Cal-Oregon State Postgame Quotes

"We were trying to mix it up; not be dependent on one part of the game. I thought our offensive line played great; I thought Isi [Sofele] ran really hard. I thought we played really well up front, whi
By Cal Athletics on Sat, November 05, 2011

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Nov. 5, 2011

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On the offensive strategy:
"We were trying to mix it up; not be dependent on one part of the game. I thought our offensive line played great; I thought Isi [Sofele] ran really hard. I thought we played really well up front, which kept us out of third and long, and the chains moving. When you can run the football effectively like we did today, the game is very different. We didn't hurt ourselves with penalties. When you run the ball it makes the flow of the game much better. Isi ran it really well today. The guys up front did a great job controlling the line of scrimmage."

On Cal's defense:
"I thought the defense played excellent. We didn't pressure them well enough, but I thought the guys on the back end did a really job mixing up coverage. We put guys in good positions, and they executed well. The only big play was the unbelievable catch by 86 [Marquess Wilson]. I thought the secondary played really well, and the defensive line played well as far as the run was concerned. I thought it was a really good game on the defensive side."

On QB Zach Maynard:
"Every game is different, depending on what the defensive gives you. I thought he managed the game really well and managed the offense efficiently. He didn't turn the ball over a lot, which was key coming into this game. I thought he played really well."

On coming off last week's loss at UCLA:
"We were disappointed last week. We didn't play to our potential or capabilities. When you hit adversity like that it is really important to pull together. I thought our team did a great job throughout the week. The focus going into the game was excellent. I am very proud of our team for the way leadership surfaced throughout the ranks."

On FB Will Kapp's touchdown run:
"I couldn't be happier for someone who is so passionate about this program and works so hard and is so committed. On fourth-and-one, it is nice to see him break and go. There was not a player on the team or in the locker room that could have been happier. It took him a while to get there - but he got there."

On Cal's offensive line:
"This offensive line is such a blue-collar group, and they work so hard. Every single day those guys are out there to play; they are all prepared to go. Without [Brian] Schwenke, [Justin] Gates did a good job stepping in there. With those guys coming out, to control the line of scrimmage shows a lot for the character of those guys."

On TB Isi Sofele:
"I thought Isi showed a side today that we haven't really seen; making people miss, and keeping his feet under him. I thought he did a really nice job there. We got some nice minutes from Mike Manuel, and C.J. Anderson had some nice runs. I think part of that is keeping Isi fresh; he ran very hard today and made some people miss. With experience, he is hitting the holes harder and making more people miss. He was very productive today."


Trevor Guyton, DE

On the wet conditions:
"It was fun. When you're out there playing, you don't feel the cold. The rain is something fun to get out there and get dirty and everything like that. I don't know about the guys who weren't in the game; they must have been cold. I like it and I come from it, so it was nothing new to me."

On the play of the defense:
"It feels good. It feels really good. We've just got to keep doing what we're doing."

"I think the big thing about this game is that everybody stepped up. It wasn't just one part of the team, but everybody took [last week's critiques] personally. Everybody did what they had to do individually to step it up and that wins games. It shows tonight. This team and the team last week aren't too far apart talent-wise. It shows that when everybody does their job as well as they can, you win games."

Cecil Whiteside, LB

On his play:
"I just do my job. It's all about execution with our defense. [Defensive coordinator] Coach Pendergast put us in a great scheme as outside backers. He lets us play and make some big plays."

On the defensive mindset:
"There's nothing more to say but execute. The defense has to play your gap and your assignments. That was the main focus - for every player to execute."

Mitchell Schwartz, OT

On the play of the offensive line:
"It was pretty awesome. We tried to commit to our fundamentals during the week. On film, they're a great defense and they play really hard, so we knew we had to come in with our best stuff. I just looked at the numbers and I didn't realize how many yards we had. It's satisfying to get on a team and keep grinding them. The coaches kept feeding us the ball and putting it on the offensive line."

"We've had some bad games this year where we haven't done our job up front. Obviously if we're not doing our job we're not going to get the run called. We'll see how it looks on film. It's a good feeling right now. We just don't want to get too high or too low. After the Utah win, we maybe got a little bit too high. We've got to make sure we stay level headed and get back to work."

Will Kapp, FB

On his touchdown:
"I knew that there was going to be good blocking, but I was real stoked about it. It was awesome. It was amazing. I hadn't gotten one for about four years, so it was nice."

