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"Our confidence in our players is based on demonstratability. "The line of scrimmage is where it all starts. The game of football starts up front, it's based on fundamentals." On #83 Ed Dickson: "He i
By Cal Athletics on Sat, September 26, 2009

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Sept. 26, 2009

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Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly
On the team:
"Our confidence in our players is based on demonstratability.

"The line of scrimmage is where it all starts. The game of football starts up front, it's based on fundamentals."

On #83 Ed Dickson:
"He is a quality player, I think he is the best tight end in the Pac-10. He is a game changer at that position."

On #5 Remene Alston:
"He started to flash in practice this week. He practiced really well and I let him know he would be playing this week. He had some nifty runs out there today. We are going to need to play all of those guys, Crenshaw, Barner, Alston, and James."

On #7 Nathan Costa:
"He hasn't played here since '06. He is awesome, as tough a competitor as anyone. He did a nice job today and made some good decisions.

On the defense:
"Our defense was our strength coming out of practice, and our strength coming out of the pre-season. It is what has carried us through the last four games. Today, they answered every time they had the chance."

"There wasn't one guy out there making tackles, there were 11 guys that were playing passionate defense."

On thoughts at halftime:
"We talked about finishing. We knew we didn't want to let Cal get back into the game."

On #6 Walter Thurmond III:
"We'll find out later what his status is, but hopefully he will be back soon. Willie Glasper played tremendously at corner today; he really stepped up. That is important, having quality depth, which is a testament to our offense."

On the passing game and changes in the game plan:
"It was a nice day, it wasn't wet out. We wanted to make them defend the whole field so we attacked the outside. It was a matter of how we felt as a staff. We had confidence, so we didn't need to make drastic changes."

On experience:
"The only thing you can't manufacture in practice is game experience."

On preparations:
"Our preparation for games is unbelievable. They see how hard they worked at practice, and they can't wait to get out there and play."

"We talked about this game all week long. We practiced Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday as good as we do all year long. The effort that we put in at practice paid off. This is a great win for us."

Looking ahead:
"For us to win in this league, our best players have to have good games."

"The rankings don't matter to us. We knew we were going to win this game, we just made it happen. It's all about preparation."

Oregon Players:

#1 Marvin Johnson
On Oregon's defense:
"Our secondary is solid. I thought we did very well without T.J. (Ward) and Walter (Thurmond). We communicated well on the field and depended on each other, so that made the win easier. In comparison to the other weeks, we played really well. We just have to keep working hard and getting better. If defense will execute everything right, we can beat really anyone. We had a good week of practice and anticipated to move a lot. Today, we were ready for them. Good job everyone!"

#39 Will Tukuafu
On the defense:
"The coach told us to paid attention to fundamentals and our technique. We knew that if we followed that and played a solid game, everything else would take care of itself. As a defense what we wanted to come out here and stop Cal after a week of a hard practice."

On the atmosphere in the locker room:
"We are fired up and want to keep going. We are excited to get back to practice on Monday. Everyone was saying that in the locker room after this win. Never giving up was a key to success after the loss at Boise. We have a great talent on both sides of the field and they make the things go really smooth right now."

#83 Ed Dickson
On Oregon's defense:
"Our defense really knew what we were doing today. We brought up the best in us. I felt great on the field. We were running the ball and passing."

On the importance of this win:
"We know we have the talent and the ability to stop anyone. It's amazing to come out here as underdogs and beat Cal. It's a huge confidence boost for the whole team. We needed this win. The atmosphere at Autzen was amazing and all the fans really contributed to this win today."

California Head Coach Jeff Tedford
On game:
"We got beat by a better team today. I give them credit. It's just one loss; we played hard, but didn't execute. We'll evaluate on what we can improve on for the next game."

On team mood:
"Everyone is disappointed. When we don't play well like that it doesn't feel good."

On momentum of game:
"Momentum was in their favor pretty much all game. I'm really impressed with their defensive front and I give them all the credit."

On Cal's energy:
"We were undisciplined. I'm proud we played hard, and never quit. We just got beat today."

On Cal's mistakes:
"We couldn't protect the passer. You got to be able to do that to get the passing game going."

On what California can learn:
"Today we played very hard. I still have confidence in our guys. We'll go back to work this week with a good attitude and a lot of focus. I love this team, and I love our kids. It's one loss. It's a tough loss so we'll make sure we work extremely hard next week."

California Players

#79 Mike Tepper:
On the Oregon offense:
"The first play was mine and it was a mistake. We made mistakes all game."

"It all came down to us executing. We'll take a look at film and learn from it. I've never been shut out before. This is definitely a huge learning experience."

"Those guys were lighter and faster. But in the end, we shot ourselves in the foot left and right. This team [Cal] is good, we just got beat. We got beat bad."

On the mood in the locker room:
"It was like, "We've got to come back from this. We've got to learn from this.""

On the noise of the crowd in Autzen:
"The noise affected me a little, but I made some stupid mistakes anyway. It was really loud. It was twice as loud as the crowd at Minnesota. I couldn't hear Kevin [Riley] and I couldn't hear the snap counts."

#13 Kevin Riley:
On Oregon:
"They're really running. They were making plays."

On the crowd noise:
"It has an effect on the rhythm but it's really not a problem."

On confidence:
"The game wasn't what I expected at all. I expected to pick up 40 points; we didn't."

"We've got to fight. That's all there is to it."

"It's one loss, but we don't want it to be a downward spiral. We'll come back next week and surprise some people. It's a lot easier to play at home."


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