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"Mistakes, turnovers, you can't beat a good football team like USC when you turn the ball over five times. There is no question that there were some good things, but some things need to be improved. I
By Cal Athletics on Thu, October 13, 2011

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Oct. 13, 2011

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California Head Coach Jeff Tedford

On the team mistakes:
"Mistakes, turnovers, you can't beat a good football team like USC when you turn the ball over five times. There is no question that there were some good things, but some things need to be improved. I don't doubt their focus whatsoever. Maybe sometimes with little things like ball handling, we are focusing too much. We run the fly sweep all the time in practice and the ball is never on the ground. We just need to trust our fundamentals and get back to work. We just need to find a way to put it all together. There were flashes of good things, but we need to put that together."

On the second half:
"On certain plays the rush was pretty fierce in the first half. As the learning happens with Zach (Maynard), he plays much better in the second half. He made a lot of plays in the second half. There were some plays he got fooled in coverage. The good thing is that everybody tried to compete really hard in the second half. They came out and moved the ball up and down the field. We just turned the ball over too much."

On QB Zach Maynard:
"The speed of the game inside is fast. That is as fast as it is going to happen. In my eyes, Zach was feeling better with the speed of the game. We just need to get him to eat the ball some of the time. He can't do much about his fumble, and Keenan (Allen) was fighting for extra yards. The interceptions down deep really hurt. They gave them a short field when I thought our defense was playing really well."

On the speed of the game:
"Any young quarterback, which I would put Zach in that category, with the speed of the game we play in, is going to need to adjust. With a guy like him, as competitive as he is, with the composure he has, he will get it. He will get used to the speed of the game, he made a lot of plays in the second half. We are going to improve on this; that is the key. You need to learn when to eat it and when to throw it away; not every play is going to be perfect."

On Cal's schedule:
"We have had a tough three weeks; our schedule has been tough. The guys competed very well in Washington. There are some good things coming. The moral of the team is that they care about each other and believe in one another. They are going to continue to play and compete. Of course they are disappointed, but it is important to be disappointed and not discouraged. I have all the confidence in the world that they will come back with the energy and the work ethic they need. We are 3-3, and have a lot of football in front of us."

California Players

Keenan Allen, WR

On the turnovers:
"Yeah, it definitely could have been a different game without those turnovers. I felt like we could have converted some third downs that also would have turned the game around. We could have made some more big plays. We didn't really have any big plays out there. If we had some big plays we would have got the crowd involved and gotten some momentum. Things may have turned out differently."

On Zach Maynard's mentality:
"He's going to let it go. When he throws a pick, he comes back to the sideline and tells you that `I messed up. It's time to go. I don't care about that play anymore.' He's got a short-term memory."

Marvin Jones, WR

On the morale of the team:
"We're a family, and after all these losses, we still get together and we don't back down. Our mindset is that we can still win this. We still can win out the rest of the season and that's what we plan to do. Nobody in the locker room has doubt. All of us are on board, so that's our mindset."

On losing on national TV:
"I feel like it's definitely not a blown opportunity. We really don't care what anybody outside thinks of what we do. We don't let that get to us. We don't think, `Oh no we lost in front of the nation.' That kind of mindset would deteriorate the team. We have to rise above that. Even though you're excited that everybody is watching you, you're the one on the field. You can't think about that."

On the play over the losing streak:
"We beat ourselves. Athletically, we've felt like we're the better team. We've felt that we could execute whenever we wanted to. Obviously, we didn't do that. We can't keep shooting ourselves in the foot. The only people that are stopping us, is us. We've got to get it together and go back to the basics. When we put four quarters together, we're going to be a great team."

