Cal-Cal State Northridge Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  11/16/2010

Nov. 16, 2010

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BERKELEY - Head coach Mike Montgomery

On the Freshmen
"We've got to allow these young kids to learn. I have to figure out some rotations where I have two of those guys on the floor at the same time. Brandon Smith should fit into that category, as well, where I can have a little bit of a presence there. We're probably going to have to have two of those three guys on the floor at any given time. At the same time, we're not going to get any better if we can't have these young guys learn what it's like - what the difference is, what they need to be able to do and how they need to play. We're just going to have to get them in and sometimes we're going to make some mistakes and you have to hope they can learn from those mistakes."

On Free Throw Shooting
"That's discouraging and I really kind of scolded these guys because we shoot 20 free throws in a competition every day. If you look at our ladder percentages, I don't know if anybody is below 80 percent on almost 300 free throws shot. We've got to shoot free throws every day with running on the line because it's different. I was a little shocked that we missed free throws like we did. Gary Franklin was one for five. I wouldn't expect that to happen. What happens in a situation like that, when you're getting fouled and they're forcing you to put the ball on the floor, but you come up with the empty possession. There's 19 points we left out there. We did enough to get to the basket to get 50 free throws, but we've got to convert more than that."

On Point Guard Play
"You can't have everybody running around. That happened a little bit. Really the point guard's job is to get his people into a position to be successful. If the point guard breaks down, then the young guys start doing it too. Then you got problems. I thought Jorge did a really good job of [being efficient]. That's what he's got to do at that position. As a point guard, he's doing his job."

On Harper Kamp
"He takes the charges when you need one. He's not the biggest guy, but he positions himself really well. He does the best job of anyone we have of showing up on screens. He's a smart player and he has to be because he's not the biggest guy. I thought early on he started to quick the ball rather than be powerful, and they were quick, so that wasn't going to work. You got to take it up and you got to take contact. He's critical for us without question."

On the Turnaround at the Half
"You're not going to do the same thing the whole time. It's a 40-minute game, there are ebbs and flows. I thought we got more aggressive the second half in terms of making defense a bigger priority. If CSUN could shoot the ball all the time like they did in the first half they're going to have a pretty good year."

Markhuri Sanders-Frison

On the Veterans
"All three of us are the main leaders on the team. We're the veterans coming back with experience. I think the freshmen look to us help them out when they are struggling. That's our job - to make sure they're doing OK and to encourage them when they make mistakes."

On his Play
"I thought I played well. Harper and I complement each other really well. We have a good high low system between us that we worked on a lot during the summer. I think that's going to help me get those easy baskets."

On the Veterans Play and its Importance to the team
"That's very important for our team because we're veterans. It makes it easier on the freshmen if we can establish ourselves earlier so they won't get doubled. Then we can kick it out once they start doubling. It makes it easier for them to get into their own rhythm."

Harper Kamp

On the Improvement in the Second Half
"We were able to come in at halftime and talk about some things we needed to do against the zone. Guys were able to come in, relax and take a breath. Guys realized they need to be a little bit more aggressive instead of just taking one dribble and holding the ball. We stepped up our defense a little bit as well."

On Allen Crabbe
"I think he doesn't like to make mistakes, which is a good thing. I haven't seen it hurt him yet. I think he makes solid decisions. There are times where he could be a little bit more aggressive and learn to not worry about making mistakes. That will come."

On the Veteran Presence
"We had the lead and then we started to lose it a little bit because we relaxed as a team. I think as guys who have been in that position before we have to set the tone and show them that even when you have the lead like that you can't relax. You've got to keep playing hard and spread that lead out."

On Being Back on the Court
"I was pretty nervous today. My stomach was hurting all day. As soon as I got out on the court and we started all talking and having fun, I was thankful to be back out there. It's the best feeling in the world for me."