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"(The running emphasis) just evolved, knowing which teams we play and staying balanced. When you are successful running the ball, it makes it a lot easier staying with it. We have had a lot of success
By Cal Athletics on Sat, November 12, 2011

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Nov. 12, 2011

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On Cal's running game:
"(The running emphasis) just evolved, knowing which teams we play and staying balanced. When you are successful running the ball, it makes it a lot easier staying with it. We have had a lot of success over the last couple weeks. Isi (Sofele) is running really hard. He and C.J. (Anderson) have matured through the season. Staying balanced is a big part of the game plan."

On RB C.J. Anderson:
"The plan going in was to use both Isi and C.J. I thought C.J. played really well. He has hung in there and learned over the course of the year."

On Cal's holding penalties:
"We do not accept that (as part of the running game). We will have to look at the tape and see where the penalties occurred. We'll learn from them. In a closer game, three touchdowns being called back would be devastating; we need to correct it. If you take out the penalties, I think the offensive line did a really good job."

On the running back's pass blocking:
"When you are a new guy in the system, protections are a big thing. Coach Gould does a good job preparing the guys. They prepare hard and practice well. That is a tribute to Coach Gould and everybody's work ethic."

On Oregon State's red-zone turnovers:
"The last turnover down there when they fumbled was huge; a score would have made it a one-possession game. On the deflection, it was a great play by D.J. (Campbell). Turnovers are always key. We won the turnover battle today, and fortunately, won the game."

On Oregon State's offense:
"They did a nice job. Their quarterback (Sean Mannion) played well. (James) Rodgers and (Markus) Wheaton are really good outside. They are always well prepared and dangerous on offense. I would have liked to see us get to the passer more. They protected really well. We came up with big plays when we needed to. If they do get inside the red-zone, you need to stiffen up and not allow them in the end zone."

On RB Isi Sofele over 1,000 yards:
"Having 1,000 rushing yards is typical of our backs. We have had a 1,000-yard rusher every year except when Jahvid (Best) got hurt late in the season. Isi has improved every week. Not only is he elusive, he is bringing more power as the season wears on. He is running very physical for a little guy. He is making yards after the hit."

On WR Michael Calvin's touchdown:
"That was great, no doubt. He has been through a lot here. He has been injured a lot of his career. You have a senior who is so team oriented that there are two guys getting most of the balls. He comes out and practices so hard every week, and to see him get a touchdown is great."


Isi Sofele, TB

On getting a career high in rushing yards:
"I feel great and excited that I got it. I feel blessed that I came up with what I got today."

Brian Schwenke, LG

On the O-line's play and achieving 296 yards rushing:
"It's the best feeling as the offensive line. You know that you are working hard. We don't normally get the praise, but you see the most when you run the ball 290 yards on 20 plays, or whatever it was. That's when we get the most gratitude. It's probably the best feeling that we can get."

Justin Cheadle, RG

On Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach Jim Michalczik:
"He's definitely one of the greatest coaches you can probably play for. He refines our technique every day. He stays on us. He knows the game inside and out and he can teach it very well. We're excited to have him back. We're all constantly getting better because he's a great coach and a great leader."

Matt Summers-Gavin, RT

On becoming bowl eligible:
"It's very important. I know last year only getting five wins left a salty taste in all of our mouths; not being able to play football in December or January. It's a great thing we did, but the season isn't over. We've got the Big Game next week."

Michael Calvin, WR

On scoring his first career touchdown and playing his final home game:
"It's amazing. I'm glad I finally got in there. It feels amazing. It couldn't have gone any better. As a group we came together and we executed everything that was thrown at us. Coach Tedford preached to us before the game that this would be an emotional day and we would need to control our emotions. We controlled our emotions throughout the game."

C.J. Anderson, TB

On the play of the O-line:
"They outmanned them. They played more physical. We talked about it all week. This was going to be a physical game. We had the mindset that we needed to run with violence and run-block with violence, and that's what we came out and did. We were very successful at it. Maybe we got a little too violent with the penalties, but we'll clean that up and continue to go on."

On having two touchdowns called back:
"It's all right. The win was good. The bowl eligibility is better. We got the bowl game so we have more games to play. We've got Big Game next week, so I'll just head in and get my touchdowns in that game."

