Post game quotes: Dec. 10 vs. Santa Clara

"I told them in the locker room that the season is so long and there are moments that are fun about college basketball and we get to be around each other all the time for all the little things. I thi
By Cal Athletics on Sat, December 10, 2011

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Dec. 10, 2011

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Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb

"I told them in the locker room that the season is so long and there are moments that are fun about college basketball and we get to be around each other all the time for all the little things. I think that this is one of the days that I would circle on the calendar that is a win that I am going to appreciate, because I think that we were tested; I knew we were going to be tested because that team hit shots and we had to respond in a way that we really haven't yet. We haven't been down in a while, and I think we came back and I was particularly excited that it was the veterans who looked at each other and said that we have been here and we're better than we've ever been, we're more together than we've ever been and we can get it done. There are going to be plenty of times when it's Boyd and Grey finishing plays and making plays and Hartman and we love our youngsters, but we are not the team that we can be without our veterans. And I thought Eliza and Genn were spectacular today, and that was fun for us as a coaching staff to see us get the win."

"I'm really proud of this team. Santa Clara averages 80 points a game, they haven't been held to less than 71 and we kept them in the 50's. I thought that we found a way to win when we weren't shooting very well, obviously the offensive boards were a big part of that. I am just really excited for today."

"I think we want to come out and talk about asserting our will on someone else and I really credit Santa Clara. I've watched that program and they have had a couple losing years and all of a sudden they are winning a lot of games. It's great for them and they are playing with confidence. But we had felt, in doing the scouting report, that they haven't seen the likes of our athleticism and our aggression and our ability to play fast, so we wanted to make that presence felt from the beginning and I think our players did a good job of that. We've been doing a good job of jumping on people. We obviously want to put them away but I told the team that it doesn't happen like that. You don't always have a thirty point lead in the first twelve minutes, you have to grind it out sometimes. That's why I thought when they did take that lead and they did make shots, we did a good job of taking control again and we did that with the press. That group that was in there close to half time did a really good job and they were gassed a little bit there but I was saying to them at one point that off the press, Talia had to get number 10 and she got down there and she did it. I think that it sent a message to everybody that we can get stops when we want to."

On the impact of Eliza Pierre entering the game

"I would like to say that it's a surprise but it's not. She gives us a lift at shoot around, she gives us a lift at pre-game meal, she gives us a lift when she walks in the building; there is a positive energy about her. I think if you talk about someone figuring out what can I do to make things better, that's what Eliza wants to do. I thought today in particular, four assists one turnover, that she had a great rhythm with when we needed to execute and when we need to attack their zone. I thought that she made plays when she needed to and her defense, obviously, is out of this world. And to be able to go over ball screens against their really terrific guard for Santa Clara was just a huge lift for us, all the way around and if was fun for us to watch."

"I think Eliza takes really good shots. I think her decision making has been really good, so we have confidence in her ability to knock down shots. I think what she does a really good job of is getting the ball off of reversal. Her feet are set and her timing is right and we are going to make more shots that way. And obviously she can get to the pain that mid range jumper looks really great. She's really feeling it and we're confident."

On the play of Talia Caldwell

"She's a rock. We talked about having a goal with that post player. I think our post really took that as a great challenge and obviously held her scoreless as a result. I think she had 50 points in her last two games combined and Talia is an absolute workhorse. She takes pride in her defense. I thought she did a really good job finishing plays as well and she was ready to play today. I thought the veteran kids had a sense about them of 'we need to get this done, they are not going to hand anything to us'. I thought everyone else fed off of that."

Junior guard Eliza Pierre

On the strategy against teams that shoot a lot of threes

"Guards really talk about trying to limit people under their averages. Shoji tonight was crazy at the three. She takes about five a game and makes three. We just wanted to keep her under her average. She averages sixteen points, and we kept her under her average at fourteen. And it's really just containing and having a hand up, being better defensively than they are offensively."

On the difference in her game this season

"Confidence. I think if anybody in the gym every heard anybody on the bench, everyone is like "ELIZA SHOOT IT!!!" "THAT'S A SHOOTER!!" It's just confidence and knowing that my team has my back no matter what, make or miss. They are always going to keep telling me to shoot it. That has been my big growth this year and it's been something that I've been trying to work on for the past couple of years."

On what made them be able to pull away late in the second half

"Hank. [Strength coach] Hank Berens. He runs us all summer. Surprisingly I guess we don't get tired. He does a great job with us. We are surrounded by great people all the time and as coach already said, so just to have him and knowing how hard we work, and then knowing that we can throw many people in at a time, is also a really great thing to have."


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