Ask Coach Horstmeyer
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  02/04/2002

Feb. 4, 2002

Pedro Salas (Salinas, CA)
Hello Coach...... I'm a huge fan of Audrey Watler. I've seen her play many games in high school. I know she has the ability to take over a game on any given night... Have you seen that in her yet? And will the team try to get her the ball more? Once she gets more minutes, you'll see that good things will happen. Thanks.

"We are a huge fan of Audrey Watler. We feel she does have the ability to take over a game. In the Bahamas, she was 9-of-9 against Lipscomb. She has been shooting way over 50 percent. I think the team still sometimes sees her size differential, and might be afraid to give her the ball sometimes. She's really proved herself to do well. She's getting more minutes. She had the flu, and that set her back some. So, as of late, she hasn't gotten the minutes. It's not only her ability to score. It's her fire. It's her heart, and it's her desire. She's probably number one in those areas on the team. We love Audrey."

Mina Jenner (Berkeley, CA)
Dear Coach,

I notice that many teams now seem to have the players' names on their jersies (Stanford, for example). Why not Cal, too? It makes it so much easier to learn the players' names early on in the season and minimizes the distraction of constantly having to look at the program. Of course, such identification of opponent players makes following the game a breeze---where obviously you'll see those players only once in the season. I knew the Stanford players within 5 minutes this last Saturday and that made the game so much easier to follow and enjoy.

Surely, you can't believe so identifying your players makes them "too individualistic" and therefore not "team" players.

Best wishes

"I 100 pecent agree. We will have names on our jerseys for away and home games next year. The reason why we don't this year and last year was because we had the uniforms. If we would have sent the jerseys back to get names, we might not have gotten the jerseys back in time. So, we couldn't take that chance. If you have someone else put the names on the jerseys and the letters don't match, then it doesn't look classy. So, we made an executive decision to wait until next year. As of next year, we will always have names on our jerseys."