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"It was very exciting and a great college football environment. You have to give Arizona a lot of credit. They have a very good football team. The fans got into it and that was awesome. The place was
By Cal Athletics on Sat, November 14, 2009

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Nov. 14, 2009

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General comments:
"It was very exciting and a great college football environment. You have to give Arizona a lot of credit. They have a very good football team. The fans got into it and that was awesome. The place was rocking. I can't say how proud I am of our kids to keep battling. The defense just played unbelievably. That's a very potent offense (Arizona) and they (Cal's defense) shut the run down and did a great job. I can't be prouder of those guys."

"We talked all week about the seniors' last opportunity to go down the tunnel and come back up that tunnel and how we wanted to come back into that locker room. Those guys have done a lot for this football program. To see them go out this way at home is very deserving."

On Cal's defense:
"I thought they did a nice job stopping the run game and getting some pressure on them (Arizona) when they did throw down the field. I thought our secondary played really well. I thought our coverage schemes did a really nice job. Overall, I thought the defense played great. When they had to get a pass rush at the end, they got a pass rush. It was a great effort by them. They played extremely hard. Arizona has only given up four sacks all year, so to be able to pressure them down the stretch was big."

On Cal's defensive secondary:
"I thought when they (Arizona) threw the ball down the field our secondary did a great job making plays on balls. We got a couple of pass interferences but besides that I thought our guys did a nice job playing the ball, running with the receivers and being in position to make plays."

On Cal's final touchdown and missed extra point:
"It just goes to show you that an extra point is very important. It's a huge difference between an 8-point game and a 9-point game with a 1:20 to play. My blood pressure went way up."

On TB Shane Vereen and Cal's running game:
"Shane ran hard and broke a lot of tackles. He played extremely hard today. Shane was a work horse today, no question. I've said numerous times how fortunate we are to have two quality running backs and two great kids who support one another and are equally capable of big plays at any time. He really rose to the occasion today and ran hard."

On TB Jahvid Best's presence on the sideline:
"I asked him to go out and be an honorary captain because I thought it would be great for the fans to see him and give him their appreciation. I thought it was important for the fans to see that he's doing well."


Kevin Riley, QB
On his interceptions:
"Those two interceptions were bad. The first one was worse. It was supposed to be a high-split, but I didn't get everything on it. The second one, they brought pressure, and I was actually throwing it over his head for a throw away, but their safety did a good job of coming off his man right away and getting that."

On the defense shutting Arizona down in the final two minutes:
"It awesome, people got into it. Our defense stepped up today. They played great all game. It's a relief for the offense when you're not scoring touchdowns in the red zone, just getting field goals, which we've had a problem with. We need to work on that. We scored enough points, they did their job, and we came out with a great team win."

Sean Cattouse, S
On the defense stepping up today:
"We had an excellent game plan going in. We had a lot of belief in everything that our coaches told us. We had a different game plan that was special for them (Arizona), and I think it worked amazingly. We went out there and gave our all, as usual, and keep fighting. I think the game planning went a long way."

On the defense playing like last year's squad tonight:
"I think we've had a couple games earlier this season where we fought real hard and this matches maybe Arizona State or Minnesota. This is just a good feeling all over. I think we just came out and fought. I think this wasn't our best performance, but it was great, though."

On the mood on the sidelines when Cal missed the extra point on the last touchdown:
"We were up, so it took a little bit of pressure off, but there's always a chance. They had a long way to go. We were just confident, trying to get the crowd into it. We were ready for whatever, and we got it done."

Eddie Young, OLB
On playing at Memorial Stadium for the last time:
"I had a ton of emotions with the ups and downs of the season, and just being able to get the victory at home finally was a great send off for all the seniors. It was a real emotional day, glad we got the win."

On his fumble recovery:
"It was crazy. The guy was trying to block me, and I held him off, and I saw the ball on the ground and I jumped on it real quickly. It was great."

On how he's doing as he recovers from his concussion vs. Oregon State
"I'm doing pretty good. I mean, yeah, it was an unfortunate incident that happened, but I'm feeling good. I'm feeling a lot better and I'm just looking forward to getting back on the field with more of my guys."

