Cal-UCLA Postgame Quotes

"We practice it every week, normally from 20 yards out. We practice every single Friday and it came in handy today. Normally you wouldn't like to do it from that far out, but it worked just fine." "T
By Cal Athletics on Sat, October 19, 2002

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Oct. 19, 2002

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Cal head coach Jeff Tedford

On the safety play:
"We practice it every week, normally from 20 yards out. We practice every single Friday and it came in handy today. Normally you wouldn't like to do it from that far out, but it worked just fine."

"The nerve-wracking part was that they almost got to Kyle's arm. They jumped over the line trying to get to Kyle and he got back far enough. It was something we talked about, that he has to get some separation from the line of scrimmage because they were going to be coming after him."

On Cal's defense:
"The defense played phenomenally. They swarmed to the ball. They created turnovers. They just battled so hard. We talk all the time about playing together as a team, but they won that game for us today. To be backed up like that so far in our territory and to keep them (UCLA) out of the endzone every time is awesome defense. It's the best defense I've ever seen."

On Tom Canada:
"Tom is a great player. He's a relentless pass rusher. I'm so proud of him and the rest of that front, the way they were blitzing and going after the quarterback. And the linebackers and the way they were coming hard; they were relentless. They were running so well to the football. It was great to watch."

On UCLA's defense:
"I have to give their defense credit. They did a nice job. We didn't do a great job executing on offense, but you have to give some credit to them. They did a nice job stopping the run and made some nice plays on some pass break-ups."

On Kyle Boller:
"In the first half, he was a little high and over-threw a few guys. Other times, when he came off and I asked what happened, he said the guy was doubled and he didn't want to force the pick. He's being smart with the ball and that's critical."

On Lorenzo Alexander's fumble recovery:
"Initially, I thought he was going to pick it up and score, so I was pretty excited. Then when I saw he missed it, I got nervous and just wanted him to get on the ball. That was a huge turnover for us."

On Cal's penalties:
"There was absolutely no reason for them. I told the team at halftime that I was furious about the (two) personal fouls. The facemask penalties were not intentional. They were going for the football and their hand got caught. That's just guys trying to play hard and make the plays. But the other two things were just undisciplined mistakes that were crucial."

Cal Players

DE Tom Canada
"(The win) means the world. Coming off a season like we came off and to come out and do what we're's awesome."

"(After the game) I got buried. Everyone was yelling and screaming. It was a beautiful feeling."

On being out for a few weeks: "It makes it even better. Everything that I do know just makes it great."

"Our whole defense came together. We've had hard second halves. We knew they were a good team, that they had a big line. They are a good team, you can't take that away from them. Luckily our heart and determination settled the score."

QB Kyle Boller
"It's not one of my better games. I made some good throws but there were a couple that I missed."

On the result of the game:
"Ecstatic. I could throw for 5 yards or for 500, as long as we get the W that's all that matters. I'm sure my numbers weren't there. We didn't have any turnovers on offense which I think is key in a victory. We got the W and that's what we work towards."

"It's fun to go and beat an L.A. school, especially with what happened last year. It's fun to get the chance to play them up here again. We pretty much got the same results as last time they were here."

LB Calvin Hosey
"We put more of an emphasis on this game because earlier in the year we hadn't been performing well in the third quarter. Our coaches always reminded us that we have to come out and stay focused and keep going after it so we don't have the drop off that we normally have."

"We take UCLA as a rival. It's a lot of people that are from southern California and plus the fact that they're in California. We tend to come out a little harder than usual."

UCLA head coach Bob Toledo

General comments
"First of all, that was a hard fought football game. It's tough to lose that one. We lost more than the game. (QB) Cory Paus broke his ankle. Then (QB) Drew Olson separated his shoulder. We had some chances in the end with the two blocked punts. We just didn't have enough bullets left."

"Give Cal credit. They played hard."

"We had to battle back on defense. We tried to make plays in the kicking game, and we made some, but we couldn't get points."

"I told them (UCLA players) I was proud of how they fought back and the effort they gave, especially after losing two quarterbacks. They gave a heck of an effort right to the end. We just didn't have enough ammunition in the end."

On losing two quarterbacks to injury
"When you travel with a 60-man roster, you can't have four quarterbacks. How do you prepare for that? You go through spring practice and get some drills, but you can't really prepare three quarterbacks. Nobody in America does that."

"We didn't have another option. We probably would have quick kicked and played defense."

"I've got to sit down and think (what to do about quarterback). We might have to use (freshman Matt) Moore's redshirt."

On Cory Paus
"I'm hurt for him. He was in a lot of pain, and he was screaming 'Get 'em in the endzone.'"

"They (the players) lost one of their leaders, for sure, in Cory Paus."

UCLA Players

QB John Sciarra
"I expected every single thing that happened, to happen. It was my first game, I didn't have the right jersey on and I got a couple of bumps and bruises. I just wish that I could have done more today ... that's all. I am comfortable becoming the starter ... I'm ready to play, but it's up to coach Toledo to decide."

WR Craig Bragg
"Cal did a good job defensively with their scheme. Once our veteran quarterback went down, they did a good job of putting the rush on our young quarterbacks."

What was working for you guys offensively today?:
"The little quick throws were working well for us. They were coming with so much pressure ... we were trying to throw the deep balls, but we would get sacked before we could get the ball off. We had to adjust and go to the intermediate game. It worked for a little bit, but we didn't step up and make something happen."

How do you get used to playing with a new quarterback?
"It's going to take a lot of work. We are going to have to work together and find the timing. He's third on the depth chart and we've really only worked with the first two. I have confidence in his (Sciarra) abilities, we just have to work on getting the timing down."

"Right now I'm figuring that John Sciarra is going to be the starter. It will be hard for Drew Olson to recover from a separated shoulder. I think we'll be fine. We'll just pick him up and make big plays for him."


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