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Erin Scully
Player Profile:
Erin Scully 1261675
Position: Driver
Height: 5'7"
Year: Senior
Hometown: Long Beach, Calif.
High School: Los Alamitos
Experience: 3 Letters

Cal Success
• Notched 19 goals in 2009, including a goal against San Jose State in the MPSF Tournament
• Is a two-time excellent level Academic All-American and MPSF All-Academic selection
• Has 33 career goals

High School Success:
• Two-time first-team All-Sunset League selection and 2006 Sunset League Player of the Year
• Two-year member of the SoPac Zone Team

• Father, Steve, was a graduate assistant for the Fresno State football team when Cal head football coach Jeff Tedford was a quarterback for the Bulldogs
• Majoring in mass communications
• Parents are Steve and Judy Scully

2007	4
2008	10
2009	19
Total	33

My Favorite Golden Bear Moment:
Freshmen year, we were waiting at the airport after MPSFs, and we were able to get the entire terminal to sing the Dobie Gray song, `Drift Away.' Looking back, that moment still makes me laugh, and shows how we are more like family than teammates."

From a Q&A with Scully posted April 20, 2009: Who are the most influential people in your life?
The most influential people in my life would definitely have to be my family back in Southern California and my second family of my teammates and friends here in Berkeley. My family back at home has supported me in every aspect of my life from water polo to school and everywhere in between. And my teammates and friends here in Berkeley are good-hearted and considerate people who have shaped my life in many ways over the past three years. Your dad, Steve, was a graduate assistant for the Fresno State football team when Bears head football coach Jeff Tedford was a quarterback for the Bulldogs. Has your dad ever talked to you about this? Is he a big Golden Bear football fan now?
Yes. In fact, my dad told me this when I went up to Cal for the first time in high school for a water polo tournament. I didn't believe him at first, but then he insisted that he would introduce me to Coach Tedford. So we went up to the stadium into the football office, and sure enough Coach Tedford assured me that my dad wasn't lying. My dad is indeed a big Cal football fan now, but I would like to think that it's partially because of my attendance at the University. You earned 2008 excellent level All-American academic and All-MPSF Academic team honors, what do you enjoy most about school at Cal?
One aspect that I love about attending school at Cal is being amidst some of the most intellectual and well-accomplished professors in the world. I love going to class and being introduced to new ways of looking at the world around me, and that is what Cal does on a daily basis. What are some of your career aspirations? How will your mass communications major come in handy?
As of right now I would like to work either in marketing or in public relations for a major company. I believe that by graduating from the mass communications department here at Berkeley I will be well-rounded in the different aspects of media use. This particular major at Cal is very unique because it doesn't confine you to one specific subject. You are allowed and encouraged to take a variety of classes revolving around the media, such as classes in journalism, film, marketing and so on. Do you have any guilty habits?
If I HAD to admit to a guilty habit, it would have to be my obsession with being the music disk jockey when hanging out with friends. It doesn't matter where I am - driving in the car, sitting in the locker room before practice or just relaxing at home - I have to be in control of the music that is playing. This guilty habit definitely agitates my friends, because I tend to play the same exact songs over and over again. Sorry guys! If you don't have homework or practice, what are you most likely doing?
It depends on what kind of day it is. If it's nice and sunny, like it has been recently, then I enjoy being outside in the company of good friends. However if its a rainy Berkeley day, then I am most likely inside watching a good movie eating Yogurt Park, but still among good friends! What is your biggest pet peeve?
My biggest pet peeve would have to be when people are late. What advice would you give to incoming student-athletes?
The advice that I would give to incoming student-athletes would be to take full advantage of the abundant resources that you have, both in terms of athletics and academics. Also to enjoy your four years here, for they will be the best four years of your life! In the last women's water polo Q&A, Lauren Burke wanted the next student-athlete to answer: If you could only listen to one artist, musician, band, etc for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?
This is a tough one!!! If I had to listen to just one musician or band for the rest of my life, I would have to pick John Mayer. I've seen him twice in concert and listen to him on a daily basis. I find that there is a perfect John Mayer song to go along with any mood. What question would you want the next women's water polo athlete to answer?
What has been your favorite water polo memory thus far this season?

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