Cal-Arizona Postgame Quotes

"He's been nursing an ankle all week long and he had a quad contusion but he really gave us a spark when we needed it down the stretch there. We needed to eat some clock and we had to drive the ball a
By Cal Athletics on Sat, September 22, 2007

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Sept. 22, 2007

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On senior tailback Justin Forsett's running:
"He's been nursing an ankle all week long and he had a quad contusion but he really gave us a spark when we needed it down the stretch there. We needed to eat some clock and we had to drive the ball and keep our defense off the field. He's so reliable and solid as far as hanging on to the football. He has great vision and runs so hard. He's a warrior."

On jumping out to a 28-point first quarter lead:
"It's always great to start out like that. We had some things going on defense and we got a touchdown but offensively, I thought we moved the ball pretty well. We threw it, ran it and mixed it up pretty good. The guys did a good job of executing and we didn't stop ourselves so it was really good to jump out like that."

On this being senior safety Thomas DeCoud's best game in a while:
"Thomas plays pretty well all the time but he made some big plays and had an interception. But Thomas is one of our guys who is just rock solid week in and week out."

On Forsett's late return to the game:
"We had to get the defense off the field; they'd been on the field way too long. We had a couple of dropped balls and two three-and-outs. We were trying to keep him out because he wasn't healthy but he was good enough to come back in and play."

On getting other running backs game experience today:
"It was a good time to try to get some experience for the other guys. We didn't want to beat Justin up any more than he's already beat up."

On not being able to put teams away earlier:
"There were a lot of things there. We can always improve on a lot of things. People have done a nice job [on us] of sustaining drives. We'd like to get off the field a little bit more on defense. We allowed things to happen and let them drive the ball too much but we usually keep them out of the end zone. Today I wasn't really happy with the way that offensively we need to be able to put a drive together and keep them off the field."

On going back to Oregon and the feeling of going back:
"Not really. Not now. The first year, it was. The first time we went back, it was kind of an odd feeling standing on the other sideline. We've been back since and I have a lot of respect for those people. They are a great team and have great coaches so it's going to be a difficult test for us next week no question."


Worrell Williams, LB
On the game:

"We got kind of tired out there but that's something we prepare for in practice. We have been scouting them a lot, we know they run drags and hitches, they had some great yards."

On playing in the red zone:
"It's important not to get out of your mind so much that you forget what you're there to do -- you're in the trenches and you have to stop them."

On playing against the spread offense:
"You see it a couple of times and you know what to expect. Oregon's an explosive team but the coaches are going to prepare us."

DeSean Jackson, RB
On the win and future games:

"It was a big win for us. We came out and played hard. We still have work to do. We have to keep playing hard and stay together as a team."

Tyson Alualu, DT
On his touchdown:

"It was the whole defense making plays. I was in the right place at the right time. (Thomas) DeCoud was huge. People were really making great plays out there."

On playing against spread offenses:
"We get a better feel for it, we try to simulate it in practice, but it doesn't get any easier. You just learn how do play against it and do your job."


"When you look at the game it was a lot of missed opportunities offensively. I thought we'd be able to move the football. We just missed out on some opportunities early in the game and dug ourselves in a hole. Defensively, I thought we just made some mistakes at some critical times. We knew it was going to be a tough deal defensively because they stretch you so well in the run game, in the quarterback and on the perimeter. We knew we would have to give up some yards; maybe rush the ball to counter. They had some big plays early and put us on our heels. We are just having troubles with balance in our defense. It's a lot of different things, the area we need to shore up the most is our defense. Offensively, it's not [a problem] moving the ball, I don't know what we have [wrong] offensively."

"The penalties early really hurt us. It's hard for us to overcome that now, especially against a team like Cal, here. It's a tough task; I thought our kids really competed. Overall, we just have got to move on."

Was that first quarter the worst case scenario?
"That's hard to fathom. I thought our special teams played really well all game. We got off a bad punt (18 yards); it's the thing DeSean does, he tempers you in so many different ways. We took him out of the game, and they hurt us in a lot of other ways. That is the balance you have to have with a guy like that. We probably didn't single him as much as we needed to."

On the second half
"I think our kids always play hard. I think our offense is getting closer and closer. There are a lot of things we learned and are growing from. We came off some receivers too quick. Our protection seems to be getting better. They didn't come hard, but when they did we made some good decisions. One sack, in the fourth quarter, in (xx) passes. The system is working and getting better, we just need to grow with it and keep improving."

"Once we get around the 30 or 25 (yard line) we struggle to get it in the rest of the way. That is something we need to continue working on."

On Cal tailback Justin Forsett
"He is a really good player. He reminds you a lot of Marshawn (Lynch), he is not as big, but certainly as quick."

"There are a lot of things we can be encouraged by. Special teams did good. Our offense is light years ahead of where it had been. Defensively we are not that far off. It's not like we are losing to a bunch of bad people, good programs and good people. We compete, we just aren't there yet. They way our kids played is encouraging to me, they gave themselves a chance and cut it to 11. This isn't grenades or tiddlywinks, you've got to win or lose them. I'm not embarrassed by these players or coaches. "


On the first quarter:

"It was tough. That's team very explosive and they showed it. They had a good scheme and gave us a lot of different looks early. I want to go back and see how many different formations they were in that first quarter. We came out slow and we didn't execute our defense when we had to and that's what happens."

On Justin Forsett lining up in the shotgun:
"We saw that at New Mexico, so it wasn't that confusing. It shouldn't have hurt us. We should have made some tackles in there. We should have been all right."

On the Arizona offense:
"We're moving the ball at will. In the red zone they got held up a little bit, but they moved the ball and 27 points is enough in my eyes, especially with the guys that we have on defense. We need to play better defensively. That's a good ball team. That's a good Cal team."

On Forsett:
"He's very good. He runs hard and he has some speed that you have to prepare for. You have to be very sound. He reads his blocks very well and he's very patient. He definitely presents some issues."

On the Cal defense:

"They were doing a good job of keeping some stuff away from us downfield. I think they saw the stuff from last week against New Mexico when we had taken a lot of shots. They did a good job of taking away some of the deep stuff for us. We had some good plays underneath. We just didn't do enough. We expected them to take stuff away from us downfield. That's why we had the short little crossing routes. We tried to get the ball downfield, but they were taking it away."

On the first quarter:
"It's not the worst, but it's definitely not great. I was pretty proud of our offense. We came back in the second half. We did a good job of bouncing back, but we hurt ourselves a little bit in the red zone. That's where we need to cash in."


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