Postgame Quotes: California-UC Irvine

On playing eleven players "Obviously, the best combination included certain guys. We have to continue to work on getting players ready to go. We ran into a little bit of difficulty when we had certain
By Cal Athletics on Sat, November 12, 2011

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Nov. 11, 2011

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On playing eleven players
"Obviously, the best combination included certain guys. We have to continue to work on getting players ready to go. We ran into a little bit of difficulty when we had certain guys off the floor. We've got to develop our depth. We've got to develop guys that can come in, and play with others, and help and contribute. I wanted to play as many guys as I could because that's what this preseason is for us; to get some guys some experience. But we ran into a little difficulty, in the second half. Three games in five days is going to be a bit of a chore for us, anyway."

On the play of his post players
"Harper was good. He's just good. He reads stuff so well. He was very unselfish. We knew that they would double the post. We had a strategy for that, and Harper did a good job of coming out and getting us good shots out of that. Richard started off rebounding the ball well. [In the] second half, I didn't think we were quite as good. We've just got to get his focus up for 40 minutes and get him to play the way he did, early. And I thought [David] Kravish played well. He had seven rebounds in a short amount of time. He's got a great nose for the ball. He just knows how to play."

On his health
"Theoretically, yeah, I get tired. You don't really realize what's going on. It's not something overt where there's specifics. All of the sudden, I go home, and wow, I'm tired. You do have to be aware of that. If you're going to do your job, and be sharp, you have to make sure you don't do too much, too fast."

On upcoming opponent George Washington
"They're not bad. They're athletic, and an Atlantic 10 school. They have a new coach. There's a little bit of transition there, in terms of what they used to do and what they do now. We'll probably see a 1-3-1 zone, which is something we haven't spent a whole lot of time on. There are some things they do, offensively, that would cause a problem for us if we're not prepared for it. Their point guard, Taylor, is really good off of pick and rolls. There's a kid that didn't play in their exhibition that is their best post player and he's pretty strong. I think, just from the standpoint of experience, they'll be better than Irvine just because they'll have more veteran kids."


Harper Kamp, Sr. F

On Cal's use of its depth
"I think we wanted a lot of energy. I think that's what coach was going for. We played a lot of guys. We just need to step that up a notch, coming off the bench. That's one of the things he talked about a lot, in the locker room: making sure that we had a lot of energy, off the bench. It's our job, as starters, to start the energy and their job to come in and match that or bring in a little more. That's what he was looking for by playing that many people."

On Coach Montgomery's health and his return to the floor
"This is what he does, and obviously, it's what he loves. He's excited to be out there, and I think everyone knows that that kind of thing gives you a little perspective. I'm glad to see that he's got a little bit of energy, still. The crowd was out there, and I think he was glad to see the crowd. Everyone was fired up. It helps when we come out excited and playing hard. It was a lot of fun."

On the new players
"When they come out and play hard, they can help us a lot. Guys like David [Kravish]; you saw the way he can go get the ball on offense and defense. He's got some good timing on his blocks; you saw that in the exhibition. He changed a few shots tonight. Obviously, everyone knows what Justin [Cobbs] can bring. He's going to add a new dimension to our team. He's just got to continue to get better. He's got that mindset where he just wants to get better, every game, and that's going to help us, down the stretch."

On UC Irvine's run, in the second half
"It's always disappointing for us when you see a lapse like that; especially on the defensive end, no matter how many points we were up, or whatever the lead is. We've just got to keep on them, and try to extend that lead and try to keep them from scoring the ball. That's our main goal. We've got to keep that up even when we've got the lead."

Allen Crabbe, So. G
On what he liked about the team's performance
"I like how we came out aggressive. We got into them on defense. We fed off of that. We were getting fast breaks, and we were getting open, on offense. I feel like we executed pretty well. Coming out aggressive on defense to start the game really set the defense for us."

On his own play
"The coaches tell me that I need to shoot the ball when I'm open. Obviously the bigs set good screens in order for me to get open. My coaches tell me to be more aggressive. I just have to find other ways; other than scoring, in order to help my team win. I would like to go rebound, or help out on the offensive boards more. I just want to do whatever I can in order to help my team win. This is a team thing, and coach emphasizes that all the time, in the locker room. We've just got to play together."


On the game
"I'm proud of my guys, and I think we won the second half. They have some advantages on us, though, and are a top-25 ranked team, with experience. We competed, and we are going to continue to compete. So, if we do that on every play, all year, then we are going to win our fair share of games. I've got a young group that is going to get better and better."

On having a young team
"That is really fun. I didn't expect us to be as young as we are, at this point, but now that we are, in some ways, I'm happy about that. I do believe in the potential of our young players and I think we have an excellent group that can get better and better. It is fun, but it's not fun to play poorly, which I think we did, on both sides of the ball, in the first half. We were better in the second half, and we are going to focus on that to be a lot better in the second game."

On coaching against Coach Montgomery
"I think coaches don't get too wrapped up in coaching matchups, but there is no question that Mike Montgomeryis a man who has a tremendous influence on me as a coach, and as a man. He is someone I truly admire. I introduced him to my team today, because he is going into the Hall of Fame as a college coach one day. I want to do, at UC Irvine, what he has done at Montana, Stanford, and Cal. He showed me how to do it and has had a huge impact on my career and life. He's a character guy."

On what Coach Montgomery said to his team
"We had a good little back-and-forth, which Mike does with anybody. It was good for me, because I have incredible respect for what that guy has done at every stop at college basketball, and what he is doing here. That is what I hope I can do, at Irvine. I believe I can, and I believe that I've been taught well, by him and other guys that I've worked with. I've worked with some really great coaches, but Mike is the best college coach I've worked with."


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