Post-Game Quotes: Fresno State

"Thanks you guys for being here, there is nothing like the NCAA Tournament, we are so fortunate to be here and really excited to be moving on. I said it from the beginning, Fresno State did not feel l
By Cal Athletics on Sat, March 23, 2013

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March 23, 2013

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First Round · Fresno State vs. California
United Spirit Arena · Lubbock, Texas
Saturday, March 23


Lindsay Gottlieb, California Head Coach:

Opening statement
"Thanks you guys for being here, there is nothing like the NCAA Tournament, we are so fortunate to be here and really excited to be moving on. I said it from the beginning, Fresno State did not feel like a 15-seed from the moment I watched film, they certainly didn't play like one, they are a terrific basketball team who won a very tough conference. They did what they do very, very well today and it took everything we had to lock them up at least a little bit. I am very proud of our players for playing 40 minutes, glad to get it done, and looking forward to being able to play Monday night."

On free spirit being a good word to describe their team:
"Yeah, I have such an incredible group. The more you get to know them I think the more you get to love them. What we talk about is that I have such a confidence that they believe in the California across their chest and they're truly committed to being a great team that we let their personalities come out and we let them be themselves. I think that breeds a confidence, I think that breeds a true tolerance and respect for one another. It's fun when everyone else gets to see it but this is the stuff I see all the time on our buses and all that. There's a focus and a determination but we also try to enjoy experiences I don't think need to be mutually exclusive in college athletics."

On how Ki-Ki played today:
"Incredible. No one on that team was surprised to be here, no one on that team was looking at the lights like this is a big stage. They were confident and do what they do well and Ki-Ki is just a complete point guard, she got to the rim, she hit threes, she was tough, she got steals. I felt at some points, and I mean this in a complimentary way, I was watching one of our players. She had that feel of hey I'm going to be really good on the big stage. It was a terrific performance, and her teammates followed suit. What a game."

On the adjustments made at half time for three pointers:
"You thought that too? I literally looked when they missed one and high fived someone on the side. A couple things- I'm really familiar with their style and offense and I thought we made a couple mistakes early like sinking in the paint or transitioning offense we gave one off the press. I was really concerned about the ones off the on ball screens. So the major adjustment that we made was to switch every on ball screen. I think Britney alluded to it they are a tough match up because their fives pick and pop and then they're at the three point line. We thought we were going to be capable of having our bigs guard Ki-Ki and Thompson off the on ball and our perimeter players could get out there and contest the bigs and that was the biggest difference. I think we saw a couple of possessions where Ki-Ki tried to attack the on ball and now she's trying to attack Talia who's 6'-3" and I said to the players at half time, okay we have to change this. We've done this before we don't do this regularly but make it work. We have to credit Fresno state they were a little bit better at what they do. So we had to make that adjustment and hopefully cool them down a little bit."

On Brittany's game:
"I did mention to her early in the week, Brittany's basketball IQ is very high, she's fun loving and just wants to play but she hears and she understands and I said to her I don't care about stats, but this is the kind of game you could have triple double. I said that because I thought if they're going to try to press us she's going to be a key, knew she was going to a hit off that. With long rebounds with three point shooters, you know she's really good at going to get the ball and rebounds and her points come when they come. I felt like she was better than I could of ever imagined even and I know she's really good I loved her poise, I thought she made terrific decisions on when to attack, when to kick it, when to finish. More than anything, that's a woman who loves the big stage. She's good for us all year but she put the post season TV and the lights and she just a special player and that says she rises to the occasion and I think we needed it today. You look at all these baskets by the post and high shooting percentages and she has a lot to do with that with breaking apart their seams. It was a total team effort but Britney was spectacular."

On Reshanda's play off the bench:
"She was huge. She's been really locked in in practice. We have the luxury of having really a third starting post coming on the bench and she plays her role and she did a great job. We knew they were smaller than us and that they were going to try to front and Gray might be the best at holding seal high and catching and finishing and we needed that and I thought she was terrific."

Brittany Boyd - Guard:

On every player having a big role in this game and scoring a lot of points
"Since the beginning of the season, you know, everybody contributes, whether they are coming off the bench or starting, so that is the good thing about this team, we have a lot of options and different weapons that we can put on the floor at different times and anybody can produce on any day."

On how Kiki Moore played
"Kiki is an excellent player and I respect her game so much. I watched her a lot in high school, we're from the same area, she is a really, really good player and she did excellent today. She kept her team in it, hit big shots, and got to the rim. We had some tough times on defense and she did really well. I am happy for her."

On her near triple-double and play today
"I just want to be the best teammate to my teammates, just do what I have to do to get the win. Whatever I had to do, coach told me at the beginning of the week, this is going to be a big game and, you know, I could get a triple-double this week, and she was right, I was one assist away, but that's okay. I was just focused and my teammates kept me focused and it was just a good feeling all around."

On this being the second time around in the tournament and how the nerves or excitement has changed
"No, it is actually more nerves, like in the beginning of the game, I actually got tired because my nerves were taking over, and I was like `Coach, I need a sub' but it is a good feeling and it's the same feeling, it's just more thankful that we are able to be here."

On what the other team was doing that was so tough in order to lose while scoring 76 Points
"Well, they are actually a really good team and everyone can shoot on their team, from players to guards, that kind of hurt us in the first half, we had to make some adjustments going in to half time and I just think that they were very good shooters and went to the rim too"

Gennifer Brandon - Forward:

On size advantage
"At the beginning the posts were rushing and our coaches just told us to calm down and, you know, we have more time than what we think so we were just patient."

On how big Britney's shot was at the end of the first half that gave a 7-point lead
"It was lovely, like you said, it gave us momentum, the swoosh, it was just beautiful. There was good energy going into the second half."

On Britney's game and when was the last time she had more rebounds than she (Gennifer) did
"I don't know when the last time was, I don't really pay attention to that but she played beautiful and we got off on her energy and it was awesome, I love her as a point guard."

On what the other team was doing that was so tough in order to lose while still scoring 76 Points
"I think they came out with a lot of energy, and I think that is what also helped the to put their shots down."


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