Postgame Quotes: California-Washington

"No. But, it was pretty apparent from the start that they were way more ready to play than we were. They dominated us physically and on the glass in particular. They had way more shots than we had ear
By Cal Athletics on Wed, January 09, 2013

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Jan. 9, 2013

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California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On the game
"No. But, it was pretty apparent from the start that they were way more ready to play than we were. They dominated us physically and on the glass in particular. They had way more shots than we had early. I don't think our percentages were all that different. We were actually playing decent defense in terms of missed shots, but we didn't get any rebounds. They got a lot of second-chance opportunities. We missed free throws. I just think the tone was set right from the outset. When there was a 50-50 ball they got it. We didn't get it, they got it and got second chance points. I think that Aziz was huge in there as far as a physical presence. It was really hard in there for Robert [Thurman] and Richard [Solomon] to rebound because they just couldn't get into a position to jump because he is 270-280. I think that our guards did a very poor job of going and chasing down balls and getting involved. Once we got down we kind of caved a little bit. We caved to pressure and we let them have their way with us. A lot of it has to do with the mental preparation. I think we've got to continue to work on that in terms of every game we're going to play is going to be an absolute dog fight. We've got to be prepared for that and we've going to make our minds up that when somebody pushes we've got to push back, if there's a loose ball we've got to go on the floor; all those things that you have to do."

On whether this group has the necessary mental toughness
"We'll see. It's certainly not the first time we've seen that. So, we'll see. We'll continue to challenge them. I told them, `It's got to be important to you.' You're going to have to understand that we physically are not superior to everybody. We can't walk out on the floor and just be better than everybody. We're going to have to really compete to have a chance. I don't think that's totally ingrained in us."

On starting Robert Thurman
"We just wanted to try something different just to see what would happen. I thought Thurman scored the ball a couple times early and frankly Richard came off and gave us a little bit of a lift off the bench. Those guys are all playing interchangeably any way. So it wasn't a big deal."

On having Justin Cobbs play off the ball more
"We wanted Justin to be a bit more active with the off guard shooting and scoring thing. Ty [Wallace] had done a pretty good job against USC at the point. I don't think that the experiment went very well. Ty did not have a good game from the standpoint of distributing. Nobody really had any luck getting by anybody and getting to the basket and making plays for anybody else. We kept driving into N'Diaye and going up soft rather than drawing contact and dropping it to a big. He was clearly a factor. He had four blocks but I wonder how many shots he affected in other ways. We didn't have the boys that we needed. A lot of the shots that we took were hopes rather than a good solid shot. We had three for twelve from the line at half. So even when there were some fouls called we weren't converting to give ourselves a chance. It wasn't a very good performance."

On Justin Cobbs shooting struggles
"Shots going in have an awful lot to do with shot selection. You've got to be able to get shots you can make and obviously they're forcing him and I thought he tried to take the ball a step too far rather than stop and rise up. One thing we haven't done a very good job of is lifting people and getting to the foul line because they're playing with so much pressure on us. Usually you get a lot of holding and banging from Washington at their place and you don't get that so much on the road but they were pretty aggressive and we didn't react very well to it."

Sophomore forward David Kravish

On Washington's break away in the first half
"Going into halftime down by 14, the consensus is that we are not playing hard and we have a whole half to come back and play hard but no heart."

On Washington's offensive rebounding
"We talked about it at halftime, we talked about it after the game, we talked about it before the game and it is still a problem. When the ball is shot everybody has to box out and it is a team effort. We didn't play very well as a team tonight.

On losing at home
"Wherever you are, losing is not fun. You win, everyone feels good; you lose, everyone feels like crap. We have another game so we have another chance to turn it around. Right now we are 1-2 in conference and we have plenty of time to turn this around. It is just about finding that passion, that drive as a team."

Junior guard Allen Crabbe

On Washington's break away in the first half
"They just played harder than us, that is all you can say."

On Washington double teaming him
"It was nothing I haven't seen before. It is nothing new, it has happened all year. I just have to make plays. It just hurts, it is embarrassing to lose like that on your own floor."

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar

On the game
"If you go on the road and only shoot 36 percent and win by 15, that means that you did a lot of good things except for making shots. Our guys were very, very active on the boards with 20 offensive rebounds. I thought that Aziz was the catalyst for the night; patrolling the paint and controlling the paint, scoring, rebounding... he did a lot out there. I thought we had another great defensive performance as a team, but also Scott Suggs guarded Allen Crabbe and did a phenomenal job. Their two guards, Cobbs and Crabbe combined for 18 points, and that's how we were able to get the win."

On the defense
"We have our guys now. They're missing a couple players. The guys that they're missing don't score a lot of points but it allows you to rest people. Last year, we played them without Scott and CJ. If you don't have your personnel with us and the way we try to defend, you can't do that. We're playing more like the way we want to play defensively. For this year, this effort was right up at the top. We defended for long periods of time. I thought we let up at times as Washington State although overall it was a good defensive performance. I thought tonight that we sustained our defense throughout most of the game. If we didn't, it would have been a different outcome."

On the offensive rebounds
"Our guys were just active tonight. Anytime you get a lot of offensive rebounds, it's effort. Our guys were relentless and it wasn't just one guy. CJ Wilcox had five offensive rebounds. It wasn't just Aziz, it was multiple guys going to the glass."

On guarding Allen Crabbe
"I thought it was moving his feet and getting through screens quickly. He was picking good angles so that he could get around the screens. He has the length so that he was able to get up there and contest the shots. But we told our team that it wasn't just Scott defending him, we had to guard him as a team and the other four guys out there were aware of where he was and they paid close attention."


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