SDSU-Cal Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  12/08/2010

Dec. 8, 2010

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BERKELEY - California head coach Mike Montgomery:
On the game

"San Diego State is good. They've got some guys who can really play. Ironically, we had really focused on their three bigs, in terms of Thomas White and Kawhi Leonard as far as block offs and rebounding and offensive rebounds. It turned out that DJ Gay, Leonard and Rahon were the guys that really hurt us. They made big shots, tough shots, late clock shots. They just didn't even seem to be concerned at all that we were even there. It was a little bit not what we expected. We out rebounded them by 10, which everything that the scouting report led us to believe was that the offense starts for them when they shoot it because they go to the offensive glass. We really did a pretty good job in that regard. Rahon's 11 first-half points really hurt us. We were playing really good defense in the first half. We were engaged, our bigs were doing a really good job, but they kicked it out three times for wide open threes. I think it was just lost vision. We tried the zone, they had a reputation for being a not very good zone team. They found the open guy and we didn't cover him very well. The mistakes that we made turned out to be glaring mistakes. It gets pretty difficult when you let the ball be thrown over the top of you for layups on the break. It's one thing to turn the ball over and miss the shot but to have it lead to a run-put or a dunk just doesn't work. I don't really get that, it's kind of like basic basketball 1A. You've got to get back and protect your basket. We got to standing a little bit. I don't know if we were surprised by how athletic they were. They're fast. They run. They've got great length. They put a lot of pressure on us."

On the big loss
"There's nothing specific I don't think. I don't think they were threatened by us. They got a feel for what we were going to do or could do. They felt comfortable defending us by themselves on the post, we had some success there, but they stayed at home on the perimeter guys. They used their length; they got up into us and got some blocks and deflections. I don't feel like they were threatened with what we might be able to do in terms of getting by them. They got some confidence out of that. Some of the shots that Leonard made and Gay made; late clock, over defense from deep, I don't know if that's first half vs. second half."

On Markhuri Sanders-Frison
"He's sore. The guy is a trooper. He's playing through a lot of pain and I feel bad. He deserves to be healthy. He's worked his tail off. He deserves to be healthy and have a chance to play his senior year. Somehow we've got to find a way to get rid of this pain. It just hurts. Ultimately, when he gets tired and it gets painful is when he starts fouling .He doesn't move his feet and he doesn't get in the proper position. He's trying to defend and he's trying to use his body but he's not where he should be. He's not square and he gets in the foul situation."

Guard Jorge Gutierrez
On the play before halftime

"I think it was big. I think going to the locker room down by two was a lot of momentum for us to keep working hard on defense. I was trying to make the smart play."

On the loss
"I don't think it's disappointing. I just think we have to learn from it. It's just a loss. We've got to move on and think about next game.

On San Diego State
"They're as big as Notre Dame. I think they were more athletic than anybody else we've played."

Forward Harper Kamp
On the offense

"I'm not sure. On the offensive side of the ball they were doing a good job of pressuring us and we were standing around a little too much and not working to get open. I was having a bit of a hard time, or maybe I just did a poor job of helping the guards get open and helping my teammates execute. I think that's one of the things where I can get better."

On the freshmen
"Absolutely, they have to learn from it. Their effort is always there. I'm proud to play with guys like that who always play hard, even if they're maybe struggling at times. They'll definitely learn from it, I have no doubt about that."

On the game
"One of the things we talked about was turning the ball over and allowing a lot of transition baskets for them. If they're getting transition buckets then we're not back in defensive position, so that was key."

On the early back and forth
"I'm not sure if that took something out of us. But I think we lost sense offensively of what we needed to do. I think we stopped helping each other on offense. We were doing a great job of helping each other defensively and playing together. Offensively we have to continue through the whole game to set screens and get each other open. That has to be there all the time."

On San Diego State
"They have a different style. They're tough. If you look at the Old Spice Classic, especially against Notre Dame, they wanted to slow down the game and take care of the ball and get good possession. This team tried to get out in transition and speed up the game a little more. That's one of their advantages is that they have great athletes."