Cal-Utah Postgame Quotes

"It is one win, but it was desperately needed, no question about it. We said last week that we were going to start the season over right now. We made some mistakes and we need to continue to learn f
By Cal Athletics on Sat, October 22, 2011

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Oct. 22, 2011

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General comments:
"It is one win, but it was desperately needed, no question about it. We said last week that we were going to start the season over right now. We made some mistakes and we need to continue to learn from them. By no means did we play a perfect game; we had way too many penalties. The taste in the guy's mouth today to stop the bleeding was awesome. We will enjoy this one for a day or so and then we will have another one to play. This is the way it is going to be the rest of the season, one at a time and continue to try to reach our full potential."

On QB Zach Maynard:
"He worked all four phases of the game today. I was very proud of the way he came out, performed and managed the game. Managing the game was a big emphasis going into today's game."

"He continues to grow through things. He is very receptive to coaching and very resilient to come back. He came in today and didn't turn over the football at all. I thought he was very smart with the ball and his decisions."

On WR Keenan Allen:
"It (tough left-arm catch) was decent, very decent. The thing is though that you see Keenan do that all the time in practice so it is routine for him really."


Trevor Guyton, DE

On the play of the defense:
"As a D-line we try to play like that every game, and the defense is finally clicking. We just want to keep doing it next week and the week after that and so on."

"We came out playing with the mentality that whoever it was, they weren't going to run the football up the middle. That's on the D-line. We do whatever we can to make sure they've got to bounce it out. That happened and then everybody else responded by not letting them run outside and not letting them pass the ball. When you do that, it's hard to lose games."

"It's on us. Whenever we're on the field it's on us to hold them to hold them to no yards or the least amount of yards possible and not let them score. It's definitely a relief when we get off the field and get some more rest. It's a morale booster for us when we see the offense moving the ball and getting into the end zone. When they play well, we play well."

On the win:
"It was definitely huge. It was a big victory for us, especially for the morale and our record. Even just to prove to ourselves that as long as we keep working hard, things will start to turn out better. After the Washington, Oregon, and USC games, we never stopped working hard. We were working hard and coming up short. This proves that if you stay on that track things will start looking better."

On setting the tone with the early tackle:
"Someone else was going to do it if I didn't, because that's the way everyone on the defense was playing. We all tried to set the tone, luckily I came up with that tackle, but everybody was making big plays."

On his play:
"I'm just trying to get better. It's my senior season and my last season so I'm trying to make moves and play the best I can and put myself in the best position to take it to the next level because that is my goal and my dream. You've got to do whatever it takes to get that. Everything's been paying off so far and I'm just going to try to get better and keep working on it. Hopefully things keep going in the same direction that they've been going. There's no magic. It's just been hard work."

On the negative press:
"I don't think any of us read it, but we're aware of it. That's what you have to expect when the season isn't going your way. There are a lot of people who will jump on that bandwagon pretty quick if you're losing. By the same token, as soon as we start pulling back up, people will start coming to more games. At the end of the day it's all about us. It's the people on the team and in the locker room that really matter. At the end of the day we're playing the games and we're playing for ourselves."

Zach Maynard, QB

On mindset after the game last Thursday:
It wasn't really tough at all. I let it go after we watched film. We play great teams every week, so it's going to be constant battle. We had a great week of practice - offense and defense. We came out and played great ball today.

On rolling out more against Utah:
We were just trying to find ways to get around them. They ran a lot of man coverages this game and tried to lock up as defenders. Guys did a great job getting off the ball and get into open space. I hit a lot of guys in different types of areas today.

On the defense:
The defense did a great job today. That builds momentum for us. We get great ball position. It's easier to move the ball that way.

Mychal Kendricks, LB

On the rush against Utah QB Jon Hays:
Our front seven put a lot of pressure on him and that caused him to make a couple of mistakes. But he's a good player.


General Comments:
"Nothing happened, that was the problem. We couldn't run the football and probably didn't even get 20 yards rushing. We didn't protect the passer very well, threw it to the other team too often, turned it over four times and just nothing good happened. Defensively, it was a so-so performance. They were on the field entirely too much in the first half and there was a pick-six, so we only gave up about 24 points on defense, which is average. Special teams was a bright spot. I thought we played hard on special teams, did some good things, and we had the fake punt. We were hoping that was going to be a spark and a catalyst from that point even though it turned out not to be, but it was still well executed. Colem Petersen hit another field goal so that was another bright spot. Right now, we need to figure out a way to move the football and score some points. That is our number one priority at this time, without a doubt."

On the quarterback position:
"Well, John [White] is our guy. We took a shot there with Griff [Robles] in the second half to see if we could get a spark there, but that didn't happen and we went back to John. We just need to continue to work and resolve our issues, which there are a plethora of issues."

On if the team can score with White at quarterback:
"Not tonight. We didn't tonight and we didn't last week, or the week before. We'll keep trying and keep working because he gives us the best chance to win right now. We just need to find ways and situations for him to be successful because that is our job as coaches. We need to get not just him, but our entire offense into position to have success and we need to figure that out."

On how to fix the team's issues in the middle of the season:
"Yeah, it is a tough situation and a tough predicament. No one cares or feels sorry for us, so we are going to continue to do the best we can and keep searching for answers. Nobody quit and we had guys that continued to give effort which is good."

On the offensive line giving up a lot of pressure on White:
"Yeah, he was getting hit or getting sacked most of our pass attempts. I'm not trying to pin anything on John [White] because it is a team game. It is a coaching issue more so than anything; we need to do a better job coaching the game."


Jon Hays, QB

On the mistakes:
"I tried to make too much happen, trying to force the ball into certain places, I've got to be smarter and do the right things. That loss is all on me. The offense goes the way that I go and I turned the ball over four times, so that's my entire fault."

On whether he noticed that Cal was being extra aggressive on defense:
"On their defense, they man-up on the outside. I had to be able to take advantage of the matchups with the wide outs. Once again, it's on me."

On his first interception during the second quarter:
"[LB Mychal Kendricks] made a nice play [by jumping] underneath the route. It was a good play on his part."

On Cal's defensive tenacity compared to others schools they've faced this season:
"They're definitely aggressive. It's nothing that I haven't seen. They are a good team and you have to give them credit."

Chaz Walker, LB

On describing the different schemes from Cal's offense:
"They did a lot of what we saw on film. They just capitalized on our mistakes and made plays when we were out of position."

On the turnover margin:
"They [Cal] played great. They came out with a lot of intensity and, like I said, they capitalized off our mistakes. We'd be out of position and they'd just gash us. Congrats to them."

On how he thinks the team will bounce back from this loss:
"We've got to get back in the weight room, we've got to get back in the film room and we've got to prepare twice as hard for the next game."

On describing the differences in the level of play in the Pac-12:
"The quarterbacks in this league are all great. Each and every quarterback that we've played has been a good one. We've got to work on corralling them and holding them for less yards, for sure."

Star Lotulelei, NT

On both teams looking for their first conference win prior to the game:
"I'm surprised that we didn't match their intensity. We did a really good job during the week preparing. I thought that my teammates and I were ready to go when we came out here. They got on top of us quick and I feel as if we kind of fell behind, lost confidence and went downhill."

On describing his fake punt pass-play reception:
"That was cool. We've been working on it all season and just waiting for the opportunity to run it. We got some yards on it and got a first down to help out our offense."

John White, RB

On the difficulty in establishing the run against Cal:
"I'll say it over and over again - they load[ed] the box up, we prepared for it and we didn't execute. It's all about execution and moving the ball down the field and we didn't do that."


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