Freshman Follow-Up: Q&A With Breana Kostreba
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  07/11/2012

July 11, 2012

BERKEKLEY - After an epic freshman year, wanted to catch up with the freshmen to see how things went. Our first Q&A is with Breana Kostreba, who earned her way into a starting position in the outfield. An Aptos, Calif., native, Kostreba's athletic prowess earned her an All-Pac-12 Honorable Mention and landed her on the Pac-12 All-Freshman Team. chatted up Kostreba to hear how her first year in the Blue & Gold went. Now that you've got one year of collegiate softball under your belt - what was the best part of the softball season?

Breana Kostreba: The best part was traveling on the road during the season. It was fun to get to know everyone on the team better by having a different roommate every weekend. What was the best part about your fall or spring semester?

BK: The best part of the spring semester was that I passed all 16 of my units. I probably won't be taking so many units next year during the spring. After two semesters of college academics, what are you planning on doing differently or the same next semester in terms of school?

BK: I am going to take fewer units so that I can focus more time on each class. What is something you didn't know before you came to Cal but you now know?

BK: I was told that math at Cal was different than math anywhere else. However, I did not believe this until I experienced it first-hand. What was the favorite class you took this year?

BK: My favorite class I took this year way Civil Engineering 11. What was the best part about Cal softball this year?

BK: The best part about Cal softball this year was when Bebe, our Friends of Jaclyn adoptee, came all the way to Oklahoma to watch us. What surprised you most about your freshman year?

BK: I was surprised by the lack of free time I had this year. What class are you most looking forward to taking this fall semester?

BK: I am looking forward to taking Engineering 7 - Introduction to Computer Programming for Scientists and Engineers - the most because I will be taking it with two of my teammates, Nikki Owens and Taylor Vincent. Was playing at the NCAA Division I level what you expected or more?

BK: Playing at this level was what I expected. I, however, did not anticipate how important the mental aspect of the game is at this level. What was it like to balance top-notch academics and playing on nationally ranked softball team?

BK: It was difficult but manageable to balance sports and academics. What was the first trip to the postseason like for you?

BK: Our first trip of the postseason was to Oklahoma, so it was exciting of course. I was finally going to the thing I had dreamed about since I started playing softball. What is one of your most hilarious or embarrassing stories from your freshman year?

BK: Before the first game of the fall season coach was announcing the team lineup and she got stuck on the pronunciation of my name. She called me Bree-on, and it became a nickname of mine for the rest of the year. What advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

BK: Dedicate your life to school and softball. After you have a grasp on those two things allow yourself to explore the other aspects of college life.

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