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"First off, I just want to say I'm so proud of this team. They really showed a lot of character this week. They had to go up against one of the finest pitchers in Peaches James, and she threw her whol
By Cal Athletics on Sun, May 23, 2004

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May 23, 2004

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Cal Coach Diane Ninemire
On the game:
"First off, I just want to say I'm so proud of this team. They really showed a lot of character this week. They had to go up against one of the finest pitchers in Peaches James, and she threw her whole gut out this weekend. But the Bears really rose to the occasion, and Kristina Thorson really pitched marvelously today. We got some key hits and the defense I thought was spectacular this whole week. I just want to say that I think our team played great and we're looking forward to going to the Women's College World Series."

On Cal's defense in the regional: I've always thought defense is our key component in building a championship team. We spend a lot of time on our defense. Our team is very quick and very precise and it's like precision work out there. They really did a great job all year, but brought it to another level in the playoffs.

Cal Third Baseman Vicky Galindo:
On Peaches James:
"Today, I think I had more trouble with her than yesterday. She did a really great job. I think our hits just didn't fall in. We had a few solid hits, but she threw amazing today."

Cal Pitcher Kristina Thorson
On her one-hit performance:
"I felt like we just had to get the job done. I was doing whatever I could to keep the runs from scoring and to keep the batters off balance so they wouldn't get to used to my pitches since they saw me yesterday. I was doing whatever I could to help the team out and keep the team in the game as long as possible."

Nebraska Coach Revelle
On the season:
"What started out in August was a really long road and a lot of people didn't expect a lot of things out of this team this year. I honestly could not be more proud. I don't know if I've had a more proud moment as a coach than I am right now, because of the journey that this team set out to have and the run that they've made and the work that went into it. It wasn't an easy year. We had to really work. It was up and down. We had trials and tribulations, but we held together."

On seniors Nicole Trimboli and Peaches James:
"Nicole has been such a tremendous competitor and she brought such a passion for the game and spirit to the team. Peach, I told the team, I've never had a pitcher trust me so much. She is a tremendous athlete in her own right, but when you can trust the pitches that are being called and work together like that ... if I never have that again, I know I've had it once. The two of them have made it a tremendous ride for this coach."

On the game:
"It came down to execution. It really came down to execution. They really didn't have many runners on, but they found a way to move them They manufactured runs. They out-executed us in that game. I thought both teams were evenly matched."

Nebraska Pitcher Peaches James
On ending her career:
"It's hard. I'm really proud of this team. I couldn't have ask for a better four years here. I don't regret anything. It's been a great year with this team. I love everybody. I have great friendships and have great memories, so that is what I will really remember."

On the game:
"I think physically that I wasn't at my sharpest but sometimes that's not always what's going to win it for you anyway. It's what is upstairs in your mind and in your heart and that is what I was working off the most. I knew I wanted to give it all for my team, and I was giving it all I had, which physically wasn't much. But that isn't the big thing, (The big thing) was I was there one hundred percent as best that I could."

Nebraska Senior Nicole Trimboli
On the facing Cal pitcher Kristina Thorson for the second consecutive day:
"I can't say she was throwing better, she is just a good pitcher. She didn't look any different to me today than she did yesterday but it seemed she was moving to the next pitch quickly. If she made a mistake she was moving forward. I don't think she made as many mistakes today as she did maybe yesterday or throughout the weekend. She threw a great ball game. When your only hit of the game is a bunt, you know the other pitcher is doing something right, it's not that we are bad hitters."


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