Isi Sofele, TB

On Will Kapp's touchdown:
"It was awesome. Kapp was running down the field. To be honest, I thought he was going to get caught. But he pulled through, he got in the zone and everybody was stoked. I'm excited for Will Kapp, as well."

On his play:
"I feel like I'm getting better every week. I'm starting to feel a lot more comfortable back there."


General Comments:
"We didn't play very well. It was a good week of practice, but we just didn't perform and got outplayed, period, from the kickoff."

On the play of Cal's defensive line:
"Yeah, we knew that going into it that they are the [third-rated total defense] and first-rated [pass] defense in the league. They are a very veteran defense. They were physical and controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball."

On the athleticism of Cal:
"They are the best-looking football team that I have seen in this conference, period. [Oregon head coach] Chip Kelly told me he thought they were as well, after we played [Oregon] last week, because he knew we were playing [Cal] this week. They probably have the best talent, top to bottom."

On preparation - looking good in practice vs. bad game performance:
"I don't know. We have players that do immature and dumb things still. We don't act very mature at times and we act young. We had one of the best weeks of practices, but when we kicked off..."

On the special teams' breakdowns on field goals:
"We hadn't had any issues this year. Our kicker, number one, has to set up because we got the delay of game since he was taking too long to set up. That happened on the first one. We had the delay of game and then the bad snap obviously."

On if he thought about going for it after the delay of game penalty:
"Yeah, I did. I thought about it, but I thought we needed the points. Before the game, he was routinely kicking them from 53 to 54 yards and from that same side, so we felt like it wouldn't be a problem."

On Cal's running game:
"Our defensive front and linebackers clearly did not play very well. They didn't get off blocks and they didn't tackle well."

On the message to the team after the game:
"The performance today was not acceptable and it starts with me, and all of us need to play better than that. We will see what the character of this team is made of because we need to respond back home against Arizona State."


Tyree Toomer, S

On explaining the defensive play in the game:
"Basically we just dug ourselves into too big of a hole early [in the game]. As a defense it's our job not to let them score and we gave up too many big plays. And basically, there were too many missed tackles overall, and that's what lead to the scores that they had."

On what Cal's offense presented them in both halves:
"They made big plays off of reversals and fly sweeps. [Showed] different formations to keep the defense thinking. They lined up in a couple of formations we really didn't see, so we had to adjust to that, but we let them gas us early."

On the weather being a factor:
"Oh no, not at all, we're from Pullman [Wash.]. We play in the worst weather there is, so we actually like playing in weather like this."

On the team's expectations coming into today's game vs. Cal:
"I felt that we started off too slow. It took us about a half to really get going, but by then it was too late. We were in too big of a hole in playing against a good Pac-12 team."

John Fullington, LG

On having difficulty controlling the line of scrimmage against Cal's defense:
"I don't really know. We're going to watch film and see what happened. They just outplayed us and we came out flat I guess. It's really frustrating. We just wanted to get a `W' and it's just not happening. We've just to keep working harder at practice and come out with a fire."

On whether Cal's defensive front showed them something different:
"No, everything was seen, but they did show more twists than what we were expecting. We've run against [formations] the whole year, so there is no excuse not to stop it."

On how Cal's line stacks up against other defensive lines that they've faced:
"They're probably one of the most physical [lines] we've played. I'd say that they were one of the better lines we've faced. They play very physical, very hard. They give great effort and I have a lot of respect for them

Marshall Lobbestael, QB

On the defensive pressure that Cal presented:
"They brought some pressure that I didn't see. They were bringing a lot of stuff late right before the snap count, so it was hard for me to change, but going back I'm going to have to watch the film. I'm sure I missed a couple, but they do rush the passer well. We've got to get better in getting in the right protection. I've just to do a better job at putting us in a good situation on passing plays."

On what the team takes from this game going on to the rest of the season:
"We've got a couple more games to finish the season. We have to decide on how we're going to end the season. We just have to make the choice to work harder during the week. I know the guys in the locker room, and I would never question their want and passion. But we have to work hard during the week, and I feel that's where we can take a step as far as mentally and the things we can control. I think that we do a good job of preparation, but it's not enough. We've got to take it a step further during the week, and that's going to carry over on Saturday. We just have to improve on that."


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