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"Well, ten wins, I hope, is enough. Our team has played well all year long. This is a tough place to play here in Hattiesburg. You have to give them credit, they did a nice job today. We didn't play o
By Cal Athletics on Sat, December 04, 2004

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Dec. 4, 2004

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California Head Coach Jeff Tedford Quotes

On if he made his case for a bid in the Rose Bowl:
"Well, ten wins, I hope, is enough. Our team has played well all year long. This is a tough place to play here in Hattiesburg. You have to give them credit, they did a nice job today. We didn't play our best today and we still found a way to win. But we're 10-1, that speaks for itself. The one loss that we lost was against the number one team in the nation at their place, and we were first and goal from the nine with a chance to win that game. So, I hope that it works that way, but it's out of our control for now. We're looking forward to tomorrow and hope good news comes our way."

On team injuries:
"McArthur is out. He broke his fibula. Giordano has a nasty, nasty gash through his lip and lost his tooth. He has about a half-inch wide gash that goes from his lip about halfway down his chin. I don't know if he caught a cleat, but his tooth was out as well. He's not doing too well."

On taking the knee at the end:
"I have great respect for Coach Bower, and assumed that if they were in the same situation he would do the same thing. At that point the game was really over, and I don't see anything that comes out of that. We have tremendous respect for one another as coaches, and that's the way this profession should be. We should respect each other and not try to make each other look bad."

On his team's performance:
"We didn't play our best football, by any means. We let some opportunities get away, we jumped offsides down on the one-yard line, we threw an interception down in there. We did not play our best football today, but you have to give credit to a guy like J.J. Arrington. Another 200 yard game. The guy has done it every single week this year, and deserves a lot of credit, and a lot of accolades for that. We hope that he gets the recognition for the Heisman."

On what Jeff Bower said to him after the game:
"He said we had a great year. He said, 'you guys have a great team, had a great year'."

Cal Player Quotes

Aaron Rodgers:
"We took care of our job. Southern Miss is a great team. They have a lot pride, they play tough at home, but we were fortunate enough to get the win tonight. Big play with the blocked extra point kind of turned the momentum, but they just hung around, stopped us on offense a lot. Second half, we were pretty stagnant. They dominated the game in the second half, I think. We were just fortunate enough to come out on top. J.J. had an awesome game."

On the Southern Miss defense:
"They put us in some third-and-longs, and brought some pressure, tipped some passes. I think really it was just that they had the ball a lot of the time in the second half. We couldn't get into a rhythm. We had a good rhythm going until halftime, but couldn't get a lot going in the second half."

On waiting for the BCS picks:
"It's gonna be a long night tonight, just the flight and everything. We're gonna go up to the stadium at two tomorrow and watch the selection. Hopefully it will be us, but either way, we've had a great season at 10-1. First time, I think, that Cal's beat that many teams in several years. We beat a lot of good teams on the way and Southern Miss was one of them. They're a bowl team, they play tough at home, and we were fortunate to get the win. We're hoping for the best, but either way it's been a successful season."

On taking the knee at the end:
"That's Coach. He's classy. We had another score, but there was the penalty. Anybody who watched the game and knows Southern Miss football knows how tough it is to win at home. They've knocked off a lot of top teams, and we're the top team to ever come in here, ranking wise. They played us tough and hung around. Their fans were incredible. My voice is gone because I was having to scream so loud. They're very well coached and have a great scheme and a lot of great players on that team."

Defensive Lineman Lorenzo Alexander

On The Game:
"We started a little slow, but a win is a win no matter how you get it."

On Southern Miss' Play:
"Southern Miss wanted to prove something. We blew them out 34-2 last year and this year they wanted to step up and show that they could play with us. They've got some great athletes and came out with a great scheme. The defense played very well tonight. The offense, they drove on them, but couldn't capitalize and put it in the end zone."

