Cal-Illinois Postgame Quotes

"I thought they did a real nice job of putting pressure on the passer. We tackled a little better in the second half, but not much. I thought our condition really showed today, our physical conditioni
By Cal Athletics on Sat, September 17, 2005

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Sept. 17, 2005

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California Head Coach Jeff Tedford

On the second half comeback:
"I thought they did a real nice job of putting pressure on the passer. We tackled a little better in the second half, but not much. I thought our condition really showed today, our physical conditioning because our players kept playing hard, rushing the passer, getting after them-pretty relentless. We started getting a running game going, hit a couple pass plays and of course Tim Mixon's punt return really sparked us."

On Justin Forsett:
"Justin Forsett did a great job; I think he had 187 yards. He's a quality back, really had no concerns coming into the second half of the game about the tailback position. While Marshawn (Lynch) is a great back, we have some others behind him that can also play. Very happy to see Justin get his opportunity today and come through with it."

On the offensive line and how they played:
"I didn't have any concerns but sometimes it's not great news and when you wake up in the morning and they say your left tackle and your right guard are not going to be available to play. But I thought the guys who filled in, Scott Smith and Bryan Deemer, did an alright job. I'll have to watch the tape to see exactly. There weren't any major leaks in pass protection; we didn't throw the ball very much. It looked like in the second half they started moving the pile and doing some things up front to run. I'm sure they did fine."

On what was wrong with Andrew Cameron and Aaron Merz:
"Both of them have concussions. Aaron Merz's was last week, he felt it a little bit and came to practice one day and didn't feel good. Cameron actually practiced two days and said he still had some effects from the game. We didn't think it was that serious because he felt like he practiced a couple days and then it just never got any better."

On whether or not Marshawn Lynch will be back next week and the tailback position:
"It depends how he responds with his finger. We don't want to put him in a position where he wouldn't be safe. I thought he was moving around a lot better today. I saw he was moving his hand around a lot better, but we have to take it day by day."

On the kick-off late in the game:
"We just weren't getting the depth on our kicks. Tom (Schneider) had really done a nice job throughout the week of kicking and he came out on the first one and banged it into the end zone. They were starting to feel the ball towards the 10-yard-line and we can't have that."

On (Joe) Ayoob's day:
"It was another learning experience for him. Not so much throwing the ball but quite a few things, clock management and a lot of little things that the quarterbacks need to learn that more experience helps them with."

California Player Quotes

Tim Mixon, Cornerback

On Marcus O'Keith's block:
"I saw a Cal uniform come out of nowhere. It was a great block by him (Marcus O'Keith). It was good to see him get a good play on special teams."

On his return:
"I saw the ball in the air and I made up my mind that I was going to run it back. I caught it and ran straight up the middle of the field. After I passed the first two guys, I knew I was going to score."

Justin Forsett, Tailback:

On the offensive line:
"No, it didn't matter who started. Those guys work hard all week long. It really makes no difference."

On Cal's first half play:
"We didn't get going in the first half. I think our conditioning helped us pull through in the end."

On his first start:
"I was relaxed. During practice this week I worked on things that I thought I needed to work on."

On Illinois' defense:
"I was surprised they didn't blitz as much. I thought they would come at Joe (Ayoob) more. The offensive line did a good job today."

Illinois Head Coach Ron Zook

General comments
"I told our football team that they should realize that they played against one of the top teams in the country. Cal is a good football team. They did a great job coming back. We just have to make the improvements that a young team has to make. And be ready for the Big-10 conference next week.'

In the second half we focused on trying to win the game, instead our goal of playing as hard as we could play. They felt good at halftime. They felt they had them against the ropes. Cal is obviously a good football team. They made big plays"

"In the first half we had 55 plays. We had some really good things happen, the receivers made some big catches. In the second half we weren't quite as productive. We can't get behind the chains. We can't be first and fifteen. We didn't do that in the first half, we did it in the second half. We need to maintain our concentration and improve and get better."

On Injuries:
"Other than Tim Bracie, they put a stitch in his chin at halftime, but other than that we're in pretty good shape."

On the Big-10 schedule:
"I think we can get in there and compete in the Big-10. But our guys have to believe, and we have to go do it. We have to get a few breaks, we have to stay healthy, all those kind of things. There's no reason why we can't play these guys toe to toe and we did for two and a half quarters. Hopefully we can line-up and play in the Big-10 too."

On the second half:
"They made a lot of adjustments on both sides of the football. They started to put more pressure on defense, and offense they were getting into the unbalanced and showing something they had not done before to the unbalanced or short side."

On the rest of the season:
"We're going to continue to improve. These guys are not going to quit. And we'll get this going where it's supposed to go."

On the locker room at halftime:
"They were positive and excited. They felt good about themselves. We stressed we have a long way to go against a good football team."

Illinois Player Quotes

Chris Norwell, DT

On the difference between the halves:
"The team is down after the second half performance, but we're looking forward to next week's game."

On what it was like playing the #15 team in the country:
"We are a good team and can play with anyone. This game showed that."

Jason Davis, FB

On the team's second-half performance:
"We've got to try and play four quarters. We can't win in just one half."

On the effects of the game on the team:
"A loss is a loss. There is no consolation in a loss."

Kevin Mitchell, SS

On how the game felt:
"I feel great. We lost, but other than that the outlook is good."

On how to take the second half into practice:
"It allows us to see what we are doing wrong. If we take today's game to practice we will be okay. We were there for three quarters, if we fix the little things we'll be fine.

On what the plane ride will be like:
"It'll be alright. We lost, but a lot more good came than bad."

Tim Brasic, QB

On the difference between the halves:
"We were hurting ourselves in the second half."

On the game as a whole:
"I feel good, we are two and one. Take away a few big plays and we win this thing.


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