Joanne Boyle Reaction to Cal's NCAA Tournament Berth
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  03/12/2007

March 12, 2007

California Head Coach Joanne Boyle

On the difference on getting in this year versus last year:
"Last year we were standing in the locker room just hoping we got in but this year we knew we were in. It was just depending on where we go. It is just a tribute to the kids, to be in this for only two years and get back-to-back invites. So we are excited."

On the first game match-up:
"It is a good match for us. It is a Big East team and we are pretty sure they play a lot of zone. So that is something we are going to be working on. I think it is a good match up. We are athletic and they haven't seen us a lot this year. So it will be a good test for us."

On the prospect of facing North Carolina in the second round:
"It is okay. You have to win the first one to even have a chance at the second one. So for us we will be taking it one game at a time. When you get past that first one you have to perform to move on. "

On turnaround of the team in the last two years:
"The kids have really gotten into the system. They are very hungry and eager, and they are great players. They are a real unit, they work together; they are very unselfish. I think anytime you want to move forward it has got to be about everybody. They have made a lot of sacrifices for that. They want it, they earn it and I am just excited for what we have done in the two years here."

On the number eight seed:
"It is a good seed. You can always sit there and say I wish we would have gotten a six or a seven. But it is a good match-up for us. Whether you are a seven or an eight, playing a nine is always tough. So you know you have to take care of business in that first game."

On how the team has prepared since its last game:
"It has been a while. We haven't played since the Pac-10 tournament. So we gave the kids off a couple days off last weekend. We gave them off this weekend. I think going into the tournament, a lot of it is being fresh."

On Cal's placement in the bracket:
"You have to focus on that first game. We haven't won a game in the Tournament. We were only in it last year, so for our kids it is kind of new to them. We have to focus on winning that first one. What happens after that, it is all one game at a time. Anything can happen in the Tournament."

On what the next practices will focus on:
"We will be going a lot through our zone offense. Obviously our post players have to touch the ball in that. We have to shoot the ball well on the road too. I think you give up opportunities in zones with rebounds and second-chance points. That is what we will have to focus on."

On the team's biggest strength going into the tournament:
"The same thing it has been all year, our post play. It has been probably our biggest strength. Our guards have been playing a key role in getting those touches, and being able to knock down shots when it is packed in."

On how Ashley Walker and Devanei Hampton play together:
"I think they just complement each other really well. Ashley is really good off the move, Devanei is really good with her back to the basket. I think they are very unselfish with their play. They are both really good post-up players in terms of the high-low offense that we run. They are willing to shoot the basketball."

On this year's preparation versus last year:
"No one had been to the Tournament last year, we were all kind of wide-eyed. Now we have got everybody but the freshman that have been in it. So I think one of the things we understand is having to travel back East and playing a noon game. We did the same thing last year, we played an eleven o'clock game, so it is another a.m. game. It is kind of repeating itself: going back to the East coast, playing an early game. Devanei only played 18 minutes before being fouled out. So I think getting a year under your belt is important to understand what you need to do just to prepare yourself for it."