California vs. Maryland Postgame Quotes

"I'm pleased with a lot of things. I'm pleased with how the offensive line played. I'm pleased with guys making big plays. (Sophomore WR) Marvin Jones had a big day catching the football and making a
By Cal Athletics on Sat, September 05, 2009

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Sept. 5, 2009

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General comments:
"I'm pleased with a lot of things. I'm pleased with how the offensive line played. I'm pleased with guys making big plays. (Sophomore WR) Marvin Jones had a big day catching the football and making a lot of tough catches. (Junior QB) Kevin Riley played very well. We didn't turn the football over on offense. Going into this game we talked about protecting the football and creating turnovers. Ball security I thought was excellent tonight. We still have things to work on and we'll back to work on them tomorrow."

On Maryland's defense:
"I thought our offensive line did a nice job of keeping their feet moving. I thought the offensive line did a really nice job with all the different looks that they (the Terrapins) were bringing."

On junior TB Jahvid Best:
"He's a great player and a great person. He's got electric speed. I think everybody can see that he can very quickly one way and then put his foot in the ground and change directions. He's tough and he's a great kid. He works hard and he's a team player. All of those things put together make him very special."

On junior QB Kevin Riley:
"I thought Kevin was really sharp and made good decisions. He didn't force the football and he ate the football a couple of times when things were covered. He made some people miss in the pocket. I thought Kevin played very solid tonight and ran the offense very well. He was very sharp."

On Cal's wide receivers:
"I think that group has taken a lot of pride in who they are and how hard they work. Coach (Kevin) Daft has done a great job of preparing those guys. All of those guys have great attitudes and work so hard. (Sophomore WR) Marvin Jones, we've been waiting for him. We knew what he was capable of, we were just waiting for him to get in. (Senior WR) Verran Tucker played very well today and (Senior WR) Nyan Boateng caught a big one. Everybody got in the action today and that was really good to see."

On Cal's defense:
"I thought we pressured the quarterback pretty well a lot of the time and forced him to either throw the ball away or we sacked him, so I thought the defense played well. We gave up some long runs that we have to go back and look at. That wasn't good enough for us to give up those long runs. We'll go back and take a look at that."

On sophomore WR Marvin Jones:
"He has great hands. He's got such great range and he can run and he's not afraid to go up for them. Those first couple that he caught were high and behind him and they were really zipped in there. Those were great catches. The touchdown I thought was a great throw and catch. Marvin is highly competitive and has just been waiting to get his turn. It was nice to see him play well today."


Jahvid Best, FB
On his first touchdown run:
"It was just great blocking up front and I was able to find a seam. I just saw a hole and I started running. Thank God Tuck (Verran Tucker) was there and was still trying to block. He helped me get into the end zone."

"The corner, number 14, had an angle on me, so I couldn't just beat him to the end zone. Tuck was right behind me, so I decided to cut back. And it just happened."

"If he wasn't there, it probably wouldn't have been a touchdown."

On the importance of getting out to a quick start:
"It was very important for us. Last year, we went down there and we didn't feel that we really played Cal football. Coming out here this year, we wanted them to know what Cal football was all about, so we wanted to jump on them early. And hopefully they would quit. They didn't necessarily quit, but we kept on them and kept the scoring coming."

On Kevin Riley's performance:
"That was the kind of production we need from him. If he keeps up production like that, we're going to be unstoppable."

Marvin Jones, WR
On his touchdown catch:
"Riley trusted me to put it up there and for me to catch it. It's what we've been practicing through the summer and fall camp. Whatever he throws up there to me, I feel like I have to catch it. It's a necessity. It was a beautiful throw, beautiful catch."

Ernest Owusu, DL
On the play of the defense:
"I am very happy with how the defense played tonight. We're going to go back and watch the film and see what we did wrong. Maryland's a very good team, and we have a lot of respect for them. The fact that we could hold them to under twenty like that, we feel that we are going to be very strong."

"I was just getting after the quarterback. I put a lot of pressure on him. My game is really to just put as much pressure on the quarterback as I could, and I think I did a good job of that."

