Post game quotes: Jan. 7 vs. Oregon

"This was a fun game in this building. It was great that this was our first weekend home game with the Cal Kids Day because I think the fans saw a really exciting and fun game of basketball. Most of
By Cal Athletics on Sat, January 07, 2012

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Jan. 7, 2012

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Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb

"This was a fun game in this building. It was great that this was our first weekend home game with the Cal Kids Day because I think the fans saw a really exciting and fun game of basketball. Most of all, I am proud of the fact that our players, on one day of prep, really owned the game plan. I think they were committed to stopping Oregon's signature run and gun style and also letting people know that we have a style too that's hard to stop. I thought our defense in the first half was particularly good and I was really, really proud of their effort and then obviously we knocked down shots. I will say something about Mikayla, we've talked all year about having depth and sometimes that means there are people who want to play more, but we have people who are committed to doing what we need to do for the team to win, and there is nobody who buys into that more, who's in the gym more, who's the highest basketball IQ kid, so it was really good and fun for me to see her knock down shots, but not surprising. Afure was out and she really stepped up, she did her job and I think everyone else really fed off of that and I thought our bigs did a tremendous job on the boards. As much as Oregon likes to run, we like to rebound and I think we let our strength be the major factor today. I'm just proud of the effort that we put out today and the young women I am fortunate to coach."

On the team dynamic

"I think our versatility in general, and I also think we have biggs who are pretty interchangeable and I think it makes it a lot easier for us to play how we want to play, which is fast. I think that there doesn't have to be one person that we have to wait and get the outlet, people running the wings. I think it gives us a dynamic where it makes us tougher to guard because you can't focus on one person and I think our guards share the ball really well. I think they know their strengths and I think they play to those strengths so that's definitely and advantage."

On the play of Gennifer Brandon

"I can't say better than Talia said, she's not human. It's funny. You look at it and it's almost a quite seventeen to nineteen. You just expect Gennifer to do what she does and this is a particular game where she is going to thrive because Oregon is so spread out and they are playing so up and down so there is no one who is going to out jump or out run Gennifer in the game and I think she played to her strengths really, really well. I thought she made good decisions. She finished well, she knocked down her free-throws and she rebounds better than anybody I have seen so it was fun to see her in her element."

On the mood of the team

"In shocking news, winning is a lot more fun, it's easier to just enjoy it. But I think what this team really understands is that coming off that weekend [referencing the devastating losses to UCLA and USC], we knew that wasn't supposed to be fun. We watched sixty-eight clips from last weekend and it wasn't a blame thing, it wasn't an anger thing, it was "Hey, we weren't good enough." And at this point in the year, we talk about how we are a family and you have to be able to be honest and take it for what it is and they know that their staff knows them, they know that they love each other. And then you can take the basketball aspect of it and its not personal. We came out and we had really good, hard practices and it made us prepared for this weekend. Now, I think we need to take the confidence and the good feeling that comes from a win and still be as competitive and still be as humble and hungry and take that on the road with us. I think that is our job, as a coaching staff, to focus good energy into staying competitive and staying hungry to get more wins."

Junior center Talia Caldwell

On keeping the team's spirits up

"I not even from a captain's perspective, it's more from just people who have been here and have had let down weekends and let down games. Just making sure our metal and our psyche is good. I think everyone is in a good place. We all left LA, not finger pointing or pointing out specifics. We all knew that we old fashioned got our butts kicked. We knew that the coaches were going to show us what we needed to do and we just trusted them. I think they are really going to help us prepare and show us the good things that happened today and the bad and just help us stay competitive and get a win next week."

Sophomore guard Mikayla Lyles

"I just wanted to play well for the team and it was kind of a pay back from last year at home when they beat us so we all just came out with a fire under us and went out hard."


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