Post game quotes: Feb. 25 vs. Colorado

"I'm just really, really happy for these players and our program to be able to win a big game at home, to be able to lock up second place. We had a really great game today. We talked, coming out, ab
By Cal Athletics on Sat, February 25, 2012

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Feb. 25, 2012

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Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb

"I'm just really, really happy for these players and our program to be able to win a big game at home, to be able to lock up second place. We had a really great game today. We talked, coming out, about intensity. I thought that was a difference maker in the second half against Utah, and we wanted to play forty minutes with that and I was really pleased with the way that we not only we made looks tough for a very potent Colorado offense, but also we were disruptive which leads to our offense. I thought this was a signature Cal win for this team because of the way we win. We have seven people off the bench who know what they are doing, can make plays and I think that's a credit to how this team wants to be known, which is a true team and be happy for each other and that the success of the team will raise everybody up. It was a really fun game today and I'm proud of the defensive effort of our players."

On the play in the paint

"Before the game I always write three or four keys to the game on the board in addition to the game plan and one of them today was "Own the paint." And I said to them that that might be post touches that might be getting into the lane off the bounce. It's rare in women's basketball to have the number of people we have that can break you down off the dribble and will create opportunities. I said sometimes they might collapse, sometimes they might kick to Sherbert or Lyles for a three, but we really focused on that paint and something we do on a semi regular basis, but I wanted to make it a priority tonight just to ensure that we were aggressive and that we set the tone for the game and put them on their heels. I thought for the most part that's what we did all night."

On the defense holding two teams in a row to under 50 points

"I think there is game planning and wrinkles all of the time. I've said many time sin the past, if you can take away what a team's comfort zone is and the way that they like to score, they don't often have a plan B, C, or D and that's what we try to do. But, none of that matters, none of the game planning matters if there isn't a aggressiveness or a defensive nastiness and that's when I think the light bulb went off for me at half time against Utah at half time. I even said to them when we came into film on Friday, I said that I would take that on myself. That I would talk about what we needed to take away from Utah; part of that is always what we do and how athletic and disruptive we can be, even within the confines of the game plan. I thought that was big tonight. I think that when you get to February and March you need to lock people up, you got to be tough to score on, and you got to be frustrating the other team. They have to have a feeling in our gym that they are uncomfortable with and that's what we talked about in addition to break down drills, and game planning, and film and it may differ a little bit from night to night but we have a defensive identity of this is what we do on ball screens and this is what we do on stagger screens and all of that. We have really smart players; they understand where they are supposed to be. Now I can say, turn it up."

On the team's intensity

"I've never played at this level, but if I did, I would imagine that life would be hard if Eliza was guarding you or Brittany or even Talia on the perimeter, being out there to pressure. That's what we want to do and not let them run their stuff comfortably. A: Because it's going to be tougher for them to make high percentage shots and B because it can kick start our offense if we can convert that into turnovers. So that's definitely an emphasis as we go forward here and that we know who we are and teams kinda have a rhythm for how they play and so it's trying to do what you do and do it a little bit better than you have and do it better that what the other teams does. I think that our team has really bought into that."

Freshman point guard Brittany Boyd

On guarding Chucky Jeffery

""It was definitely a hard task. She's really strong and she's a very skilled player. It was actually pretty fun guarding her. In the last game we played she actually did really, really good and I had a very bad defensive game. So we watched film and my goal for this game was to contain her and play very good defense and not to wake her up."

On her improvement at the free throw line

"I've been working with Charmin, the assistant coach, and I'm shooting free-throws with her and one day after practice she made me make 150 free-throws. So, I would say it's pretty much just me focusing more on the shot and not rushing my shot."

Junior guard Layshia Clarendon

On guarding Chucky Jeffery

"I don't think there are very many guards in this conference that can post you up, come off, shoot the three, curl, drive come off ball screens and play the point. I think she is one of the best overall players. You just have to give it your best shot and you have to get the post to help and we were up to the task and we knew she was their best player."

On the change in tempo between the halves

"We always notice when our defense is different from our offense and when we got in a few offensive lulls. We always just have to look back at our defense and we started to get a lot of open shots. Whenever or defense is getting a lot of stops and working hard, you can tell our offense is really going and getting a lot of transition points."


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