Cal-Oregon State Postgame Quotes

"Kevin played a gutsy game. He did a very nice job keeping his composure against a very good defense. He did a fine job for his first time out. In the beginning he was nervous, but I thought he settle
By Cal Athletics on Sat, October 13, 2007

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Oct. 13, 2007

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On Kevin Riley:
"Kevin played a gutsy game. He did a very nice job keeping his composure against a very good defense. He did a fine job for his first time out. In the beginning he was nervous, but I thought he settled down. He did a nice job."

"Oregon State has a very good defense. They lead the country in sacks. Kevin did a nice job making people miss him."

On the final play of the game:
"He (Kevin Riley) stepped up and still tried to make the play. It's not his fault whatsoever. He played his heart out down the stretch to get us in that situation. We didn't lose the game because of that play. There were a lot of plays. Give Oregon State credit."

On Lavelle Hawkins:
"He had a big game. He did a nice job catching the football and running with it after he caught it."

On Cal's failure to score from the 1 yard line:
"It's disappointing when you're on the one yard line and you can't punch it in. You have to give Oregon State credit. But you've got to be able to knock the ball in the end zone there."

On Nate Longshore not playing:
"It was a pre-game decision. He had a chance in pre-game to show if he was well enough to protect himself and run the offense, and he wasn't. Nate tried. He made a great effort to see if he could play. "


Lavelle Hawkins, WR
On Kevin Riley:

I thought Riley played well. He made great decisions. He shouldn't hang his head. There wasn't anyone open, so he made the decision to make a play with his feet. I'm not disappointed, Riley played well. Of course, you wanted your superstar starter out there, but I wouldn't take anything back.

On the loss:
We just lost today. They were the better team. We just have to keep our heads up. All it means is that we're not going undefeated. You mope about the loss and it'll carry into other losses. We don't worry about all the rankings. The team played well, it came down to a few plays.

On his touchdown:
Riley made a great read to on who to throw the ball to, I just made the play.

Worrell Williams, LB
On the loss:

We take this as a lesson. We were saying that teams get knocked off every week. The top two teams got knocked off. We're going to take this lesson and get back into the film room tomorrow and get back to work. It was key little plays that we weren't able to convert

On Kevin Riley:
I thought Kevin Riley did an awesome job. First time playing and did an excellent job. We couldn't have asked for more out of him.

On the final drive:
I was thinking that we were going to win. There was no doubt that crossed my mind about this Golden Bears' team. I've said it before, the only team that can beat Cal is Cal. Today: fumbles, we scored and then they run back to the 50, simple things like that. I don't want to take anything away from that team but we didn't do our job, we didn't do what was asked of us.

Kevin Riley, QB
On the final drive:

I thought about throwing out of bounds but that would have been a penalty as well because I thought I might have been over the line of scrimmage. It's just part of the game, I was in the middle of a play and I thought I could make one.

On the final moments of the game:
I had confidence the whole drive that we were going to get down there. The team had confidence as well and we had the right plays called. We didn't hold on our defense. We're going to watch a lot of film this week. We ran the ball better than we had all year. It didn't work out our well.

On earning the starting role:
I found out I was going to start about 10 minutes before the game. This was it wasn't that much pressure because the entire week and last week was a warm-up. We practice together, we had confidence in each other. We had a good game plan in the game, so I thought there was a chance I could start. First series, I was pretty nervous out there, jittery and happy. After that I was like, "What am I doing? It's just football, let's play the game."


On the last play of the game:
"It was one of those deals where everything by both teams came right down to the end. They sure made some great plays. Fourth and 17 and they get down there and then another good pass by Kevin down real close. Then it was just like so many of our games last year, right down to the last play."

On the number of major upsets in college football:
"It's really very interesting. I don't know the stats on it, but I think it's just as good of competition this year as any time. I think when you just look in the Pac-10, of all the competition; it's just as good parity as we have ever had. You have to look at the scores every week to find out who won because you'll see some surprises."

On the overall feel of the game:
"I'm real proud of our team and our coaches. I think we had gone through some hard times, we had some opportunities early and didn't capitalize and they just kept working hard and playing. Now, we'll enjoy this victory, it's nice going into a bye and then we'll try to get better from here."

On winning again in Berkeley:
"I love this setting and this is a great place for football. I worked here for one year and have good memories of this stadium."

On comparing this win to other big recent wins in the program:
"It's not important to compare. This is a new team. I think this was really good for this team. I'm hoping this becomes a real catalyst. Nothing is guaranteed in that regard, but I think what it does is it kind of confirms what we've been working on and now they can try to get better from there. I think it was a major step for Sean (Canfield) to play in this kind of an arena, against a good team and handle the game like he did. You have to keep improving, and we haven't arrived. We had some other opportunities. We didn't score when we had it second and one on the one. That was really disappointing, but there were a lot of good things and I think a lot of things we can build on."


His thoughts on the final play of the game:

"What you'd like to do is throw the ball away in that situation, but I thought Kevin Riley stepped up and played a big game for the most part."

On how big the win is for Oregon State:
"With Cal being No. 2 in the nation, coming here to Strawberry Canyon, pulling out the win, it was just a big, big win for us."

On the play of RB Yvenson Bernard:
"I hit him on a couple of checkdowns that were big. Him running the ball, we all know what he can do and he did it tonight, got in the end zone."

On the final play:

"Our defensive backs and linebackers, everyone just had great coverage. Our D-line got off, got great pressure on the guy. He had to scramble and the only way to go was towards me, and thanks goodness I made a play."

On the realization that the Beavers had won:
"That was a great finish to a great game. Cal has a great team and it was awesome. That game is all about college football right there. I'm glad to be a part of this, it was amazing. Defensively, we stopped a very, very explosive team."

His impressions of Cal's team:

"That was one of the most physical games I can say I've ever played. They're a tough group of guys and they're a heck of a team. They've got a tremendous offensive line and we knew that coming into the game. It was kind of out of character for us to give up that many rushing yards, but you know, the biggest statistic was on that scoreboard at the end of the game."

On the possibility of overtime:
"I really didn't know what to expect. Once you get into that 2-minute drill, they didn't have any timeouts left and they were trying to get that field goal team on there at the end, and I wasn't thinking overtime yet. We got a heck of a push all game on field goal block and I was thinking we were going to block it."


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