On The Waiting For The BCS Rankings:
"It's a little nerve racking, because the BCS rankings are so unpredictable. Texas is right on our heels, and we want the Rose Bowl so bad we can almost taste it. We came out and got a win, I don't know if they can take that away from us. We're all worried about the BCS. We all thought we needed to blow them out, but we beat them by 10. They're a good team, but they are unranked. They beat some good people this year, but voters can go either way. Texas is so close to us, and we don't want to celebrate too soon."

On Playing In Hattiesburg:
"They've got a good team and good fans behind them. It was difficult to come here and win."

Defensive Back Ryan Gutierrez

On The BCS Bowl:
"We're 10-1 and our only loss came to USC. It speaks volumes of our season. We're 10-1, and we can't do any more than that, losing to the top-ranked team in the country. I think we deserve the Rose Bowl.

On Why The Team Struggled:
"It wasn't a lull. We felt the electricity when we came in here. We had a lot to play for. They're a good team, a bowl eligible team. We're playing at their house, and we were told that they were tough to play at home. You just saw two good teams going at it."

Running Back J.J. Arrington:

On Southern Miss' Play:
"They're a good team. We played the last year and we knew it would be tough playing them here at home."

On Carrying The Team:
"No, I didn't have to put them on my back. Everyone was doing their job. We had a few miscommunications, but the offensive line picked it up. They've done a great job all year. I was just tying to run, their defense is always good."

On Not Adding The Late Touchdown:
"No, we didn't want to. You've got to have class."

On The Heisman Trophy:
"Hopefully I impressed the voters. I'm the only back to rush for 100 yards in every game this season. I don't know what else I've got to do."

Southern Miss Head Coach Jeff Bower

Opening statement
"It is tough to lose when you play as hard as we did. Our guys really played hard in the ball game. I don't know what happened on the extra point - if it was a low kick or not. From an emotional standpoint that was a huge change in the game. I don't know if it affected us, because the next drive they went right down the field. We're a touchdown from winning, a field goal from tying, and we don't make the plays. They are really good, and they deserve all the credit. They had a heck of a year."

On the blocked extra point
"I don't know if it was an emotional change, but they made it look easy."

On if the team takes anything away from playing well against a tough opponent
"We expected to win the game. We had a good week. I think last week at halftime it was a character check, and this team has the right stuff to win games like this. We didn't make enough plays to win, but we're made of the right stuff. We just have to keep working on getting better, and keep playing hard."

On if this was Southern Miss' best effort of the season
"We've had a lot of good efforts. We played hard in this game - that's the way we expect our guys to play."

On if California is the best team to ever play at Southern Miss
"Yes, they're good. But when you play hard you make some plays. We gave them some yard, but we made plays. When you play with that kind of effort, that is going to happen."

Southern Miss. Players

Jeremy Parquett
"We played hard and it hurts so bad to lose my last home game. It was my last game and I tried to keep everyone's spirits up."

Michael Boley
"We showed up ready to play. We played as hard as we could, we just came up short."

"Losing your last game at home is really hard and something like this really hits home."

"We don't have that much time to prepare for the bowl game, but we'll be ready."

"This was one of the biggest offensive lines we ever faced and most physical."

"We had some up and downs and the team played hard all year."

Dustin Almond
"Around here were used to being the underdog and that's the way we like it. We went out there today knowing we had nothing to lose."

"We felt confident coming into the game, we just fell short."

"Unfortunately, the kick was blocked and that was the change in the game right there."

"After that happened we were determined to get the ball back and take it to them."

"The wide receivers came to play today and all I can do is put it out there and they were pulling it in."

"We always want to send our seniors out on top and we played hard and it's frustrating, were just going to have to go to the bowl game and win that one for him."

"Our main focus is the bowl game and were doing everything to prepare for that."

"We came to this game holding nothing back. We had to give it all."

"I go out there and try to get better each week and I do all I can to help this team."

"We had an extremely large amount of confidence coming into this game, we were the underdog, nothing to lose and we don't lose many here at the Rock."

"It was a big let down and we did everything we could and it was hard for a lot of the seniors."


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