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"I was very proud of the players. They played very hard. The defense played excellently, coming up with big turnovers early and giving the offense great field position. I didn't think the offense was
By Cal Athletics on Sat, August 31, 2002

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Cal Head Coach Jeff Tedford

General comments on the game:
"I was very proud of the players. They played very hard. The defense played excellently, coming up with big turnovers early and giving the offense great field position. I didn't think the offense was going to get a chance to play. The defense was on the field quite a bit, doing some scoring. They hustled and had enthusiasm. I was very proud of them and the way they played."

On winning his first game at Cal:
"It feels great. I'm happy for the players. They deserve to win; they worked very hard in camp. It's got nothing to do with my first game and me. It has everything to do with the players and what they've been through. For them to bounce back and practice hard and have belief in what they're doing- I'm very pleased for them."

On being on the sideline:
"The communication was great. It felt like it went very well. I really enjoyed being down there. I was able to see what was going on. I was a little afraid I wouldn't be able to see as well. But it was fine and the communication from up top on what was happening was good. It was exciting to be down there and around the players and to feel the emotion of the game. It was the fist time I've ever been on the sideline."

On Kyle Boller:
"Kyle did okay. He still needs to get a little bit better, a little sharper. He missed a couple of guys that were open, but he ran the offense very well. I thought he had great huddle command and good control of the offense. He didn't turn the football over. He made good decisions that way. I thought he handled it (the offensive system) very well. I'm happy for Kyle."

On Cal's first play:
"We talked about it and said we were going to use it. It was just a matter of who the tight end was going to be. Terrell Williams did a great job to catch the ball and throw a strike down to him (David Gray) and David (Gray) to keep his balance and make a great catch and get in the end zone."

"It was a play that we felt would score a touchdown. We wanted to start out with a bang and hopefully get the fans in the game. Our guys did a nice job of executing."

On Cal's turnover ratio:
"I'm very happy about the turnover ratio. Our defense got turnovers and our offense didn't turn the ball over. I'm not happy at all about the penalty situation. We were way too sloppy with penalties and that's something that we'll address. We killed ourselves in the second half with the holding calls that put us in long yardage situations right out of the box. We can't do that if we expect to be successful. We need to make sure that we play a little more efficiently when it comes to penalties. We have to be more disciplined."

Nnamdi Asomugha, Safety
"Coach Tedford has brought a new era here. He had us hyped up before the game, ready to go. We knew coming out of camp we were ready to do it."

"We were very confident. We saw in the paper that Baylor had said we were pathetic and there was a lot of negative talk about Cal. We were ready to show them what they hadn't seen. This defense allows us to be a lot more flexible and play zone more so the corners are able to make plays that they weren't able to make last year. With our zone, it covers up the receivers and helps the defensive line a lot so we can get a lot of sacks and got a lot of turnovers, and we did."

Kyle Boller, Quarterback
"From the first play we were fired up. Our guys were very prepared for this game, I think the score showed and hopefully the performance does too. It's very exciting because this is something we never saw last year. The guys were prepared and ready to come out and play."

"49 points in the first half is definitely remarkable in any college football game, it sounds like a high school score. Defense, offense, special teams, everybody came out and worked together as a unit. That has been our goal, for everybody to work together, no individuals. Today is a perfect example of a team effort."

"It was fun watching the defense on the field make the plays as I'm sure it was for the defense to watch the offense. This is how college football should be played. Coming from the past we need to keep having this kind of after games and victories."

LaShaun Ward, Wide Receiver
"As the receiving core, the coaches always know and tell everyone everytime you make a play to make the play. When you see someone out at practice making a great one handed catch, you think now it's my turn. It's a competition thing but at the same time we're practicing hard, preparing for the big game, It's the key, crucial catches and keeping drives alive. We spread it around pretty good, and everybody did their part."

"I feel we can keep tight as a team, it's a totally different program. We are a lot closer, and the things that we are doing as a team I feel really confident about, whoever we play against. I'm not worried about our next opponent, we just take it one game at a time. We have 11 more to play."


Coach Kevin Steele

General comments on the game:
"I don't know if I've ever seen that many turnovers instantly turn into points. I don't have all the answers, but I've never seen that. I think everybody was trying too hard to be perfect. Just play."

"These kids will be OK. They're a talented football team. They're fighters. They'll put this in the right perspective in the next 4-5 weeks."

On the game's big play:
"The one thing that kind of made the difference - we give up seven, then 14 points. Then it's 21-0. We take it the length of the field and instead of cutting it to 14 points, all of a sudden it's 28-0. You can analyze and analyze and analyze. I looked up and I think we were 30 (total) yards ahead at that point, yet it was 28-0."

On Baylor's struggle for victories:
"I'm tired of it. They're tired of it. The fans are tired of it. We'll turn it around."

On Cal QB Kyle Boller:
"He played very effectively. Not to take anything away from him, but you go up 28-0 with barely a couple snaps, it gets pretty easy."

Matt Johnson, Defensive Back:
"On that first Cal play, they just executed the play well. We just had a little bust. It was really frustrating but we didn't let it get us down. We just had to rebound and come out the next series with our heads up."

"We game planned for them, we just didn't execute."

"I think this game was a wake up call for us. Better early than late."

Aaron Karas, QB:
"I don't think our game plan changed much after the early Cal lead. We still stuck to our basics and tried to get back into the game, buy it never happened."

"I give Cal a lot of credit but we beat ourselves today."

"Greg (Cicero) is a good guy, very professional and he helped me a lot today. He was telling me what I was doing wrong out there - which I like."

"We have to be able to run the ball and be competitive in our conference. We won't change our game plan at all after today's loss. We're not going to be able to drop back and throw down the field every play. We have to use the run to open up the pass and vice versa. We beat ourselves today. Lots of turnovers early took us out of our game plan. It was just a bad day out there ... just one of those days."


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