Cal-Arizona State postgame quotes
Courtesy: Cal Athletics  
Release:  10/04/2008

Oct. 4, 2008

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California head coach Jeff Tedford

On Cal's Defense:

"It was a great effort by the defense. It was textbook. I thought we did an excellent job of stopping the run; I don't know how many yards they ran for, but it couldn't have been many. We swarmed to the ball. I thought we put pressure on the quarterback."

"I thought our secondary did a great job of making plays on some balls in the secondary. Syd'quan (Thompson) did a phenomenal job a couple of times of batting the ball away. That was a great interception by (Chris) Conte. It was a great play by (Sean) Cattouse for that interception. And I thought they had their hands on a couple of others. I really thought it was a great effort all around by our defense."

On Cal's Offense:

"We took the first drive and went down. I would have liked to get a touchdown there, but it was great to have a long drive like that and come away with points. I thought we were playing well in all three phases of the game."

On Arizona State:

"You have to give Arizona State credit in the second half for stopping the run. We were having some success- 6, 7, 8 yards a carry. But in the second half, they did a nice job of stopping the run. I thought they played very disciplined. They're a good football team. There's no question about it: their backers are fast; their defensive ends are very good; their corners are great. That's a good football team."

On Nate Longshore:

"Nate played fine. He threw three touchdown passes. I thought he managed the offense pretty well. He could have made a couple of other throws, but for the most part, I thought he did a pretty good job."

On the Decision to Start Nate Longshore:

"I felt we'd been starting a little bit slow, so I wanted to switch roles a little bit and let Nate have an opportunity to start the game. For all of our games, we haven't started real fast offensively. We've had big runs, but we've missed some plays in the passing game. So I wanted to change it up a little bit and see if we could create a spark."

"I don't think there is a (quarterback) controversy. We just put in who we think is going to give us the best chance to win. I'm not saying it can't be Kevin (Riley). I'm saying there are certain things we watch and evaluate, and we'll make decisions. We'll evaluate this game and we'll look to see what Nate could have done better and what Kevin would have done differently. It may take both those guys for us to get where we need to go so I don't want to create a controversy. Both those guys support each other; they're completely fine. There is no animosity there."

California Players

Zach Follett, LB

On defensive performance:

"The defense played well. Our biggest goal going into the game was stopping the run. Even though they have a great passing attack, they came off their bye-week saying how they were going to be more physical and establish the run. That was our first priority, and at home, we usually take care of the run. As far as taking care of the pass, I've got to get down and give credit to the D-line. Getting pressure on [Carpenter], and the DB's getting interception after interception, it was great defensive play all the way around."

On offensive struggles in the second half:

"I hate to see the offense stall, but that's more opportunities [for the defense] on the field. The day we were having out there today was nothing but fun. We go three and out, but oh well, we go out there and get a sack or interception."

Darian Hagan, CB

On personal performance:

"Ever since the Maryland game where I gave up a big touchdown run, I know I've got to be better on the run defense as well as pass defense. I didn't get too many balls come my way today, but the few that did I got my hands on them. I just have to stay excellent in the pass game and in the run game."

On performance of defensive line and their effectiveness in rushing QB Rudy Carpenter:

"It makes my job so much easier. With great pressure, the receivers aren't able to execute their full route. It's a great feeling to know that the [Defensive Line] is getting good pressure on the quarterback."

Shane Vereen, RB

On team's performance:

"It was a great game. The O-line did their job all day. I felt like the offense played well overall even though we struggled in the second half."

Arizona State head coach Dennis Erickson

General Comments:

"I thought our guys in the second half, particularly defensively, fought and played their rear-ends off. We came back and made some plays and had a chance. All we had to do was to get within seven to give us a chance to win."

"We're just not good enough offensively right now to have to depend on throwing balls. I thought we ran the ball at times successfully. I'm proud of how hard we played."

"There were times as I looked at the running game where we blocked pretty well but the back didn't go where he should have. We've got to be able to commit to the running game."

"We played a good team on the road and we had a chance at the end if we just could have made a couple of different plays here and there." "If we continue to play like that on defense then we'll win games."

On ASU third down situations:

"We've got to get to third and manageable situations with this offensive team right now given the inexperience that we have."

On ASUs youth and inexperience:

"Oh my god, it's like being at a nursery school."

On California Football:

"They've been very opportunistic as a football team. They've come out and gotten turnovers and have gotten ahead of the teams they beat, so when you fall behind 17-0 it obviously puts you in a hole."

"I thought Cal tackled very well. You've got to give them credit, they're a good defensive football team."

On Cal quarterback Nate Longshore and tailback Shane Vereen:

"I've seen him (QB Nate Longshore) for a lot of years. It's not anything new. He's an outstanding player and an experienced senior who made a lot of plays. (TB Shane) Vereen came in and played well, although he's played pretty well in their other games too. They did a nice job."

Arizona State Players

Troy Nolan, S

General comments:

"I know we fought hard both sides of the ball. Defensively we played a heck of a game and offensively we did too. Just offensively we had some opportunities we didn't capitalize on. We played a hard game, a very physical game."

On early turnovers:

"It does make it harder, especially on the road. You can't really turn the ball over on the road, they have the crowd and get the momentum. I feel we played a heck of a game in the second half. We got used to them and shut them down."

On the improved second half:

"Their offense ranks up there with some of the teams we played this season. They had a lot of trickery in their offense so it took some time to get it down. We got a hold of it coming out in the second half and got a lot of three and outs."

On USC next week:

"We are going to be the underdogs at USC but we are going to go and play a hard fought game. We have our intention on winning every game in the Pac-10."

Kyle Williams, WR

On Cal's strong start:

"When we start off down 17 to nothing we are digging ourselves a hole. It puts a lot of pressure on the offensive line, and on Rudy (Carpenter). We dug ourselves into a really deep hole early and it's hard to get out of."

On Sean Cattouse's interception in the 4th quarter:

"I wanted him (Carpenter) to throw it deep out long. I thought I was alone out on an island. That was a real athletic play (to make the interception). If he (Cattouse) hadn't been there, that would have been a touch down. It was a real athletic play."

On ASU's veteran offense's struggles:

"I wouldn't have (thought our team would have been struggling with a veteran offense). Its going to be something we have to look at and fix. It is our problem and we need to fix it internally. Our defense played great in the second half; we have got to capitalize on offense."

Lawrence Guy, DT

On Guy's first start:

"(My first start) was good in the second half, but trouble in the first half. I started feeling the lineman, and knowing where they were going and where I had to be. It is going to be a learning process, it's going to get better over time."

On switching back to Tackle:

"Everybody has to learn and do well after their mistakes. Everyone is learning. I had to get my mind set back to (playing) tackle. Now that I am set back everything is straight."