The Freshman 15: Christian Behrens
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  10/31/2011

Oct. 31, 2011

BERKELEY - Heading into the 2011-12 basketball season, the Golden Bears have added four new freshman faces to a team that will look very familiar, having lost only one senior - center Markhuri Sanders-Frison - from last year's team. This week, Brandon Singer of caught up with freshman Christian Behrens to get to know him a little better through The Freshman 15.

A 6'8" forward from Maple Valley, Wash., Behrens was a leader on his Tahoma High School team where he served as a captain for three seasons. He led his team in rebounds all four years and in assists as a sophomore. After tearing his ACL midway through his junior year and undergoing reconstructive surgery, Behrens returned for his entire senior season and averaged 22 points, 10.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists, 2.5 blocks, and 1.1 steals per game with 48-percent field goal accuracy and a 37-percent three-point percentage. He was named to the 2011 All-State and All-4A teams in addition to being selected Tahoma High School's Athlete of the Year in 2011.

1) What is your favorite NBA team?
It was the Seattle Supersonics until they moved. I like the Boston Celtics a lot, but the Sonics are still my favorite team.

2) Who is your favorite NBA player?
Kevin Durant. He can do everything.

3) What is your favorite food?
I like Mexican food a lot.

4) If you did not play basketball, what other team at Cal would you want to be on?
The football team. [Fellow freshman Rob] Filley and I out there as the quarterback and wide receiver combo, we've been talking about it. Either football or baseball though.

5) What is your favorite thing so far about Berkeley?
There are a lot of different people and it is really exciting. You don't see your everyday stuff. It kind of keeps you on your toes a little bit and its good not to have a set thing or everything is boring. Everything is new to me here and there is a lot of good food and the campus is really nice.

6) What is your favorite subject or what do you want to major in?
I'm undecided right now but thinking of maybe something in media studies. I'm not sure yet because I haven't taken any media studies classes yet.

7) What music is playing on your iPod?
Rap. I listen to rap and hip hop. Right now, I'm listening to Blue Sky by Common.

8) What is the hardest class you are taking so far?
Probably sociology because it has the most work. What is the best meal that you can cook? I can cook some good pasta and chicken. I'm an alright cook.

9) Do you have any hobbies?
I play a lot of Xbox and I like playing pretty much any sport.

10) What is the biggest adjustment from high school to college so far?
The responsibility and time management. The days are just packed, so you are doing something like weight room, the next ten minutes you have to be in class, then you have to be back to play. Time management is a big deal as well as getting a lot of sleep. It's a big adjustment from high school where it is just the same schedule over and over again.

11) Who inspires you or is your hero?
My dad because he pretty much just brought me into sports and everything. He is always my number one fan and pushes me to do my best.

12) What was your first car?
A 1996 Ford Explorer.

13) Do you have any hidden talents?
I can sing a little bit and I can juggle.

14) What are your biggest pet peeves?
Bad table manners. People that chew with their mouth open or talk with their mouth full. Anything with chewed up food is just bad.

15) What is your favorite shot that you remember?
My junior year we were in double overtime and there was a couple seconds left. I caught the ball on a sideout and shot a thirty-foot jumper to win the game. That was my best shot ever and it might be the best shot I ever make.