Ask Coach Horstmeyer
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  12/04/2001

Dec. 4, 2001

Heather Purcell (Danville, CA)
Dear Coach Caren,

I love the intensity that you've brought to Cal, even though my dad wants me to play for UVA where he went, I want to play for Cal.

What should I be practicing on now?

I am on 2 teams, my CYO team and my town team. My dad coaches both. My grades are good, I am 12 and in 7th grade.

Good luck in the Pac 10.


Hi Heather. We're really excited with what is happening at Cal and are excited about having you and other young players come watch us and support our team because it definitely helps us win games.

What you should practice on depends on your position. At the guard position, it's three-point shooting, taking pride in your defense and your ball handling. In the post, catching the ball and being able to run the floor and working on your defense are several key areas. Those are some of the most important things.

Kerri Bock-Willmes (Berkeley, CA)
Coach Horstmeyer-

I coach a 5th grade girls basketball team at St. Mary's in Walnut Creek, CA. I wanted to find out if I could bring my girls to a game and meet your team. I also wanted to find out if you have elementary teams play at halftime. I am a CAL student and I also went to your camp at Santa Clara several years ago. Thank you for your help. I am interested in meeting you and your team at the St. Mary's game on 12/8. The girls are excited to hear from you.

Thanks again,
Kerri Bock-Willmes

Hi Kerri. Great to get your question. I'm excited to see that you're a Cal student and had come to our camps a few years back.

Couple of definitely can bring your team to a game. We have group rates. 10 or more is a $1 per kid. We're also going to have a youth night. Youth nights are free. If you want to buy the group tickets you have to do that ahead of time. I also want to give you the email of Carol Alfano ( because she deals with a lot of our team interactions, bringing teams to Cal as a group, etc.