Holmoe Assesses Oklahoma Game

California Head Coach Tom Holmoe Weekly Press Conference September 15, 1998 Reviewing the defense in last week's game against Nebraska: "Just looking back on the game, we did some things defensively t
By Cal Athletics on Mon, June 21, 1999

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September 15, 1998

BERKELEY - California Head Coach Tom Holmoe

Weekly Press Conference

September 15, 1998

Reviewing the defense in last week's game against Nebraska:

"Just looking back on the game, we did some things defensively that were very good, and we made a few mistakes defensively that caused a couple of break-out runs. I thought the safeties played really well. They had a huge responsibility in that game. They were darn close on coverage over the day. From not having (linebacker) Matt Beck in there for the two games, we have had good, solid play from our linebackers, and that's a very positive sign."

Reviewing the offense vs. Nebraska:

"Offensively, with the line changes, I think John Welbourn played better than he did the first week. Langston Walker, coming in with all that was written about him playing his first game against Nebraska, played darn good game, and looking at the film, he did his job."

On substituting on the offensive line:

"I wouldn't be surprised if we went with a couple of different guys in the game this week. It has been very hot down there, considering that we have a couple of different combinations that we can try, it wouldn't surprise me if we made some changes during the game and rested a couple of the big boys."

On special teams:

"It was nice to see Tim Wolleck come in and be able to kick that field goal. But still, I don't think our team is confident yet that we can get down to the 30-yard line and kick a field goal at anytime. If you get to the 30 or inside, you should be able to line up with confidence and have a very good percentage of hitting it, and we have to get to that point. I was glad to see Tim split the uprights when we called on him. I feel good about that. Now he has to continue to do that. He will be the guy going in this week against Oklahoma."

On punt effectiveness against Nebraska:

"Nick Harris did a very good job. His punts backed up Nebraska a lot and gave them long fields to drive for much of the game, and that was part of the strategy."

On injured offensive guard Brandon Ludwig's status:

"Brandon Ludwig has been cleared to go through practice this week. We are going to go through practice this week and see how he reacts. We are going to ease him into contact this week, and if he is ready then he would be cleared to play in the game."

On Oklahoma's offense:

"What they are doing is bringing a lot of guys up to the line of scrimmage and putting a lot of guys in the box. They are a very high-pressure defense. They will put their guys in some tough situations coverage-wise, and hopefully when they do that we will take advantage of them."

Comparing the Nebraska and Oklahoma offenses:

"You will some very similar offensive sets and formations as what Nebraska used. That was one of the benefits of playing the two teams back to back. We can't show them the same game plan, or else they will have a finger on us, but it helps to have played an option attack. It is assignment football, and it takes time to get used to that."

Reaction and reflection on the Nebraska game:

"The bottom is that it was pretty positive. People are going to beat it out of me until I say it was "okay." It was okay. But there is so much more ahead that I'm certainly not going to live off of this game. If that game helps us towards the future, which I think it will, and if that prepares us for a Pac-10 schedule and helps us win some games, them yes, it was worth the effort. If they don't learn from that game, then maybe it's just show."

On using Oklahoma as a yardstick for the defense:

"Going on the road to play in Oklahoma against a team that is trying to turn the corner is going to be a very good sign for our defense on where they are at. And even though it is not going to be a Pac-10-looking team, it certainly will show to what degree our guys will fight."

On evaluating the receiver corps:

"I'm going to take a good long look at practice this week and see who is ready to play a great game. We need more production and we need to spread it around more."


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