USC Head Coach Lane Kiffen

Opening statement:
"We are pleased to get the win and get to 5-1 against a team that is very good in the front. That is a good front seven and they have been good for the most part, outside of a half of football basically. Last week for them, they played those guys tough up there and we knew it was going to be a tough matchup. We wanted to come in and win outside. We didn't as much as we would like to, but we won at times. We didn't play nearly as well in the passing game as we have, but obviously, the story of the day is our defense to come up with five turnovers. It was good for them and we needed that. It was much more important for this team to win like that and have a game like that for confidence. After all the things our defense has been hearing about them, the staff, players and everybody involved to come out here and get five turnovers and harass the quarterback all day long playing against two great receivers that put up a bunch of numbers against a bunch of people. Our special teams was phenomenal again, they have been the most consistent part of our game. Offense and defense have both been up and down. Like I said last week and through the bye, don't judge us on one week. Just like last week, we didn't become the best offense ever against Arizona and the worst defense ever. Again, right now it's not fly to think we are the '85 Bears on defense, so let's take the whole season together and continue to get better as a team. It's the first time we have been 5-1 since we have been here so it is a good feeling to be led by our defense especially on the road and we are going to have to do it again next week."

On the play of Dion Bailey:
"Dion was great and he has been great all year for us. Probably as consistent a player as we have had. It is great for him to be a freshman on his way to being a Freshman All-American, and I think you saw today that there are a bunch of freshman and sophomores all over the place. If we can find ways to win games with young players, then that is the best thing you can have as a staff with young guys that are going to be back to be making a lot of plays."

On the frustration of not having a complete game on offense and defense:
"Yeah, that is where I think if you are going to be a good coach, you better have those standards and expect to play great all the time in all three phases. I agree with you guys and I'm the same way, we want to play great and we are not pleased with how that game went. But then again, we won by a couple touchdowns in a conference game that put us to 5-1 so we have to remember that too and be sure our players are enjoying the wins as well and understand that they are hard to come by."

On the play of Matt Barkley:
"Well he is going to come up here and naturally tell you that that wasn't his best game by any means, but also that's a hard game really. There was a lot of stuff coming at him and a lot of different looks without a lot of chance to set his feet there. They were getting good pressure and beating us up front a lot. As a quarterback, that wears on you when guys are on your legs all the time and then he made some good throws too. We were really close, just a couple inches away from a really big passing day."

On the play of the defense:
"I just think in general we played better. It wasn't some magic formula and we didn't go change a bunch of stuff last week. The great thing to see was the red zone there at the end of the first half. We had put a lot of emphasis for the last ten days on it and for it to pay off with a big turnover down there was huge. It was good to see, but we need to keep getting better. If I was to pick a way to win the game, I would rather win it this way with the way this team was at, so we can build confidence in our defense."

USC Players

Matt Barkley, QB

On the importance of the defense to have a big game tonight:
"Absolutely. They played lights-out tonight and that really helped us out on the offensive side of the ball. I think that it was great because they were playing an offense that was very similar to ours with the pro-style plays, so they were kind of used to what Cal was doing. Nonetheless, [the defense] came away with a bunch of turnovers. In that margin of games, that definitely helps. I think that we struggled on offense, but we protected the ball and they didn't. I think that ultimately I think that helped us go out on top."

On whether his struggles were due in part to facing a different look from Cal's Defense:
"I wouldn't say that. We've seen fronts like theirs before. They did play a lot of cover one, though, in their defense. We pretty much saw everything in the book that they threw at us today, but when it comes down to it, I don't think that comes down to what they showed."

On the importance of USC's 5-1 record at this point in the season:
"Oh, it's huge. You kind of feel bad because of our performance today, but when you look at the score, you'll see that we won by three scores, the defense played awesome and that we are 5-1, which is huge. When you play football, you play to win and if we're winning, then I'm fine with that. We just can't let mistakes happen over and over again against better teams because then that will hurt us, but we really have to get it more fine tuned.

On how he felt he played in this game:
"I played alright. Not enough good enough to win big games, but always something to improve on."

Dion Bailey, CB

On how it felt to have the defense set the tempo in today's game:
"It was huge for us as a confidence booster. We had to come out and show everybody that we're not as bad of a defense that everyone thinks we are. We came out and held them to nine points. It was huge today. It really helped pick up our offense and hopefully next week, we all will be firing on all cylinders and we're going to be dangerous."

On whether he realizes the impact that he has made to the team so early in his career:
"Definitely, especially coming in after the big position change, I was only hoping to play 20-30 snaps a game, and I ended up starting at the beginning of the season. I've been at the right place at the right time. Game in and game out, I just hope that I can continue my success."

On reading the pass play which resulted in his interception:
"I was just reading the quarterback's eyes the whole time."


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