out with QB Paul Mencke:

"I couldn't get anything going. I think Coach Price did the right thing. I just try to stay warm and adjust to what the defense is doing when I go back in."

On Cal's defense:

"They were doing everything we thought they were going to do. It was all us; we just couldn't execute. I couldn't get the ball to the receivers."