Kevin Riley, QB
On how it felt to throw four touchdown passes against a team they lost to last year:
"It felt great. I worked really hard in the offseason to improve my game. Tonight, I felt comfortable in the pocket and I stepped up on a few plays. The guys around me made plays. It was a complete team effort on offense."

On what knowing he would be the starter did for him mentally:
"I knew I could play better than I did last year. I worked hard and took up a leadership role during the spring and summer. I just improved my game. I knew if I kept working hard, my game was going to turn around. This was the first step tonight. And it was a great win."


General Comments:
"What you saw today was a really good football team, an experienced football team playing against a bunch of young guys. They were in the fray for the first time. I thought we played hard all the way, we just made way too many mistakes; penalties killed us. There were some missed assignments on both sides of the ball. We got beat by a good team, but we could have played better. Hopefully we will learn from this and get better next week."

On Maryland's youth:
"These guys are learning on the run. It is what it is; we have got to make it as best as we can. I told them in the locker room we have got to look at this game and learn from it; see where we made our mistakes, look at it constructively. The positive thing is that (Nick) Ferrara came in and did a good job for his first time. We just can't give up that many big plays on defense."

On Cal's team:
"We played a good football team, they have great team speed, (Jahvid) Best is the real thing and (Shane) Vereen is good too. I was really impressed with their offensive line, they really came off the ball and blocked us upfront, they handled our pressure really well."

On Maryland players having `wide eyes':
"I saw it a little bit. The coaches thought we had a good warm-up; I just saw it in them, before the game. It wasn't everybody but it was some of the young guys. And when they got in there, all of a sudden the bullets are flying; welcome to major college football. But they will be better for it next time. I don't like getting beat 52-13, but what am I going to do. I have a young team. I have got to hang with them; I have got to encourage them to get better. I am going to be there as long as they keep giving the effort. It will be interesting to see how we react from this loss."

On Cal handling Maryland's new defense:
"Cal did a good job picking them up we blew some things which I was concerned about us doing. Cal is very well coached and has an experienced quarterback (Kevin Riley). They are a very physical team, much more than the team we played last year."

On the penalties:
"The thing that frustrates me on that is that we had four scrimmages with officials. The first scrimmage we had a few (penalties), but after that we were pretty good. I kept asking the officials to call it as tight as anything, but tonight we couldn't recover against a good team. That (reducing penalties) was one of the things we emphasized before the game. They took away a touchdown because we lined up wrong, that was a big touchdown in the game."

On missed assignments:
"A lot of our defense is based on getting pressure, and we had a couple times when guys didn't go when they were supposed to. Why they didn't go, I don't know. To be honest, I expected it to happen with some of the young guys, but it was the older guys; that can't happen."


Travis Ivey, DT
On positives to be taken from the game:
"It was a learning experience, especially for a lot of the younger guys. I think that one thing we can definitely take away from this is that we played the second half of the game a lot better than the first. It will be great if we can carry that over. Some guys got their feet wet tonight, so there can be no excuses for inexperience anymore."

On how Cal was able to dominate:
"It was not really what they did. We had a couple key mistakes and gave up some big plays. They weren't able to just move the ball. I think we had a couple missed assignments that led to big plays."

Chris Turner, QB
On Maryland's young players on the O-line:
"Honestly, Cal has one of best defensive fronts we'll see all year, so it was a good test for our O-line. We're not trying to make excuses, but we have to make corrections. It was probably good for our O-line to go up against that and see what they'll be facing all year in a worst case scenario."

On penalties and turnovers:
"Playing on the road, it was loud at times, and that might have been a factor. I think we had some young players who aren't used to it yet. If we can get those things corrected and eliminate the penalties and turnovers we should be in pretty good shape. Looking up and down the locker room, no one is that down. We know we lost, we know we should have played better, and we're disappointed in our performance. But it is a long season. We have 12 or 13 games ahead of us."

Nolan Carroll, DB
On the early mistakes:
"Guys were getting on each other a little bit because it was not how we wanted to start off the game and the season. There was a long run, and then the fumble. It's on us. If we had eliminated that we would have still been in the game."


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