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Susanna Babos
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• Susie Babos - Feb. 12

Feb. 12, 2005

We were all very excited to go to Hawaii, seeing as most of us, including myself, had never been there. We left a cloudy and cold Berkeley early Wednesday morning. Although we knew weren't going there for a vacation, everyone was still excited simply because we were actually going to be playing in Hawaii.

Sadly, the first two days were rainy, so we did not have much to do other than early morning runs in the rain and playing tennis whenever it would let up. Finally, on Friday, the sun decided to be nice to us, and we knew we were in for some amazing days ahead of us.

Saturday was the best day for us; we had a late afternoon practice, so the majority of the day was open to explore the island. We went to the North Shore and visited a rainforest. Some girls got a chance to try surfing in the beautiful water, others just preferred tanning.

Sunday arrived quickly, and we had to get ourselves mentally prepared to beat UH. It was the hottest day of the week; we really had to struggle not only with our opponents, but also with the heat. I really feel that the team did a great job of stepping up to the challenge and coming away with a big win.

Our team obviously had a great time in Hawaii, and we came back not only tanned and happy, but also, closer than ever. Spending a week with your team in 'heaven on earth' is very inspiring, and I definitely think that all of us are ready for Pac-10 competition.

Myself, I think I've been playing better and better. After a great fall season, I've had to cope with injuries, but I'm feeling better every day. Soon enough I'll be 100% healthy, and then my opponents will have tough time trying to beat me...

Yeah Cal Tennis, Go Bears!!

Susie Babos