On what he sees when he looks back at the play that resulted in his injury
"I just tried to make a play and get in the end zone and then, unfortunately, a guy clipped me. I lost my balance in the air and came down hard."

On the support he has received from around the country
"It's been amazing, the amount of love and support I've been shown. People came to visit me in the ER, I'm getting mail every day - I just got a lot of love. I want to say thank you to my family, my friends and all the fans around the world that have been showing me a lot of love."


General comments:
"It was another tough loss. Tough to lose a game, but when you look at the bigger picture, I thought Cal made it very difficult for us all night defensively. We never really consistently moved the football. They seemed to have a good beat on everything we did offensively. Defensively we made enough plays to hang around and give ourselves a chance."

On late play involving QB Nick Foles catching the ball and making an illegal forward pass:
"The ball ricochets. It was just a mistake. It's a natural reaction."

"I don't think we've ever had that situation happen with Nick. He knows the rules, but I don't think he's ever had that situation happen to him."

On whether his team played tight tonight:
"I didn't think so. I thought we played okay. Defensively they just made it hard. They were dropping a lot of players (into coverage), and we still couldn't run it. Their front guys just never made it comfortable for us running the ball."

On going for a long field goal vs. a first down late in the game:
"I don't know - 42 yards in this cool air, we just tried to get a first down, ice the clock and get a field goal. That's what our thinking was. I think you've got to go for the win. It was just an unfortunate set of circumstances."

Rebounding and getting ready for next week's game vs. Oregon:
"Nothing's really changed in our eyes (as far as) what we have to do. We have to win next week. That'll put us back in a good position. That's all we can really look forward to - getting on the field next weekend."

On his team's good defensive effort for most of the game:
"We played good defensively again. We gave ourselves some chances. We made a couple of plays, a couple of interceptions that gave us a chance."

On going to QB Matt Scott briefly in the fourth quarter:
"Just a change of pace, to see if we could get them out of sync a little bit and see what Matt can do. We were trying to run the ball but just weren't very effective."

On Cal's defense:
"Statistically they hadn't played well, but I knew they had quality players. It's kind of weird that they were giving up yards, because they're very athletic, and they were awfully good tonight."

On what he expected out of Cal's running game with Shane Vereen starting in place of Jahvid Best:
"Pretty much the same. In the third quarter they went to the Wildcat, and I thought we did a pretty decent job on that. We prepared a lot for that. They did pretty much what we thought they'd do. He made some nice runs early in the game. We had him twice, I think, hemmed up, but he got loose. They ran their stuff."


On the game:
"We didn't play together. We didn't play to our capabilities. We just need to put this behind us as fast as we can and move on. We know that we could have played better. We're going to have to come out and prove that we can the next time we play."

On similarities to the Washington game:
"You could say so. We just need to play better. Not much else needs to be said. It needs to be done."

On any surprises from Cal's offense:
"No, none at all. They did everything we expected. They came out in the second half and ran the Wildcat. They did pretty much everything that we had planned for. We just need to do a better job executing. We got off to a slow start. Then we had them where we wanted them and made a lot of plays. But we missed some tackles and weren't making other plays. We just need to capitalize on the good plays and need to start tackling. We need to focus on getting better."

On Arizona's offensive struggles:
"Mainly I'm on the sideline. I wasn't really worried about the offense. I was just frustrated that I wasn't able to help out the team tonight. I made a bunch of tackles, but I wanted the ball to come my way so I could make a play."

On the double-pass:
"I didn't really know the rule for that play. I thought it was going to be a first down. The only thing that I could think of was that there must have been a holding or something. But I didn't really know what the call was going to be."

On Cal's defensive pressure and the struggles on offense:
"They weren't really doing anything defensively to throw off our rhythm. We were just killing ourselves with stupid plays, dropped balls and blown [blocking] on offense. We just have to come back in on Monday and clean everything up and get ready for Oregon.

"We definitely came out flat. It took us awhile to find our rhythm. It was kind of hard for us all night to find it. It happens though. You aren't going to come out every night and score fifty points. We have to come out here and keep focused and pushing."


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