Cal-Colorado Postgame Quotes
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Release:  09/10/2011

Sept. 10, 2011

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BOULDER, Colo. - California Head Coach Jeff Tedford

On The Missed Extra Point
"Obviously that's something we have to get better at. We cleaned it up after that but it should have never have come down to that. That's the second week in a row that we've done that."

On What They Did Well
"Defensively in the red zone, we made some big plays. Zach Maynard made some huge throws down the stretch, the one on third and 10 down the right side and the one in overtime down the left side. He did a nice job of hanging in there. It was the second game he missed a couple balls, but he also made some big plays. He earned his stripes today. After that first pick, he did a good job of making some nice decisions."

On Tailback C.J. Anderson
"C.J. did a great job running through the tackles and obviously that big touchdown. Today, he earned some more playing time."

On Colorado Wide Receiver Paul Richardson
"We knew that Paul Richardson was a very good player. They had a nice design. He did some things one on one and they made some nice throws. Once he gets in the open field, he's really hard to catch."

On The Defense's Performance Against Tyler Hansen
"We didn't disrupt his throws, and when he pulled it down, he always got positive yards. They did a lot of max protection stuff when he was in there. They did a very good job with one on one max protection."

On Zach Maynard Getting Off To A Slow Start
"The first series we dropped the ball on third down, that wasn't Zach's fault."

On The Offense Getting Off To A Slow Start
"We just have to execute, it doesn't matter who it is. We just have to execute. It wasn't about Zach starting slowly; it's the offense that needs to make plays. I don't remember what happened on the second series but on the first series we have a first down if we catch the ball."

On Colorado
"They are a very good football team. We were playing in a very hostile environment. The fans did a great job for them. They are a good football team. Last week, I think it was a fluke when Hawaii beat them. Hawaii's quarterback made some plays pulling it down, but anything designed, I think Colorado's defense played very well."

On What The Win Says About Cal
"To go up and then have them go back up and in a seesaw game like that, I still believe our guys are going to make plays. Our guys continued to fight and all the things we talked about, it validates everything that we've been working for and believe in."

On QB Zach Maynard
"He is a passionate person and a passionate competitor. He has guys around him who are also passionate competitors. Everybody today stepped up and made plays. Anthony (Miller) made a big one handed catch in the end zone, Keenan (Allen) made some big catches as well. Guys took turns running the football. We had too many penalties down the stretch, but then even still we fought back. When we were way back in overtime we showed a lot of character."

On Penalties And Mistakes
"It wasn't too bad. There were some (penalties) down the stretch, but I thought it was a pretty clean game. There really were no turnovers beside that first interception and very few penalties. I thought it was a great clean game."

On His Thoughts Prior To The Final Play
"As soon as we lined up, I knew it was a touchdown. The corner was playing tight and Keenan (Allen) can juke people, so just depending on a good throw I knew it was a touchdown."

On C.J. Anderson Providing Depth
"Isi (Sofele) is pretty beat up right now, he played a physical game. So someone will have to help take the load off of Isi. Isi is our starter, we just need the one-two punch."

What This Win Means For His Team
"It is very important because we took a young team on the road and we fell behind and had to find a way to win. It was a total team effort I thought. We played well on special teams, on defense we allowed some big plays but we held strong when it counted.

Defensive Coordinator Clancy Pendergast
On The Defense

"We are excited to get the win. Every team win or lose has something to work on. We have to give [Colorado] a lot of credit offensively. They had a great game plan. We knew it was going to be that tough a game playing on the road. They had a lot of players they had when we played them last year. The good thing is we got a win. There a lot of things we have to clean up as well."

On Pressuring Tyler Hansen
"He's very good at getting out of the pocket and they're very good at throwing to the back out of the back field, which neutralizes some of the pressure. He's a good player and we knew the players needed to take care of were Rodney Stewart, Tyler Hansen, and Paul Richardson."

QB Zach Maynard
On The Team's Performance
"We made big plays when we needed them, and we never really turned the ball over besides the one interception I threw."

On His Thoughts Before The Final Play
"I was thinking touchdown when I saw the defensive back playing tight alignment, and then I just threw the ball up and Keenan (Allen) went and got it."

On C.J. Anderson's Performance
"He is a great running back, He runs level and has strong balance and his touchdown gave us great momentum."

On The Performance Of Tyler Hansen And Paul Richardson
"Richardson, how many yards did he have? I'd sure like to know, that was ridiculous. The quarterback did very well, he made smart decisions all game."

On The 1st-and-30 play in overtime
"Their coverage was flatfooted, I wanted to throw a strong ball and we came up with it."

TE Anthony Miller
On Going Into Overtime

"We knew the game wasn't over, we had to stick together. That's a big thing, staying together. We can rally around each other and we can count on each other."

On His Touchdown Catch
"I just knew I had to get in there."

On What This Win Does For The Team
"It wasn't a very pretty win, but we came back and stayed together during overtime. It showed the great character that we have."

TB C.J. Anderson
On How Much Fun He Had

"It was very fun coming into a hostile environment and going into overtime. We've been working all summer. We knew we were the better-conditioned team and that took over and we got the win. "

On If He Knew He Was Getting Playing Time
"No, I was patiently waiting for my number to be called, and when it's called I need to make plays. I just wanted to do whatever I can to help the team. I want to get the `W'. I want to do anything to help the team and help the team win."

On His Touchdown Run
"The linebackers blitzed, I cut back, and I wanted to use my abilities to get into the end zone. It was my favorite play. We ran that play in junior college. When I came up here, the offense was almost the same, and it worked out great."

On The Atmosphere In Overtime
"After they kicked the field goal and we went out there, it was real loud. We always talked about poise and having composure. If I don't pick up that third and two, we have to kick the field goal and we wouldn't be able to come up here and win. "

DB Mark Anthony
On Paul Richardson's Performance

"Over the week, we talked about Richardson's playmaking ability, but you got to give credit where credit is due. The guy came out and made big plays. That's what we tried to limit, but he was in the right place at the right time. We were trying to limit his big plays. We knew he was the guy they were going to try to go to. Our whole plan was to limit the big plays as much as possible."

On How He Felt After Richardson's Big Plays
"As a defensive back they always teach you to have a short-term memory. When you get scored on, you got to come back and play hard."

On How Disappointing Defensive Play Was
"It was really disappointing. After coming off of last year being one of the top passing defenses in the country and number one in the Pac 10 last year, but giving up 500 yards is not a part of the game plan. We got to go back to the drawing boards tomorrow and make sure it doesn't happen again."

DB Steve Williams
On Richardson's Performance

"I have no clue why he was so good. He was getting open and in the holes of the zones and we just couldn't stop him."

On Their Game Plan For Richardson
"We didn't really have a game plan for him. We didn't know he was going to be as good as he showed us today. We had a lot of film on him because he's their go-to guy."

On his thoughts on Tyler Hansen
"I was impressed a little bit, today, he threw the ball very well."