Post Game Quotes at Rutgers

"I thought it was a great atmosphere. I told our team in the locker room and I honestly mean this, I would rather be 0-1 with this group, right now, in this situation than to be any of the teams who a
By Cal Athletics on Sun, November 13, 2011

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Nov. 13, 2011

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Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb

"I thought it was a great atmosphere. I told our team in the locker room and I honestly mean this, I would rather be 0-1 with this group, right now, in this situation than to be any of the teams who are 1-0 and 2-0 who played a different game. It is not that we aren't disappointed. We felt that we had opportunities to win this game. I credit Rutgers with doing what they do really, really, really well. This is a difficult place to win a game. I thought we had more chances in the first half to build a bigger lead, but then they came out and played that quintessential Rutgers basketball, and we didn't respond well enough. I was really proud with how we fought back and gave ourselves a chance to be back in the ball game. This is going to be really good for us. We want to be a team who is the toughest team in the gym, even when we are playing the likes of Rutgers. We'll work on that. We like the effort of our kids to finish strong."

On what gave Cal trouble in the second half

"Everyone knows the 55-press. You know it is coming, but you can't prepare for it. Sometimes we weren't strong enough with the ball. I don't think we attacked it through the middle, which we wanted to do, until later on. We got ourselves pinned down 94 feet from our basket too much and we were just careless with the ball. But I credit them with being able to do that press as aggressively as they do."

What the late rally says about the team

"I was disappointed with how we handled their pressure and we looked like we took that knock-out punch for a second and got a little dazed. But we are really proud of the fact that at that point, we could have fallen over, but we didn't do that. We relied on our depth. We were able to get some other people in there.

On what she thought of the final play of the game

"I felt like we really needed to use our time outs when we did. Knowing we would have to play for the stop and get a good look at the other end rather than fouling an extending the game. I think that would have been tough with no time outs. In that sense, I thought we got to the point where we needed to be. I think in a week or two, we will be able to come down and execute a look for the player we want to take it, our high-percentage shooters. But I thought we got a good look there at the end. It just didn't fall for us."

On the return to the court of Gennifer Brandon

"This young woman right here has not played basketball for 16 months. She has gone through a devastating injury. She told me before the game that she was a little bit nervous. I told her to just do what you do. I thought her energy sort of lifted us all game. That's something we will rely on. She was back out there acting like we were still in the game. Everyone fed off that."

On the matchup of two top-five ranked recruiting classes

"I love this home and home series. You know you are going to get a game with great players and kids who play really, really hard. We are going to go to our bench in Gray and Boyd and Hartman. We are going to go to them a lot. We are going to rely on them a lot. This is the kind of game where you are going to get exposed if you make any little mistake. Freshmen are going to learn that lesson very, very quickly."

On the play of Brittany Boyd

"She is a special kid. When those lights go on, she has that "it" that people talk about. In our exhibition game at home, you just saw it. It really comes out. She is talented. She's explosive. She is so fast up and down the court. She has a knack for wanting the big play. I think, as she hones every aspect of her game, she is going to be a really exciting piece of Cal basketball for four years and probably at the next level after that. She definitely doesn't fear anything. I think as she gets the flow and the understanding of college basketball, tempo and things like that, we are just going to keep seeing her get better."

On what advantages Cal had over Rutgers

"We had an advantage in the post. We did a good job of pounding it in there, especially in the first half. "

Redshirt sophomore forward Gennifer Brandon

"It felt great to be out there with my team, working hard for and with them. It was an amazing experience and I am just really thankful to be back. It is kind of unbelievable still. I'm still kind of rusty, but I think I am in a better position, knowing the plays and knowing what the coach is looking for. I am better at that than when I was a freshman."


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