Cal-Oregon Postgame Quotes

That's as well as anybody has shot the ball on us all year long, and we came into the game No. 2 in the league in 3-point defense. That's something we're not accustomed to doing, is having teams knock
By Cal Athletics on Sat, February 09, 2008

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Feb. 9, 2008

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California head coach Ben Braun

General comments:
That's as well as anybody has shot the ball on us all year long, and we came into the game No. 2 in the league in 3-point defense. That's something we're not accustomed to doing, is having teams knock down threes. It goes back to the ability for us to contain the basketball. You contain the ball, it puts less pressure on the defense to have to help and get back, and I thought a couple of times, both on ball-screen schemes and penetration-and-dish, we over-helped, got beat on penetration and now we're one man removed from the ball, and (Oregon) is a team that, this is how they play. They're going to spread the floor on you, they want you to help in. When you help in, you're probably better off making them finish at the rim. We just didn't do a good enough job challenging threes, and even when we did, they knocked down shots.

On the Bears' attitude when Oregon got hot from the floor:
I saw some of our confidence go out early because they knocked down some shots. But Oregon's going to hit three-point shots. We know that, we've been in games with them, we have to understand they're going to knock down some shots. But it's up to us to make (their attempts) difficult shots, challenge shots. For great-shooting teams, they're going to knock down open shots, and you've got to get more than just a hand up, or a verbal signal when you go back. You've got to challenge up, make guys adjust their shots, and you've got to really make it tougher on them. Teams on the college level (make an) average (of) 38 percent against challenged shots; against unchallenged shots, statistics will show they'll average what they did against us, 60+ percent, and that's about what they shot for the game.

On Cal's point guard production from Jerome Randle and Nican Robinson:
I thought both those guys did a pretty good job pushing the tempo early, giving us a lift when they backed off. Sometimes you're going to have to do that, because most teams double off the point guards. They help in, and if you're point guards can knock down shots, it just presents more scoring opportunities and less double-teams on your bigs.

On Cal's success at the foul line going for naught against Oregon tonight:
To shoot 91 percent from the line, that's something we hope can be a difference down the stretch of games. This game, obviously, it didn't make a difference, but it's still something that's important to our team. We pride ourselves on getting to the line, making shots, but we're going to have to do a better job making it more difficult, just defensively making sure teams aren't going to get those open looks.

Oregon Head Coach Ernie Kent

General comments:
"I thought they were really good responding to the game against Stanford. It's a life lesson. There is a lot of garbage to get rid of. I call it the stuff in their backpack. It's pretty amazing what you can do if you get rid of that backpack."

On Oregon's offensive performance:
"We came out and set a school record in threes (18) and had 23 assists. What else can you ask for?"

On the adjustments before the game:
"The work we did today and responding to Thursday's game, it's not Xs and Os, it's a life lesson. They spoke from their hearts and came out like men. It was not a great offensive scheme or defensive scheme; Free up your mind and improve your game. If you tap into that spirit you have unlimited energy. You really don't use your energy if your mind is free. I know I'm philosophical, but it's not Xs and Os; it is opening your minds."


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