Cal-Washington State Postgame Quotes

Below are selected postgame quotes from Cal and Washington State players and coaches following WSU's 21-17 victory. Cal Head Coach Tom Holmoe: General comments on the game: " We have a lot of issu
By Cal Athletics on Sat, September 30, 2000

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Sept. 30, 2000

BERKELEY - Below are selected postgame quotes from Cal and Washington State players and coaches following WSU's 21-17 victory.

Cal Head Coach Tom Holmoe:

General comments on the game:

" We have a lot of issues we have to take care of. What it really comes down to now is a matter of how strong we are. This is the toughest trial that we've had sine I've been here. We can buckle under, or we can come back strong. My biggest job right now is keeping their pride and keeping them strong, and making sure they keep their heads up and have respect for each other. They'll battle back and come back strong."

On Washington State's Final Touchdown Pass:

"One official ruled it a bobble and that he (Marcus Williams) didn't catch it. Another official came and said he caught it. I didn't see it. You've just got to let it go. There's nothing we can do about it. There's no instant replay, and it was probably a very difficult call."

On Losing LaShaun Ward in the First Quarter:

"There were a few instances on the field today where individuals took things into their own hands. I don't care what team you're on, whether you're on the World Champion 49ers or a team that has a 50-game losing streak- or any team in between. You play as a team and when you take things into your own hands, bad things are going to happen."

"That put us in a huge bind because Jemeel Powell was out for the game. That was a hard thing to take."

California Players

Chris Ball

On the mentality of the defensive unit:

"As far as the team, of course everyone's a little bit down, because we lost the game. But Defensively, I can only speak for the defense, because that's my part of the ball. We feel like we played pretty hard for the most part. We feel like we made some critical mistakes that they capitalized on. For the most part, defensively, we try to walk around with are heads high because we know that we're the backbone of this team. We know we carry the team, but that's not good enough right now. You know, our attitude is more or less like, 'we need to come out and shut people down,' because if they don't score, they can't win and that's the bottom line."

On getting up for next week's bout with Arizona State:

"We have a couple more hours to think about this game and then it's on to the next one. Tomorrow, we're in in the morning and we're working out, we're getting ready for A State. That's going to be a big game. (Head) coach (Lyle) Setencich used to work there. It's a big rivalry. As a defense, we're focused on Arizona State. We're focused on shutting Arizona State down. Giving them no points. Making them only have 100 yards total offense or something like that. We just got to let it go, as a defense. You know, there are things happening that's happening that's out of our hands."

Kyle Boller

On the offense in general:

"I mean, we were driving, I think we had some good drives. Couple of times down in the in zone, we got to put the ball in, get six points. I know as much as you guys know. Under pressure, we got to give all we've got, 100%.

On the running game:

"You've got to run to win. And when you run the ball, it takes a lot off the passing game, and then they start putting guys in the box and then you should be able to hit. Receivers have to look up. That's a big thing too, receivers and myself couldn't hook up. And if you don't hook up between your receivers, it's hard to win football games."

Washington State Head Coach Mike Price --

Describing the game

"I'm really happy. These two teams are obviously struggling to win a game. I thought both teams really competed. His (Tom Holmoe) kids, our kids - they really competed." "They have a good D. We knew that coming in. They blitzed. That really confused us early, but we fought back."

On the official's reversal of the TD by Marcus Williams

"That took some guts. They (the officials) did the right thing, didn't they? It took some courage on their part. I'm sure Tom's ticked off about it."

On WSU's special team play

"Obviously, the kicking game was important. We timed that kid's punting (Nick Harris). We put a special block in against him Why not? If he's gonna kick the ball to the one yard line every time, why not try to block it?"

On Cal's defense

"Cal's D is great. They had a good scheme. They played really hard. I was glad to see them play like that. If they play that way the rest of the season, they'll have success."

On Cal's Andre Carter

"I was just talking with my O-line coach. He's one of the best we've seen. He played very hard. He's a talented, talented athlete. He comes in line with all the other great D linemen that Cal's had here."

Washington State Player Quotes

RB Adam Hawkins ~

General comments:

"I've said it time and time again, special teams makes or breaks games. It paid off huge for us today."

On Cal Punter Nick Harris:

"One time he just dropped the ball. He didn't want to be out there. This is the best punter in the nation, I think, but he was scared to be out there."

On QB Jason Gesser's arguing for the reversed touchdown call:

"If Jason Gesser hadn't done what he did, we'd have been tied and it would have been a whole different ball game."

QB Jason Gesser ~

General comments:

"We should have put more points up so many more points on the board. I take the blame for that. We didn't produce on offense. The defense sucked it up, played really well and made the big plays. I got a bunch of late hits today and didn't get any flags, but that's a part of the game. Our backs were against the wall and our defense stepped it up. They performed tremendously and I give them all the credit."

On the reversed touchdown call:

"They (the officials) were arguing about it and Cal tried to bring out their field goal unit to try to pretend like a call had been made. They made the right call in the end."

On the Cal defense:

"They were bringing a lot of different blitzes and looks. They did a hell of a good job on defense. They beat me up and I'll say that right now. I'm hurting. I give a lot of credit to them. I also give a lot of credit to the defensive coaches too. I was really confused out there. They are going to win a lot of games this year because of that. I can't concentrate on what he (DE Andre Carter) does in a game. They gave a lot of different looks in a lot of different formations. We started going back to the basics in the second half and that really helped me not to be as confused out there."

On the atmosphere and officiating of the game:

"There was a lot of confusion out there today and that was a first for me. This is one of the weirdest games I've played in. But if we keep on winning, I'm not going to care if they stay weird."

SE Marcus Williams ~

General comments:

"This win helped us on both sides of the ball."

On his reversed touchdown call:

"I had it caught and when I hit the ground that's when it came out. It surprised me that they reversed the call. I knew I caught it. It just came out late."

On the injury timeout after the reversed touchdown:

"I think that was a blessing in disguise because that gave the officials time to think about the call."

On the Cal defense:

"They had a weird type of defense. They reacted on our releases. I think it hurt them having the safeties watching our releases."


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