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Cal head coach Joanne Boyle, senior forward Krista Foster and junior guard Alexis Gray-Lawson addressed the media today at a lunch in the Haas Pavilion Club Room. The eighth-ranked Bears host seventh-
By Cal Athletics on Wed, February 20, 2008

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Feb. 20, 2008

BERKELEY, Calif. - Cal head coach Joanne Boyle, senior forward Krista Foster and junior guard Alexis Gray-Lawson addressed the media today at a lunch in the Haas Pavilion Club Room. The eighth-ranked Bears host seventh-ranked Stanford Saturday, Feb. 23, at 1 p.m. at Haas Pavilion in Battle of the Bay Part 2.

Head coach Joanne Boyle

On playing Stanford
"I'm excited about the week. I think there's been a lot of anticipation about this game. Both teams have taken care of business to get us to this point. I'm just trying to prepare and have a great week of practice and perform obviously better than we did last time and put on a good show."

On Stanford
"They're very good right now. They're a high-powered, offensive team. They're really high-powered. We talked to the team. We're not going to shut their offensive down completely. We have to take things away from them, make it more difficult, and change up what we do, and we have to perform better on the offensive end of the floor. We could do some things better. They're a great team, and I think they're playing really well right now. Even though Jill (Harmon) has been out, they've added a guard and more shooting power. You can do so much of a scouting report and a game plan, and then our kids are going to roll the ball out and play."

On Cal's post players
"They got double teamed a lot. I would expect double teams again. It's just, where are the kick outs? How do you put them in position not to get double teamed as much? I don't think we did a good job of just catch and shoot...and be ready to shoot and rotate and put ourselves in better positions to score and not get caught in situations where we're double teamed as much. It was a good game for us, what we learned from it and are just trying to get better this time."

On preparing for Stanford
"They're tough. There are other games where they haven't shot the ball well, but they're a veteran team. When they're playing for things and things are on the line, they play well. You just got to pick your poison and make adjustments and change the game. We have to worry about us just as much as we have to worry about them. We're going to come with a game plan and a back-up game plan, and just try and make adjustments throughout the game depending on what's happening."

On if she thought she'd be in this position to win a Pac-10 title when she chose to remain at Cal
"It's always something that we've talked about that we were capable of. I don't think you look too far ahead when you make a decision and say, `And because of that, we're going to do this.' I made the decision for the reasons I did, and I thought we were capable of being at this point. The kids believed that we could be at this point. We've worked hard, and we've worked really well as a unit to get ourselves to this position. This was one of our goals in our mission statement this year, and we thought we were capable of it."

Junior guard Alexis Gray-Lawson

On playing Stanford
"I think the last game definitely taught us a lot. We have to do everything different. We have to come out with energy. I don't think we played Cal basketball at all. In some ways, I think it was good for us to see where we stand and what we look like in our worst game. I guess the best part about it is that you already know it was a horrible game, and you can change so many things about it. We're going into this game very focus and prepared."

On what the guards have to do differently to stop Candice Wiggins
"Play defense. She had a great game against us last game. I think definitely we have to know where she is at all times. We didn't do so well at that last time, letting her get to the free throw line and fouling. She's going to get her shots up. She's going to score."

Senior forward Krista Foster

On possibly winning the Pac-10 title
"I think it would show our determination. It would mean a lot for our program to say Cal does deserve a spot in the spotlight. We've worked hard, and like Lexi was saying, we've recommitted ourselves to our goals, and we want this. We want this Pac-10 title, and we're going to fight for it. Whatever that looks like in the Stanford game, we're ready to battle. Like she said, we've looked at film. We always look at film of teams to know where we can improve and where we can get better."

On her final home game as a senior
"I'm excited and sad. It's my last game playing here at Cal. I was saying this before. I love my team. This has been the best year for me, by far, along with it being our best record since I've been here. Just my teammates and the chemistry that we have, the friendships that we've built, and knowing that we're willing to go through a wall for each other. It's going to be sad to be leaving these girls. But we still have a whole postseason to play, two more Pac-10 games and the Pac-10 Tournament. I'm sad. I have mixed feelings. I'm sad and excited. I'm excited that it's Stanford, and we have something to prove."


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