Postgame Quotes: California-Denver

On the defense against Missouri, and today's game "I think we kind of gave in. I think, truthfully, Missouri is better than we are. They kind of got into our heads. We kind of allowed them to, and the
By Cal Athletics on Sat, November 26, 2011

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Nov. 26, 2011

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On the defense against Missouri, and today's game
"I think we kind of gave in. I think, truthfully, Missouri is better than we are. They kind of got into our heads. We kind of allowed them to, and the next thing you know, it was a runaway. We probably should have felt pretty bad about that and we wanted to get back onto the floor. I watched these guys [Denver] beat Saint Mary's, and that scared me. The guys really paid attention to the game plan. The scout was good and the scout team was good. Once we started making some shots, we played pretty well."

On the Missouri game's affect on his players
"I'm sure it did rattle our confidence, a little bit, in terms of that we weren't making shots. As I say, Missouri is good. I felt bad a little bit in that the final score looked so horrible. Could I have controlled that little bit? Yes. But that doesn't help much. We had two or three plays in the first half that were huge turnarounds for us; charge-block calls that took away a basket and put a foul on a guy. Richard [Solomon] played 13 minutes, Jorge [Gutierrez] played 22 minutes, and fouled out. It just kind of spun out of control on us. It could have affected our confidence. We're obviously better at home. This was very necessary for us at this point."

On Allen Crabbe
"He's been struggling shooting the ball, but he was aggressive on the glass, which was nice to see. He had ten rebounds in the first half. I think when he banked the deep shot in, it kind of opened up the thing for him, and he started making shots. If Allen doesn't make shots and if Jorge [Gutierrez] doesn't do his thing, then we're not going to be as good of a basketball team. I was pleased to see Allen bounce back."

On Richard Solomon's play, and his injury
"He got hit in the eye, and he got hit in the eye in Europe. It was very, very, painful for him. I think he was scared that the same thing might have happened, so he's going to see a doctor, tomorrow. He was good on the boards. He had some opportunities to score the ball. The whole thing with the back cuts was a little bit foreign to David [Kravish], so he had a hard time with that. We did need Rich. He's been playing well and he's been doing better."

On Justin Cobbs
"Justin played very well. Of course, Jorge [Gutierrez] got the two quick fouls, three minutes in, which was disappointing. Then Justin went in and it was a seamless transition. He went in, and played really well. He shot the ball well and helped in a lot of different ways. He's a guy that can score the ball."

On his team's shot selection
"We have to be patient and make sure that we can take shots that we can make. Harper had some point blank looks that were good shots; some were not what he does best, but the ball wasn't going down for him. He could have been 9-11 so easily. It's a matter of selecting good shots that you are best equipped to make. That has to do with passing the ball to people where they can make a play and knowing where that is."


Allen Crabbe, So. G

On his play, tonight, after Cobbs entered the game
"I was just trying to get into a rhythm. I've been shooting the ball, poorly, the last two or three games, so I've just been trying to find ways to get a little bit more open and have a little bit more time for my shot, so I can be confident and knock it down."

On practice this week
"We've been going hard to get ready for the game. We did a pretty good job. We had a bad taste in our mouth after that loss to Missouri. We've been trying to put it behind us and keep moving forward."

On the loss to Missouri
"It's early in the season. We've got a lot of things to work on, still. I'm pretty sure we're okay, now. We've just got to put it behind us. We had a good game, today. We've got to keep capitalizing, and keep moving forward."

On the three-point shooting
"Looking at the box score, Justin [Cobbs] went 4-4 from three. It's just the way our offense is. A lot of people got to get free and focus on their shot. We do have some good shooters on our team. A lot of people don't get the credit for it, but the guys knocked their shots down, today."

On preparing for Denver
"Coach was telling us that we shouldn't take this team, lightly, since they just came off that big win against Saint Mary's. I feel that we did a great job executing the offense against their zone. We paid attention to detail during practice on their back cuts and flare screens. They're a pretty smart team. We just focused on the little details and we did a good job today."

Justin Cobbs, So. G

On his play tonight versus his play against Missouri
"Against Missouri, I was maybe forcing things a little bit because we were down, but I wouldn't say that I was out of control. When you're down by 25, as a basketball player and as a competitor you want to make a play. I was trying to do a little bit too much, but today, we played well together. We moved the ball, and we made shots."

On the slow start
"The ball just isn't going to go in, sometimes. You've got to do little things like get to the basket; get to the line, and get your rhythm going. After the TV timeout, we came out and we re-gathered, and the ball just started to go into the basket. That's just the game. You've just got to do the little things like defense and get out on the break and then get easy buckets."

On his role
"I want to be out there with the team and help us win. Like I said before the season started, anything I can do to help the team, I'm down to do. It's just a process of figuring out my role and to just keep playing hard."


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