Cal-Arizona State Postgame Quotes

"We had a lot of speed on the field and our playmakers really stepped up well on offense and defense. I thought special teams did a nice job. I thought Andrew Larson did an excellent job of punting wi
By Cal Athletics on Sat, September 23, 2006

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Sept. 23, 2006

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General comments:
"We had a lot of speed on the field and our playmakers really stepped up well on offense and defense. I thought special teams did a nice job. I thought Andrew Larson did an excellent job of punting with really great hang-time to allow us to cover his punts. I think in all three phases of the game we played fairly solid but we're still not where we need to be. We need to be able to put four quarters together and we haven't done that yet this year. I thought our offensive line did a nice job. Coach Gregory did a nice job. He did a nice job of mixing his calls up and making adjustments."

On senior cornerback Daymeion Hughes:
"Daymeion Hughes continues to be a guy who is very difficult to throw the ball on and has a great nose for the ball. Daymeion is a student of the game. He really studies and knows what's going on. He's a very smart player and so he's able to read the quarterback very well and has great instincts. He is so quick to break on the ball. When he makes a decision to break he can put his foot in the ground and go get it. He has great hands and he's a great runner after the catch. He just has great instincts to play at the corner position."

On freshman cornerback Syd'Quan Thompson:
"I was happy for Syd. It's nice to see and that was a great play too. He tipped it up to himself and that was not an easy play. Syd played pretty solid. He was out there on the corner all by himself a couple of times with the whole field out there and I thought Syd did an excellent job. He tackled well for the most part. Syd continues to get better each week so it's nice to see him be able to get an interception today."


CORNERBACK Daymeion Hughes
On how the defense played:

"We tried to work on our pass defense all week. We didn't want to give up any big plays. We had a good underneath zone, which is where those interceptions came from. We just tried to take away any deep balls."

On his interception he returned for a touchdown:
"I was just playing the coverage. The quarterback side adjusted, and normally when the quarterback does that, the rest of the offense does it with him. I just stepped in and tried to make a play. The quarterback fell down, I jumped over him, and after that, it was just a race to the end zone."

On the defense's gameplan:

"At the beginning of the week, Coach Gregory told me we were going to run a lot of blitz packages that involved me coming off the corner. With the way Coach Gregory had the defense set up, if I didn't get a sack today, it would have been because I wasn't doing my job. You have to give credit to Coach Gregory."

CORNERBACK Syd'Quan Thompson
On his first interception

"It felt good; it was my first big play in college. It looked pretty obvious to me. I saw the quarterback and the ball in the air; I just broke to the ball."

QUARTERBACK Nate Longshore
On all of the big plays:

"We got a chance to showcase all of our playmakers. With the athletes that we have on this team, we're able to make those kinds of plays. That second quarter was pretty amazing to watch."

On the three-game homestand:
"It was nice to come home, play in a comfortable environment and find ourselves. That first week was pretty tough, so it was nice to come home and play well in front of the home crowd. We're all the better for it."


What adjustments did Cal make on defense after ASU scored a TD on its first series?
"They just started blitzing us a lot more. We were running the ball and they went to pressure. In the first half, on something like 22 or 24 first-down plays, they ended up bringing the pressure on half of them, and that didn't hurt us as much in the running game as it did in the passing game."

On tailback Ryan Torain's performance:
"Keegan Herring, our normal starting tailback, hurt his hamstring last Sunday afternoon in practice and was never 100% this week, so we knew going in that Ryan Torain was going to get the majority of the carries, and he certainly responded--really ran the ball hard, broke tackles, second effort. Got to really be pleased with Ryan and the way we ran the ball today. But we just can't turn it over, and that six -minute stretch in the second quarter, four or five or six big plays in a six-minute period, that's the ballgame right there."

How significant was the return game today?
"We thought this was going to be a matchup of big return teams - of course [DeSean] Jackson is an excellent returner, as is Terry Richardson for us. They got the better of us on the one long one."

How difficult were the conditions as the visiting team?
"We talked to the team about when you're on the road against a good team with a loud crowd, whenever that onslaught comes, you've got to be able to answer it, and we just couldn't answer it. What Cal did to us today is exactly what happened to them at Tennessee, it's exactly the same thing. That's the difficulty of playing on the road - not just playing on the road, but playing against a good football team."

What was the effect of Cal's blitzing as the game wore on?
"After the pressure starts to build from their blitzes, even the most routine plays become difficult."

How talented is Cal?
"Cal's very talented. All of those wide receivers, three tailbacks, the corner [Hughes] is outstanding. They're by far the most athletic team we've played - by far."


On the game as a whole:

"They outplayed us and unfortunately came away with the `W'. They had a lot of big plays, especially the punt returns and turnovers."

On ASU's turnovers:
"You can't win a game with turnovers one after the other"

On quarterback pressure:
"The pressure on the quarterback is a big deal. Nate (Longshore) was able to get rid of the ball."

On the offense and his play:

"I feel like I am getting better every week; I am always confident in the offense's ability to assist me."

On the game as a whole:

"Cal is a great team; they came out to play, so did we. We had some mistakes and they capitalized. We can bounce back. You put these games behind you. We can lose one game, it happens."

On Cal's receivers:
"I was very impressed with their receivers. Longshore put the ball right where they needed it to be"

On big plays:
"They had great plays; the coaches made great calls. Sometimes you have great coverage, but they have big plays anyway. Big plays make a football game.

On quarterback pressure:
"He had the time he needed. If it was three or four seconds, he had it."


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