Post game quotes: Jan. 5 vs. Oregon State

"It feels good to get our first win of 2012. It feels good to get the first Pac-12 win. It's a week later than we wanted, but sometimes the adversity you face makes the wins a little bit sweeter. I'm
By Cal Athletics on Thu, January 05, 2012

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Jan. 5, 2012

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Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb

"It feels good to get our first win of 2012. It feels good to get the first Pac-12 win. It's a week later than we wanted, but sometimes the adversity you face makes the wins a little bit sweeter. I'm really happy with the way our team bounced back from last weekend. I loved our week of practice. I thought we came out tonight and controlled the tempo of the game which is what we wanted and we got a good win in front of our home crowd."

"I thought our preparation, in terms of as the play was happening and commitment to defense was better. and we never let them feel in control of possessions and I thought we were playing reactive defensively last weekend. So I thought that we were in a little bit more control, defensively, and I thought there was a commitment by our players to do little things better; on the offense things like spacing and movement. And I don't think we were playing perfect but we see those things, we measure ourselves by that and I think you saw the fruits of that, particularly in the first half when we knocked down all of our shots."

On the team's recent difficulties with finishing

"The things that we love are that we still get the ball where we want the ball, inside. That we are still plus twenty rebounds in our last three games. We play physical, but we know that we need to shoot better. We know that we can't shoot twenty-eight percent in a half. I love that we are giving ourselves opportunities and adjusting to the way games are called and the way that people are playing us. And now they are scouting reports on people and we are going to continue to set ourselves up to get good looks, being above the block, using the proper hand, kicking it out when we're doubled. I have every confidence that we are going to do that. I don't think all of a sudden, people are going to be able to stop Talia and Grey and Hartman and Gennifer from getting touches, but we are going to finish those better. What I loved was that our ball moving had fourteen assists on twenty five baskets. Lindsay and Mikayla did a great job knocking down shots and now people are going to look at the stat sheet and say fifty percent from three, you know, you gotta pick your poison a little bit and we know that our guards have really been able to knock down shots."

On the shooting of Lindsay Sherbert and the play of the Reshanda Gray

"With Lindsay Sherbert, we all know she's a great shooter and that's not a surprise at all, but I think the last couple weeks of practice she's just had a little bit more of a confident look. And I actually said to the assistants in the last two days that it feels like everything she's putting up in practice is going in and that's always a good sign and she's taking good shots and it's fun to see. Grey is a warrior. Even in the USC game, we did a lot of things wrong, but our coaching staff left saying if you're going into battle, you would pit this young woman ahead of almost anybody. And I think, what I really like, is that I can look her in the face and be like come on Grey you gotta pick it up and she responds really well and I thought she picked her spots tonight to get a little tougher to be a little more decisive, to make sure she got a call and finished a play. And that's stuff that you can't really teach and it's fun to watch when she's like that."

Sophomore guard Lindsay Sherbert

On what was behind her shooting success in the game

"I think that getting up the extra shots definitely does help and pays off. I think we just moved the ball well tonight and that just helped get my flow. The posts were playing well, kicking it back out and then nailing it. Just getting into the jam of it and the flow of the offense helped a ton."

Freshman forward Reshanda Gray

"Last week I thought that we didn't do a good job of controlling the tempo of the game and all through practice we've been working on that. Making sure that we run the plays and having more discipline and controlling the tempo and taking care of the ball. And this previous week during practice, I thought that we did a great job and that rolled over into today's game. So today's game, we really controlled the tempo."

"Tonight, I just had to step it up. Everybody has a role and my role is to be a spark off the bench so I just did my job."


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