Postgame Quotes: California-Arizona

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By Cal Athletics on Thu, February 02, 2012

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Feb. 2, 2012

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On the end of the first half
"They went 14-of-17 from the 12-minute media mark, down. They were executing extremely well. I think the physical play threw us, got us off our game, and we were concerned. They really executed. Meantime, a team goes 14-of-17... their offense is obviously executing. [Kyle] Fogg was really good. We knew he was a catch-and-shoot guy. I don't think we did a very good job getting back to him."

On coming back from down fourteen points
"There is no question we should not have been that far behind. We should have been able to hang in there. We were one-for-eight from three, and they are seven-for-11. That is critical. We shoot 16 foul shots, they shoot 29. I didn't think we were the aggressor, so that is concerning. We out-rebounded them. We just couldn't make plays down the stretch. We had four stops and we couldn't make a play down the stretch. We needed to get better shots and keep our poise, but we couldn't do that."

On the physical nature of the game
"They got more physical. We couldn't run cuts. We couldn't get where we wanted to get. It threw us off. All of a sudden, we started to get fouls, and it threw us off. They ran us off the three; it is what they do. They were going to make us put the ball down to shoot it, so you never got a catch-and-shoot look. It is a pretty smart strategy against a team that shoots from outside. We don't necessarily, but Allen [Crabbe] does. We didn't do a very good job with the mid-range game. Their guards did a good job penetrating and dropping, and we weren't able to contain that."


Harper Kamp, Sr. F
On the game
"We started up double digits, but we gave that lead away, so we knew we had the ability to make a run on them. We just had to have confidence that we would bring it back and we set some little goals for ourselves each time out to cut the lead a little bit... cut it to six at one of those medias and then go from there. We did a good job of that, but then at the end, in the last few minutes, we came up with some stops but couldn't execute the way we should have."

On his season high in points
"I don't know if it's coincidence or what not. I felt good, tonight. I think match-up wise, I was just in good spots to get some easy buckets, there. My teammates were doing a good job of finding me in some mismatches and in good position. Credit to my teammates. They made it pretty easy on me, tonight. I got some easy looks at the basket."

On losing the big lead, early
"That kind of effort is a losing effort. When you give up a lead like that, I know teams make runs, but that kind of effort is just not acceptable. That's what ultimately lost the game for us."

On the physicality of the game
"It was really physical. They were letting us play, a lot. There was a lot of pushing and shoving. It's one of those games that you just have to adjust. You can't complain about the way things are going. You just have to play through it and find a way to make plays."

On the melee at the Arizona bench
"I didn't see what happened. But [Jorge Gutierrez] felt that coach P [Pasternak] said something and maybe extended his leg and tried to kick him or something like that. I know that they're both passionate guys. I went in there to get Jorge out. I didn't see what happened. I just wanted to end that."


On the game
"I look at Cal as the best team in our conference only because they have earned the right to be called that. They have been the most consistent team since day one and they are extremely well coached. It is very difficult to be here in this arena, but I feel like our team, whether we won tonight or not, played with a lot of energy and heart. That is what you want your team to do when you are dealt a lot of blows, really. Not only did we lose Kevin [Parrom], but we lost a home game to Washington. Kyle Fogg did a great job as did a number of players. I thought our energy was what it needed to be to have a chance to win and fortunately, the ball bounced the right way for us, which that might have been the first time in quite a while. Jordin Mayes, on the other hand, he may have broken his foot, so we'll take the win and we'll cross our fingers and hope Jordin is okay."

On Angelo Chol's game
"You know, that was Angelo's best game that he has played. We really needed him more and we talked about it in the pregame where he takes over for Kevin [Parrom]'s role. What we decided to do is play bigger at times and Angelo caught a couple passes and dunked the ball to show what a talented player he is. But more importantly, there is not a kid that deserves to play well more than Angelo. He is our hardest worker and he's going to have this opportunity here over the next four to six weeks to have an increased role. Hopefully, he will respond the way he did, tonight."

On Kyle Fogg's defense on Allen Crabbe
"It is a team effort, and there were a lot of players to help, there. One of the things we wanted to do was pressure the ball because if you don't pressure the ball against Cal, they can really pick you apart because they are so skilled with how they move the ball. To hold them to what we held them to is big and something we can hang our hats on is the 1-for-8 shooting from three-point range. When you can hold a team to 1-for-8 from three's and only 16 free-throw attempts, that is pretty good. Our defense is in place, and the difference tonight, was that we had some offense."

On his team's excellent three-point shooting
"They really turned the defensive intensity up in the second half, and there were times when our offense reflected that. That was more of a turn for them and less of a worry for us. When you are playing in front of a crowd like that, against a quality team, they are going to make their run and do it with defense, which they did. From an offensive perspective, we fought through and I thought Kyle [Fogg]'s shot from the right wing, it was the game-winner tonight, but we have had that shot a number of times and tonight it went in."


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