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'We didn't fold our tent. That's a tremendous football team that we played. They have two guys with the ball in their hands that are maybe as good as anyone in the country. They were tough to stop, bu
By Cal Athletics on Sun, August 24, 2003

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California Head Coach Jeff Tedford
On the game...

'We didn't fold our tent. That's a tremendous football team that we played. They have two guys with the ball in their hands that are maybe as good as anyone in the country. They were tough to stop, but I thought it was a good game for some of our young guys to get into the speed of the game and the intensity of the game.'

On the balance between both quarterbacks...
'It's unfortunate that Aaron (Rodgers) got injured, cause he was on a roll a little bit right then. He took a pretty good shot to the chest. I think that was about perfect tonight that Aaron could come in and get his feet wet a little bit. Reggie did a good job. He led the team very solid.'

On Cal's defense...
'There were too many big plays and that's the whole key of the game, to stop explosive plays. They had a lot of big runs and had some big passes over the top. We are going to have to improve on that. Again, I think the credit goes to their guys too. I am not so sure that those guys don't look like that against everyone.'

On Darren Sproles...
'Sproles is a tremendous back. He is very, very quick and when you watch him in person on the field, it's a little bit different than even on tape. He makes tremendous cuts.'

On Ell Roberson...
'Roberson is a lot stronger than you would think. He runs through arm tackles, so you would have to put bodies on him. They (K-State) are tough to stop, they are a good team.'

On the goal line stand in the second quarter...
'We could have made a first down in there or score a touchdown. I thought it was just important, it was 10-7 at the time, and they made a great play. Their weak side linebacker (Josh Buhl) is a tremendous player and he ran through Reggie (Robertson) before he could get to the corner. Hats off to them, they made a great play on that. They are very fast and have tremendous team speed.'

QB Aaron Rodgers
On injury...

'I bruised my sternum a little bit. I was ready to go back in, but coach wanted Reggie (Robertson) and that was fine.'

On the game...
'Reggie played a great first half and we were right in it. I stayed prepared from the start, so when my name was called, I was ready to play. He told me he'd give me a few series. I was a little nervous on the first one, but I didn't get the protection I needed. In the second series, I knew if we kept at it, we could move the ball. In the third series, we did move the ball and scored a touchdown. In the fourth series, I threw the ball and got drilled - I got the wind knocked out of me and bruised my sternum. I was ready to go again, but Reggie finished it off.'

On first impressions of K-State...
'They are a lot faster than what we practiced for. Going against the scout guys last week wasn't close to going against the real guys out there.'

On Cal's offensive line...
'We wore them down and I think we are in great shape. We played really well, but one thing we didn't do very well was run the ball. We started to do it a little more in the second half, but in the first half I think we only had 35 yards rushing. I know Coach wanted to establish the run a little more.'

WR Vincent Strang
On tonight's game and its intensity...

'You could feel it (atmosphere), it was in the air. We were very confident and it was a lot of fun.'

On preparation for the game...
'We practiced for weeks and weeks and it seemed like once we got into the game, we were ready. We knew what they were going to do, so we were able to counter that and we had no fear of going into the game, because we knew we were going to be successful.'

On the quarterbacks...
'Roberson was amazing. It's hard to stop a guy like him, because he's such an athlete. Reggie did a great job for us. I thought he was very consistent. He's my guy and I have all the confidence in the world for him. I know we will be successful in the future. Aaron came in for the short stint, so we didn't really get a good look at him. He hung in there in the pocket and took the blow, so you know if the game is on the line, he's going to hang in there.'

On his touchdown and emotion...
'(It was) pure adrenaline! Getting in an end zone and keeping it a close game was awesome.

On the rest of the season...
'We know we have a great team and we played a great team and did well against them. We are very confident going into next week. If we can hang in there with K-State, we'll be fine in the Pac-10. We have no worries after this game at all.'

Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder
On Kansas State quarterback Ell Roberson's game:

'He had a little bit of trouble with his option game and that had a lot to do with the University of California. They know we run the option and opponents spend a lot of time working against it, but overall I thought it was good. I thought he had good command and presence.'

On the game:
'I am just trying to find out if we are getting better. And the answer to that is no.

On K-State's big plays:
'We made some big plays and that probably kept California out of the ballgame. It was a big play ballgame on both sides of the ball.'

On Buhl's stop at the goal line:
'That was a major play. In the grand scheme of things, that was what we were supposed to do.'

On the quarterback play of Cal's Reggie Robertson:
'I expected him to be good. The only thing I was concerned about was that we gave him a month and half to throw. We did not get the pressure we wanted in one-on-one situations.'

On Kansas State running back Darren Sproles' game:
'He played well. He made some things happen, and he normally does. He came out of some tough spots like he has in the past. They did a nice job defensively with Darren. It was not all easy, he made a lot of things on his own.'


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