Postgame Quotes: California-San Francisco State

Defensively we were poor. It is the second time we've played a smaller team, that's scrappy and quick, and it's a problem for us. I thought that defensively we didn't do a very good job, obviously we
By Cal Athletics on Wed, November 07, 2012

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Nov. 7, 2012


On how the team played tonight:
Defensively we were poor. It is the second time we've played a smaller team, that's scrappy and quick, and it's a problem for us. I thought that defensively we didn't do a very good job, obviously we gave up 80 points and that's not good regardless. If you look at it statistically, there wasn't a whole lot wrong. We shot 90% from the line, we shot pretty good percentage of threes, shot pretty good percentage for twos, turned over an extraordinary number of times, but we obviously couldn't defend and they spread the court and went five out and just took the point of attack from five different positions. I don't think we got an advantage with our bigs, which is something we have a problem with right now. We're playing bigger and we're giving up things as a result of being bigger and slower and we're not getting anything back. We gave up 17 offensive rebounds which is not acceptable. Most of them came away from the basket where they were just running and jumping and we weren't able to get up and get the ball cleanly. Time times when we did we got the break and got out and scored the ball. So again, give San Francisco credit they played well, they shot the ball well, particularly the little guard [Nefi Perdomo] in the second half, he was about 6 for 8 from 3 but he played well. And Decensae White, who is obviously a Division One recruited athlete, Texas Tech, he did a nice job.

On Brandon Smith's injury:
Brandon hurt his shoulder. We don't know. [if it was dislocated].

On what the team has to do to be better:
Well the bigs are, if we're going to play big and give up something as a result we have got to dominate the boards, we have got to get the boards. With 17 offensive rebounds, we're not rebounding the ball. Should be some offensive rebounds there as well potentially, so, you know, we're going to have to be a little bit better at taking advantage of the bigs. I think that we had some possessions offensively where we made one pass and thought we were supposed to shoot it rather than move the ball a little bit more. I would have liked to see Allen have the ball a little bit more late. Kind of one pass open, it's what I call panic shooting a little bit. They forced everything down. Drive to the base line and we had some drop offs that we didn't convert, I think that confused us a little bit. But Brandon played really well when he was in there, and it was Tyrone's [Wallace] first game so he's got to get through the nervousness and so-forth. Justin [Cobbs] played well obviously, and you know, its going to be a work in progress and it's going to be a struggle, its not going to be easy.


Allen Crabbe, Jr. G
On the game:
"Obviously it wasn't good for us defensively. We gave up 80 points, so obviously we need to go back and start coming out with more intensity and stop taking our opponents so lightly and play better team defense."

On SF State's play
"They didn't turn the ball over that much, which was good for them. We had some turnovers that led to some baskets for them. The game was a lot about tempo. They were hitting shots. They were making the shots they were given, so you have to give credit to them. Coach was saying that they had 17 offensive rebounds. That's not a good look for us to give up that many rebounds to an undersized team."

Justin Cobbs, Jr. G
On improvements to be made for the start of the season
"Rebounding for one. They had 17 offensive rebounds which is entirely too much for a team like that, give them credit. They hustled, but at the same time we have two 6-10 guys who are very athletic. So we've got to work on some principles and blocking off and things like that. Our point of attack defense wasn't where it should have been. A couple guys drove by and got easy shots or layups. You have to give credit to them. They played five out which our guys aren't used to guarding. Our guys are used to guarding taller guys on the wing. Give credit to their coach for their gameplan."

On the free throws:
"We do the free throw line every day. We shoot 20, two by two. We've got to take it every game and use the game experience and make it routine and knock them down. In a game like this, if we don't make our free throws, who knows what would have happened. You always want to make your free throws. They're free. You're there by yourself, so you always want to knock those down."


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