Postgame Quotes: California-Jackson State

On the game, overall "[The second half] was better than the first half. I think it was a little bit to be expected. We knew that they were going to come in with the potential for running away, motion,
By Cal Athletics on Sun, December 11, 2011

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Dec. 11, 2011

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On the game, overall
"[The second half] was better than the first half. I think it was a little bit to be expected. We knew that they were going to come in with the potential for running away, motion, and trying to slow down the game, and they did. We had seen them do that against Tulsa, at home. They just weren't interested in shooting early. They had some kids that can make plays. I thought we did a good job, defensively, regardless. I thought that offensively, we didn't make great decisions, even though our assist-to-turnover ratio was good. We tried to make some plays we couldn't make. Once we got going, a little bit, and defended, and got some turnovers, we got out and ran the break pretty well."

On the play of his big men
"I wasn't really happy with our big guys catching the ball. Jorge [Gutierrez] probably should have had 15 assists. He really passed the ball and found the open guy. We had about six or seven times where the post guys just didn't catch what should have been an assist and a finish. That's something we've got to get better at because we need the post guys engaged and finishing plays. Jorge was passing the ball, well. I thought the one pass to Bak [Bak] was pretty tough. That's not one he's probably going to catch. But two or three of the others should have been caught and finished. We were playing against a zone; we haven't seen a lot of zone, and we haven't played against a lot of zone. It's a different pace against the zone. You've got to wait to get what you want and then you can shoot some people out of the zone.

On junior F Bak Bak
"Bak can make shots. I don't think anybody really felt threatened, so I think they were a little loose. Bak's got good touch. Bak did a pretty good job."

On senior F Harper Kamp's low scoring
"He's so valuable in so many ways. We need him to get consistent with what he does. We need to know where to get him the ball so that he can make the plays that he can make. He ties everything together defensively for us but it would really help if we could get a little more production from him. I think he's just rushing a little bit. Rather than just catching first and finishing the play, he is rushing a little bit. He's frustrated like anybody would be."

On final exams and scheduling
"Finals start tomorrow, so we took the week. This was a game we tried to fit in here on a Sunday prior to finals starting. With the tournaments, and the extra games, we can't get a schedule complete. We can't get 13 non-league games in without doing this. We really had to work to get it done as it was."

On Jackson State's defense
"They played 1-1-3 zone. I've played that before and it can be pretty troubling if you don't understand it. We didn't spend a lot of time on it. We tried to explain the concepts. We haven't seen a lot of zone. I thought that they were pretty good in it. They're pretty long. They work pretty hard. They know their coverages. It was different. It was a different look. I didn't think we were as patient as we needed to be. That's part of the learning process."


Allen Crabbe, So. G
On playing better in the second half
"Yeah, I think we picked it up more, in the second half. Guys battled on defense and we were a little more aggressive. We started to stretch out their zone a little bit more."

On having Richard Solomon back on the floor
"It was good to have Richard back because that is your teammate and we always talk about how we are a family. Just getting him back felt great and having him out there with us, you know, he brings a lot of intensity on the defensive side for us. He blocks shots and gets a lot of rebounds. It was just good to have him back out there and he ran the lanes and got a couple of dunks. I thought he played very well in his first game back."

On not being as sharp to start as the last game
"Coach said that he wasn't too satisfied with how we executed, offensively. They played that zone and we haven't played against a lot of zone, this year. We have to go back to the drawing board and get better at our zone attacks on offense. On their offense, they slowed the game down, a lot, and it just took us out of what we like to do."

On playing better as the game went on
"Yeah, we have pretty fast people. With Justin [Cobbs] pushing the ball and Brandon [Smith], they are pretty fast point guards so the wings just need to run the lane. We get a lot of fast break opportunities and we just need to execute on them."

Bak Bak, Jr. F
On playing more minutes
"Yeah, I kind of feel like it wasn't a really hard game where we need to run too much because the zone defense slows down everything, naturally. It was a little bit frustrating."

On whether he thinks he will get more playing time
"I would assume, yes, because the last game, coach said, `If you don't play well, this game, then your minutes are going to go down because we need everyone on board.' I'm pretty sure I might get a little more time, next game."

On his offense
"I was just feeling it. They didn't look like they were going to guard me because they were focusing on the guards. If no one guards me, then I'm going to just shoot it."


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