Postcard from Turlock
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  06/21/1999

August 15, 1998

TURLOCK - (Today we spent a few minutes with senior Albert Dorsey, an expected starter at inside linebacker. Although he started several games last year, he struggled throughout the season. However, a fine showing during the spring has him emerging as one of Cal's top defensive players and increased his confidence greatly.)

It was good to finally get all our players up here in camp. The first few days, we only had eight linebackers and that meant we got a lot of reps and our legs were gone. Now we can rest a little and I'm feeling good. The weather was great today, somewhere in the 90s and I'm loving it. I spent a lot of time in Palm Springs so I like the hot weather.

I feel so much more comfortable this year. I know the defensive structure, I'm healthy and Coach Lyle (Setencich) is starting to believe in me. Things are going good.

I'm rooming with Keith Miller, Justin Flagg and Jamaal Cherry. I learned my lesson last year and so I brought my own pillow and a heated blanket to camp. The rooms only provide a sheet and a blanket with a hard pillow, so you have to be prepared. I think Keith forgot because he didn't have any stuff. We keep the air conditioner on at night so Keith was waking up every few hours shivering. But, I think he found some extra pillows so he's OK now. Jamaal is really quiet. He's just a freshman so he's kind of shy. He's 257 pounds and looks real good. We were kidding him that if he gets any bigger, he'll be moved to the defensive line. He got a laugh out of that one. Once he gets to know us better, he'll feel more comfortable.

I'm the only one that brought a radio so I have control of the music. I play a little bit of everything from rhythm and blues, to jazz, to blues to hip hop. Sometimes, I'll even put on some classical music while I'm studying the playbook.

I'm playing with a lot of confidence right now because I know the defense. I can't wait until tomorrow (Sunday) when we put on the pads. Everybody wants to start hitting. It's been a long time and I can't wait.

I'm hoping for a good season, maybe first or second team All-Pac-10, close to 100 tackles and no mental mistakes. It's going to be fun this year.