Post game quotes: Jan. 28 at Stanford

"I think everyone will agree that was quite a basketball game. Really good for women's college basketball. Really good for the Bay Area. I told our players when I walked in our locker room that I have
By Cal Athletics on Sat, January 28, 2012

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Jan. 28, 2012

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Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb

"I think everyone will agree that was quite a basketball game. Really good for women's college basketball. Really good for the Bay Area. I told our players when I walked in our locker room that I have never been more happy to be their coach and the only thing that could have made me happier was if they were jumping up and down and celebrating with a win. I think we are going to look at the tape and have a lot of things that we can correct. But I asked them to come in here with an extra-special effort that you need when you are playing the number four team in the country that is so well-coached and so talented. I think they gave us that extra effort today, but obviously we came up one possession short. I am proud of our group."

On what the plan was in the final possession

"18 seconds left. Down three. Typically, philosophically, I am a quick-two and foul and extend the game kind of person, but it is not so easy to get to the rim and get a quick two against them. Obviously, I knew that Tara's game plan was to make it tough for our bigs to score. To make it tough for our penetrating guards to get to the paint. So that being said, we decided to set up a play for Layshia to get a three. She's feeling it. Let's tie the game and put the pressure on them. So the look was to get kind of a misdirection screen, but because Stanford can switch all screens, we didn't get a great look. I thought we did a nice job of finding Lay back in the corner again. And it just didn't go down."

"We had a really good look the first possession of overtime. I think we had two good looks. Brittany and Gen. They didn't go down. We didn't get a call. Maybe there was some contact there. It kind of let them get going a little bit. We were playing from behind then in that overtime. I felt like if we could just get a lead at some point, then we would get a little bit of a boost."

On the play of Layshia Clarendon

"What I am excited about with our team, in women's college basketball, it is a long season. There is emotion. And there tend to be injuries. There tend to be fatigue. And we want to be one of those teams that is built for success in February and March. Part of that is physical with the numbers of players that we have. We can go deep. Part of that is mental, we want to keep them fresh and excited and always getting them better. We talked all year about our depth and the way we can share the ball and there can be a different leading scorer every night. I have asked Layshia in the past four to six weeks that there are times that you need that big-time guard. Guard play wins championships. And I've asked that to be her in the times that it makes sense. She has the most versatile game. She can get to the rim, the pull-up, and the three. And she has taken that on. She is a very unassuming personality. And I think she does it really well that she finds her spots and I think she understands that she needs to make big shots for us. I love to see that. I'm proud of both of these young women up here as they did exactly what we asked them to do today."

Junior guard Layshia Clarendon

On how her two last looks felt

"The first one felt a little better than the second one. The second was kind of a dribble backwards, try to get back behind the line. The first one, it felt good. It looked good. I think it just grazed the front of the rim.

On how the last sequence in regulation felt, when she was getting really hot

"I think basketball is all about momentum. Boyd was going in the first half, so we kept going to her. In other games, it is Gen. And in other games it is Gray. Once a player gets going, we just run plays for them. Once you make a shot, a couple of shots, the rim gets a little bigger and you start feeling more confident."

On what it would have meant had Cal won the game

"It would have been great, but I think everything comes with time. It comes when it is ready. The only thing more we would have wanted in the locker room was to be jumping up and down. It would have been good, but we do play them again."

Freshman point guard Brittany Boyd

"We knew the game plan was to stop me penetrating and it was going to be a real big battle with the posts. I was trying to make the best of what I had and just create."

"I have never played here before. It was a really good experience. As I was shooting around before the game, I was looking at all of their banners. 2000, 2001, all the way to 2010. I was like `man.' It would have really made me feel good to win here. Those banners actually sort of motivated me."

On looking gassed with four minutes left in the game

"I was a little winded. I think I was elbowed in the stomach by one of the sisters. But I was fine."


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