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"It feels great. I'm so proud of these kids and the coaching staff. It took a lot of hard work. We started this thing back in January. I told the kids thank you for their trust. We really needed to bu
By Cal Athletics on Sat, November 23, 2002

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Nov. 23, 2002

Cal Head Coach Jeff Tedford Quotes:

On winning his first Big Game:
"It feels great. I'm so proud of these kids and the coaching staff. It took a lot of hard work. We started this thing back in January. I told the kids thank you for their trust. We really needed to build a trust level and in order to get that, we worked very, very hard. We were very dedicated to what we were doing and I'm just very proud of what they've done and the turnaround they've made."

"It's great. Our defense played phenomenal and really swarmed to the ball. Offensively, we couldn't put it in the endzone and we missed on a few field goals. But I'm just so proud of them. We've always talked about how history is going to record this team and this is just another notch in the belt of how they're going to be recorded. I'm happy for them, that they can walk away from here winners."

"It was so great to see the stadium filled and on the way here to see the support that was out there. Now we need to move it to every game being like that."

On Kyle Boller:
"Kyle played well. He did a good job of running the show. He had one turnover, but he was pretty smart with the ball. I think if you ask him, he would say there were some guys open he could have hit, but he played very smart, as he has done for awhile."

On Joe Igber:
"How about Joe? To get over 1,000 yards rushing and have over 200 yards (today) and set a Big Game couldn't happen to a better guy."

On what opened things up for Igber:
"I think we threw the ball quite a bit early. Our offensive line did a great job of opening up holes and he ran very hard. Our tight end and our fullback blocked very well. But Joe ran very hard today. He found some seams and cut it back well to the open field. He did a nice job. He's got a lot invested in this program and for him to go out like that is tremendous."

On the scene on the field after the game:
"It was scary. We got in there and I thought 'what am I doing in here?' and we turned around and got back out. It's great to see the excitement and support from the fans. I know they are very appreciative and we appreciate their support. The student section has done a great job of getting behind us all year long. It was great to see an environment like that out there."

On his first year at Cal:
"It's been a long year. There have been a lot of ups and downs. There have been a lot of positives that have come out of it. To take a group of young men and turn it around with them, and to see the joy that they have had from turning things around and accomplishing what they have accomplished - that's made it all worth it. That makes this job so gratifying, just to see how hard these guys have worked to turn it around and have success. When we first got here, their body language was so down. To see them today- where they've come from- that sums it all up."

Cal Player Quotes

Kyle Boller, Quarterback
"It's so great to see everybody so happy. That's the way it should be. This was very special for me. Its tough to be a quarterback and what I went through last year made this all the more special. It makes me feel good about myself, makes me feel good about the program an makes me feel good about everything."

On Joe Igber:
"Joe did an amazing job. He is so fun to watch ... he has so much fun playing the sport. I can't say enough good things about him - off the field and on the field. He's a great person and he really stepped it up today."

Is it almost surreal?
"It's something that I've been evisioning and dreaming about all year. We finally did it and got the axe back."

On Coach Tedford:
"I can't say enough about him. I'm a confident quarterback again and that's because of him. This program is on the rise. If there are any recruits out there, come and take a look at this school because it's going to be good and coach Tedford has the best offer for you. I wish I could come back for four more years with coach Tedford here. He's an awesome coach with everything ... off the field stuff and on the field stuff."

What makes it better under coach Tedford?
"Him believing in me. Coach Tedford believes in me and that makes me more confident. He's a stickler in terms of my fundamentals and mechanics and he made sure I did things the right way."

Jemeel Powell, Cornerback
On team meeting last night:
"The whole season, coach Tedford was really businesslike. He is always intense and you really respect that about him. Last night he got real emotional and it made me understand how important this game was to him and how he was really feeling. He is really into the success of this team and we are really important to him. Last night was just about explaining to everybody how much we care about each other. This is my last time playing with this group of guys again and I'm real sad about it. These guys are just like relatives to me."

Did it finally feel like a big-time college atmosphere out there today?
"Berkeley has a lot more other things to do than a lot of other cities that we went to. The Big Game is the Big Game ... everyone is going to come hyped, everybody is going to come pumped. We had people out there that were always dedicated to come to the games ... they were with us when we were so bad last year."