Sean Cattouse, S

On beating Oregon State:
"It was a great victory. I haven't beaten them since I've been here. It was a win that got us bowl eligible. It was just a hard-fought game. The media during the week took a couple shots at us. It was really gratifying to get out there and get the W the way we did."

On getting 2 turnovers within their own five:
"It was huge. Our D-line really stood tough down there. We were just able to get it done. It was huge. It took the wind out of them."


General Comments:
"There were two things in this game: We turned the ball over with opportunities to score and they rushed for (296) yards. That pretty much tells the tale."

On Cal's Running Game and Total Offense:
"Their mixture was very good. Their blocking against our defense - they were very crisp. I thought they were sharp. They came off the ball hard and quick. They basically won the line of scrimmage."

On Cal's Long Second-Quarter Drive That Featured Key Oregon State Penalties:
"We had lots of killer stuff. Not only just methodically marched the ball down from about the two-yard line all the way down the field, then we get the chance to stop them, and we get two personal foul penalties - that's just ridiculous. There's no reason for that."

On Frustration of Penalties and Other Mistakes:
"It feels really frustrating right now. It just didn't feel like a good football team. I thought that this would and could've been a good football game. If we had taken advantage of our opportunities and scored and even kicked field goals, we would've been in position to score at the end and win it. But we had a real, real hard time stopping them. But it wasn't like they were putting up astronomical numbers on the scoreboard. Had we done anything, we could've been in this."

On What He Said to QB Sean Mannion After His Third Quarter Red Zone Interception:
"The first one that he threw, I don't really know what happened. It looked like it might've been deflected. That's a bad play by us. One play or the other, it hurts us. Secondly, the (fourth-quarter) fumble, that's just unbelievably bad execution."

On OSU's Late Fumble:
"They're both responsible for that. It's a pretty simple play that we've probably done a thousand times. I would say that they're both responsible."

On Sean Mannion's Performance:
"I thought he made some good throws. I thought we had some tough protection problems early, so he didn't have much time to make those throws, and that was a crucial time in the game when everything was getting established and we weren't doing much. Besides that, he made some great plays. I thought his worst play of the night was his last one. I don't know why he went to the backside of that play like he did."

On Running the Ball:
"We're just not running the ball well. We're not going to lose our goal of doing that; we just completed our three-game stand against the top three defenses in our league. We played Utah, Stanford and Cal, 1-2-3; not in that order. They're all really good. Hopefully that gives us good practice in doing better next week against the run. We're not going to lose our will to be a running football team."

On Cal's Defense Shutting Down the OSU Running Game:
"They run a good defense, they know what they're doing, Clancy (Pendergast, Cal's defensive coordinator) is a good coach and they're also very, very physical. These guys are good. Our problem is sustaining blocks and gaining blocks consistently. We'd get a couple, but we couldn't do it consistently."

On Cal RB Isi Sofele:
"I like him. He's low to the ground. He's got great balance, great cuts. He's a tough guy and good quickness, strong. He looks like one of Jeff's guys."


James Rodgers, WR

On how Cal's defense compares to other teams they have played:
"I don't want to get into everyone's defense, but those guys played hard and physical."

On him catching a lot of passes:
It's all about getting open and Sean [Mannion] going through his reads. I happened to be the read several times and I got the ball."

On frustration of not scoring in the red zone:
"It's always frustrating for an offense to get in the red zone and not score. At some place, we have to score. We can't settle for field goals."

On quarterback Sean Mannion's play:
"I think he's been doing a good job. He's been making his reads and making nice throws. That's all you can ask for from a quarterback."

Sean Mannion, QB

On feeling frustrated about another loss:
"No one is going to quit. We are going to keep working, continue to stay positive and just get better as a team."

On the offense:
"I think we need to execute better. There were times when we could extend drives or I could have made a better play. We just need to keep getting better as an offense."

On his turnovers in the red zone:
"That is something we need to improve. As an offense, we need to take pride on getting points whenever we are in the red zone. There was some good stuff too. We had some nice drives and just need to finish them."

On the play off the offensive line:
"They did a good job, but as a whole, we need to improve."

Jordan Poyer, CB

On their rush defense:
"They were tough. On offense they could do whatever they wanted, and it's just frustrating."

On penalties that extended Cal drives:
"The penalties really hurt us. Anytime you get penalties like that to keep the drive going, it obviously hurts you. It was frustrating, and that's about all I can say."


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