Postgame Quotes: California-San Jose State

On his team's defense "We can defend when we set our mind to it, but I knew that before. Jorge [Gutierrez] is a good defender. We asked him to defend [James] Kinney, who had 26, 28, and 30, the last t
By Cal Athletics on Wed, December 07, 2011

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Dec. 7, 2011

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On his team's defense
"We can defend when we set our mind to it, but I knew that before. Jorge [Gutierrez] is a good defender. We asked him to defend [James] Kinney, who had 26, 28, and 30, the last three games, and I thought he did a really good job with that. Jorge was bound and determined and he made it tough. If you take Kinney out, they go to [Keith] Shamberger and I thought Justin [Cobbs] did a good job. Defensively, I thought we were good. We got them back on their heels. By defending, we got some good stuff off the break. Our assist-to-turnover ratio, particularly, early was really good. Obviously, San Jose State is better than that. Coming off a loss, I think we were a little better focused on trying to defend and doing a better job."

On freshman F David Kravish
"David is just a guy that is always in the right place. I thought he could have had a double-double, easy, and could have had 15 rebounds if he could have just secured some more of those rebounds. Defensively, I think [Wil] Carter is a good player, and I was worried about David defending him, but Carter took him one time and David just stayed down and waited and then blocked the shot. I thought David played very well."

On the new starting lineup
"We went with a normal lineup. You might ask what was our reasoning for starting small against San Diego State. This is the way we play. It was a conventional lineup. It was good. We were good, early. David was good, and the matchups were good, and we were able to run our offense. I thought it was very positive."

On sophomore G Justin Cobbs starting
"Justin is a good player, and he's played very well. I think that common sense would look at the way he's played and how he's played and would say that he's one of our top five players. So we went that direction since he has played well and I think he's earned that spot. Brandon is a key part of what we do and we need him in that same rotation that we had Justin. Justin is a good scorer. He's strong, and he did a good job running the break."

On sophomore F Richard Solomon's status
"He is reinstated, and he is back, ready to go. I am not worried about who is starting. I am worried about who our best combination of players, on the floor, are and what kind of rotations we have. We need seven, eight, or nine guys out there that can continue to help us win."

On the performance of the rest of the Pac-12
"We would like to see the Pac-12 win every game. It would make everything look better. Arizona had a chance to win at No. 12 Florida. You're playing them all the way across the country against a very good basketball team; you take them to overtime. I think that's a positive. November and December basketball is very misleading and it always has been because it's who you play and where you play them. You can be really good and have a .500 record and nobody is going to acknowledge that. Or, you can be not very good and be 10-0 because of who you've played and where you've played them. That's always the way it's been. I will acknowledge that we've had some bad losses in the league. That's only a concern only because I want the Pac-12 to do well. I want five or six teams in the NCAA tournament. But at the end of the day, what I am concerned about is our basketball team, and the way that we're playing."


Justin Cobbs, So. G
On the team's defense
"Every time after a loss, you're going to be a little more fired up. My main thing is to stop them. I think we did that tonight. That helped us on offense and got us some layups."

On freshman F David Kravish
"David doesn't know how good he is. He is just talented. He hits 15 footers almost automatically. He's crafty around the basket. Any rebound that comes around his area, he's grabbing it. Obviously he doesn't have a lot of weight on him. As a freshman, I couldn't do the things he's doing. I'm really impressed with him."

On the different starting five
"We had a couple more scorers in. Kravish is crafty around the basket. I think we're quicker up the court and pushing on the break and getting Allen [Crabbe] and Jorge [Gutierrez] easy buckets."

On the team's improvement
"I think we're just getting better, as a group, and when to get each other the ball. Our main thing is just learning each other's game and learning the flow."

David Kravish, Fr. F
On his play
"I think I'm playing okay. Harper [Kamp] is always telling me that I'm getting better, every game. That's another person's perspective on it. I feel like a couple games in the middle, I struggled holding on to the ball, and just playing. Everybody is always there to pick each other up. It's just a big family. Everybody is helping each other get better and move on."


On the game
"I thought Cal just put their will on us, early in the game, and outmatched us physically, which I think was the biggest difference. We have been scoring in the 70's, relatively easily, and they absolutely, flat out, got into us. We didn't respond properly and I thought we stopped moving. They just took it to us and deserved to kick our butts. I'm disappointed in the way we responded to their physical play. We knew coming here wasn't going to be easy and this is a very good basketball team, but we definitely expected more of ourselves and we haven't had a team shut us down like that, all season. It was a very frustrating night for us, overall."

On Cal's defense against James Kinney
"I think they just got into him. [Jorge] Gutierrez is a really spirited defender anyway. They disrupted James' rhythm and he got some looks, going forward, which he is usually pretty good at, but he didn't get anything to go in, and I think he got a little frustrated. We aren't going to win any games when James is 0-for-12, and we are going to have a hard time staying in the game when he is 0-for-12, as you saw tonight."

On how the team played in the second half
"I think it is just a big mistake to dwell on individual results in any game, positive or negative. What we talk about is competing and learning. We need to learn and just move forward. We have to play Cal Poly on Saturday and that is what we need to concentrate on. Certainly, we will break down the game. We aren't going to ignore it and pretend it didn't happen. We will glean what we can from it and then move forward. Again, those guys are really good. They are a veteran team with excellent guard play and their bigs are physical, inside. They are already having a good season and I'm sure it is going to continue."


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