How big was it to close out your career with a win like this?
"The best feeling I've ever had. I was thinking more about not losing the last football game of my college football career. I wouldn't let that happen. I was screaming to myself, 'we can't let that happen.' I used to feel like we were cursed against Stanford, but all that ended today."

LaShaun Ward, Wide Reciever
This program is on the up-and-up and there's going to be some big things happening for this program. I wish I had another year, it's fun now. The new staff brought back the inspiration to all they players and they believe in playing winning football."

"It was kind of rocky in the beginning of the year, but this was a great way to end it. This is a good way to go and I will never forget this game ... it meant a lot to me."

Stanford Head Coach Buddy Teevens:
"It's a very disappointing outcome. Give Cal great credit. We knew they were a talented offense. It was just embarrassing, our inability to move the football. As coaches, we take responsibility for that. The bottom line was they make plays."

"From an offensive standpoint, we just didn't do what we needed to do. We knew they were talented offensively. We wanted to keep them off the field. Give Jeff Tedford credit. They were ready. The crowd was jacked. You expect that in a rivalry game. They were ready to play and our guys were ready to play. From the start, they scored points, then we moved right down and scored. It looked like it would be that kind of game. They were just more productive than we were."

On what he takes away from this season:
"The biggest thing, I thank the seniors. It would have been easy to fold up the tents. Everybody just kept playing on during this transition. I thank them and let our guys know we need to make sure this doesn't happen in the future."

"It's frustrating. We just were not very productive. We need to be more efficient. I feel disappointed, but not discouraged. In my business, if you don't win, some people want you out right away, and some don't. If you look at the won-loss column, obviously I'm disappointed."

"We learned we don't want to go through it again."

"You have two options in life - you can stop or go forward."

On what is next for the team:
"We get in the weight room tomorrow. The attitude of the players - they grabbed me inside (the locker room) and said 'OK, when do we start?' We need to get stronger and our quarterback situation needs to get settled."

"The biggest thing is quarterback development. If you can't throw downfield, people kind of collapse the field and that makes it difficult to pass downfield."

On Stanford freshman QB Kyle Matter:
"It's hard. We forget that he's a redshirt freshman and doesn't have anything to draw from. He'll be far better the more he plays."

On Cal senior QB Kyle Boller:
"Look at Kyle Boller. He's as good a quarterback as there is in the Pac-10 if not the country."

Stanford Player Quotes

Ryan Wells, Flanker
"What's been hurting us this year is that we start off fast sometimes and then once we have our chance, for some reason, we stop executing. I think that's what happened to us again today."

On the teams' mood:
"Everybody is very disappointed losing the Big Game. It would have been our eighth straight, and we didn't reach that goal. Everybody is very upset."

On why things went so poorly today:
"We've been preaching to execute the offense. I give a lot of credit to Cal. They came out playing hard. They put a lot of pressure on our quarterback. I think we weren't able to handle their pressure sometimes today. We weren't able to handle our shots downfield, and I think that is what hurt us."

Matt Leonard, Defensive Tackle
"Me being a senior, this is my last game. I'm not bitter about it in the least. Stanford has given me a lot including a Pac-10 Championship. I'm totally satisfied with what I accomplished here at Stanford. It's going to leave a bitter taste in my mouth losing this one."

"Everyone on the team agrees that this was the most important game we've played this year, especially since we're not going to a bowl game. We had a lot of young guys in key positions that we not used to playing in that type of situation in a game that you needed to win. Unfortunately we didn't execute when we needed to and the score reflects that."

"(Cal) was a very good team. They have a different offense than they used to in the past. It was obviously very effective. The (Cal) players are the same that I've played against in the past. (Cal's) Scott Tercero and Kyle Boller I've played against for four years in a row. (Tercero and Boller) are much more mature. They don't make as many mistakes as they did in the past. (Cal) is a very good team this year and they're probably going to be a very good team in the future."

Greg Schindler, Offensive Guard
"(Cal) challenged us on one-on-one match-ups."

"This is obviously a tough year. Even in my five years, twice we rebounded from losing seasons. I've been involved with some great turnaround in this program. The reason I think that's possible is not only because of the young talent, but because of the general character we have on the team. We've never stopped believing what we were doing. We never stopped fighting for what we were doing. I think we have some resilient young guys who will learn from this season and go on to do some great things in the future."

"It's disappointing being a senior, knowing this was our last chance to do some things we hadn't accomplished. We hadn't won a bowl game and some of those things."


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