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"They're big and physical up front, and (Chauncey) Washington is a big back that runs hard; he doesn't go down with arm tackles. You saw how he carried the pile. He's a great running back...Obviously,
By Cal Athletics on Sat, November 10, 2007

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Nov. 10, 2007

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On USC's ground game being so effective:
"They're big and physical up front, and (Chauncey) Washington is a big back that runs hard; he doesn't go down with arm tackles. You saw how he carried the pile. He's a great running back...Obviously, those were big plays in the running game."

On Justin Forsett:
"I thought Justin played very well. He ran hard. The offensive line did a nice job tonight with both pass protection and run blocking. I want to give USC credit because they have one of the best defensive schemes; that's the number three defense in the nation. For our guys to protect like they did and open holes for Justin - not many people run for 100 yards against those guys. I thought that not only did Justin run hard, but the offensive line did a nice job as well."

On Nate Longshore:
"I thought Nate played well. Obviously, there were a couple of plays that he'd like to have back. He was making pretty decent reads. He got rid of the ball quick; I don't know that we got sacked. We stayed out of some long yard situations, which you can't get in against these guys (USC). It's a tough game to play as a quarterback when you do have to throw the ball a lot in those conditions. Obviously, you'd like to have a couple back, but I thought he threw some nice balls as well."

On how the rain affected the game:
"The rain affects the game, but it's not an excuse. The ball is slippery. You can't get a good grip on the ball. The fumbled snap slipped out of the center's hand...Or like the last one that slipped out of Nate's hand and got under-thrown. So yes, it affected the game. But you asked me the question; I'm not making an excuse. When it rains the whole game, it has an effect on the game."

On whether the rain affected how Cal called the game:
"Not really. There were some shots we could have taken downfield a little more, but I was a little bit hesitant to do that. But it didn't really change the way we called the game."


Thomas DeCoud, S
On the game:

It definitely stings to know we were close. It was a hard-fought game. Being Senior Night, it kind of puts a little extra on it, but we've got to fight back. We've got to bounce back from a loss like this. They're a great team and we went down to the wire with them, but they happened to pull it out.

On the field conditions:
It was a little slippery. We had some guys falling down without being touched in the first quarter and the first half. It was a little harder to get wrapped up in tackles, you're slipping off the guys because of the wet conditions. You can't really use that as an excuse. You just have to come out there and play football. You've got to play in any conditions--rain, sleet or snow. You can't use that as an excuse, you've just got to go out there and play.

On Cal's defense:
I think we did well. We got stops when we needed them. We came up with big plays when we needed to get them and got a few turnovers. I think we played well as a defense, from my point of view. I play defense so I'm kind of biased. I think we played really well. We did what we needed to do when it needed to be done.

Worrell Williams, LB
On Cal's offensive line:

They did a great job. We were wearing them down going into the second half. Those guys were having fun, they were excited out there. There was a lot of communication. Everything was rolling out there. They did a great job today. They went out there and played hard.

On the game:
Getting another win, that's what I look forward to. You have to take it one game at a time, but I just want to win another game. We lost, but we've got to move on. There's a lot of emotions. It's disappointing to come out with a loss. Our guys played with a lot of heart, and that's something I will always remember. They can't take that away from us.


General comments:
"This was an exciting game tonight. I thought they (Cal) played terrific under difficult conditions, right down to the fourth quarter, and so did we. Both teams had their chances. I thought we made the important plays. The front guys did a fantastic job tonight protecting our quarterback."

"It was a great night for us, just a great night of college football."

"I was shocked we had so much trouble. Good job by them (Cal's defense)."

"You have to take care of the football. It's hard to hang on when it's soaked like tonight. It was a very difficult night."

On TB Chauncey Washington:
"The last couple of weeks he's just been feeling it. He ran hard all night tonight and people just missed him."


RB Chauncey Washington:
On playing through the rain:

"I just wanted to make sure my feet were under me. That first play I slipped, so when I came to the sidelines, coach was telling that I have to run with my feet under me. I have tendencies to cut real hard, so when I got back out there, I had to be more patient."

On changing the gameplan for the weather:
"We changed our gameplan a lot. They came out and told us this morning, when we had our walk-through, they said it was going to rain so we were going to pound the ball tonight."

On his play the last two games:
"You just have to get into a rhythm. I've been getting a lot of carries back-to-back, and I'm comfortable with getting in there. After the first couple games this year, Coach Carroll told me I wasn't running very hard. I picked it up, and I've been practicing running as much as possible in practice, and it's rolled over into the games."

On their last scoring drive:
"We were fired up. We weren't going to let anything stop us from not having that great drive. Our defense pumped us up. We came together tonight as one."

On his fumble:
"You have to keep your composure out there; the game was still close. I'm disappointed that I did fumble on the goal line, but they made a good hit on me. It was a good hit and it was wet out there."

On his performance tonight:
"This was my best performance at USC. I didn't know how many yards until we came back to the locker room. I never think about that. I just try to do my job and help the team win. I never think about my personal goals because that's when you lose games."


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